When I think of romance, love triangle isn’t usually the first thing that pops in my head. I am truly, truly a canon relationship girl, but every once in a while the chemistry between two people is just so hard to ignore that you can’t look away. You can’t notRead More →


We have finally made it to the season finale of the first season of Legacies. It was tense and jam-picked with twists and turns. I laughed until I cried and cried a little more than I’d care to admit. I cheered on some characters and booed very loudly at others.Read More →

The writers of Wattpad are quickly taking over the traditional publishing landscape, their talents cascading through print and audio books all over the world. No longer are they confined to the online realm, but instead finding ranks among some of the top writers in the industry. With Wattpad joining forcesRead More →