Writing is a labor of love, they say, and yet, people don’t usually understand that. They tend to think that for people who identify as writers – and isn’t that a big can of worms – it’s as simple as sitting down and the words just come. Sadly, it isn’tRead More →


Wattpad is a forum like no other. 60 million monthly users, more than 400 million stories of every genre and subject you can imagine, all crammed into a single, wonderful, supportive orange landscape of collaboration. It is a community like no other, where you can collaborate with others of likeRead More →

The third edition of the summer Wattpad Block Party is less than a week away. That’s right, less than one week! On August 1, everything kicks off with a bang, and continues every day through the whole month, bringing you variety, humor, chills and free swag. You will get postsRead More →

It is the most romantic time of the year, with roses, diamonds, chocolates and cuddles all in the forefront of everyones minds. The stores are decorated with reds, whites and pinks, stuffed animals and chocolates ready for the purchase. And, for those of us who love a good ol’ romanceRead More →

To quote the infamous Harry Potter series… I open at the close The I in this little reference is the latest Wattpad Block Party. And the open/close reference is rather self explanatory, as this little collection of author interviews here with Fangirlish comes to a close, can only mean thatRead More →

We all know that Wattpad is a mecca of incredible stories. No matter your reading preference, you can, and probably will, find it on the site. The writers that post their work are varied, talented and enjoy the limitless opportunities provided to them from Wattpad, and the encouragement to tryRead More →