Wattpad has never been one to stay still for long, the online orange landscape of writing and reading dominating all things web-word. In its 10 year existence, it has already launched the careers of NYT bestsellers, made partnerships with Universal, Paramount, Hachette and more, and was awarded as one ofRead More →


Every form of media and entertainment has it. That something that means you’ve truly made it in your field. Acting has the Academy Award, music has the Grammy, and for writers there is no spot more coveted than the top of the New York Times best seller list. But toRead More →

Wattpad sure knows how to get their users excited. Just as the deadline for the 2017 Watty Awards comes to an end on August 1, the announcement of their latest fan event hits the internet, and it is going to be epic. September 2016 found #NYCWattcon taking over New YorkRead More →

It is officially July, and while we are finally enjoying the throws of summer, sun and warmth, it also means that the Wattpad Block Party is on its way! *insert squee*. Kicking off August 1 and carrying throughout the month, Wattpad sensation Kelly Anne Blount brings together Wattpaders from allRead More →

It has been much too long since I gave you guys something awesome to read on Wattpad, and I feel like I should hide in shame. But instead, I’ve decided to make up for my tardiness in reviewing some of the most awesomeness and squeeworthy on the internets hottest writingRead More →

What is it about quiet, vulnerable boys that make us swoon so hard? Their gentle nature, their subtle confidence, their unwavering devotion? I certainly dont know the answer, but I do know this: Ali Novak certainly knows how to write them. She is the Wattpad author known as @fallzswimmer, the geniusRead More →

2017 is only in its third month, and has already set to become one of the most successful book launch months for Wattpad authors. From Strawberry Wine by Darly Jamison coming in January, following by Gilded Cage by Vic James in February, and a pleather of anticipated releases for theRead More →

Wattpad is already considered the app to have when it comes to online writing. With more than 45 million monthly users, 300 million stories, and spanning more than 50 languages, they really do rule the written world online. But the creators behind our favorite app are far from idle, alwaysRead More →

We are only a week away from the kick off of Wattpads best fan run event, the Wattpad Block Party hosted by Kelly Anne Blount. Bringing together some of Wattpads biggest writers, along with new and incredibly up and coming favorites, this is the one compilation that gives you yourRead More →

Bringing you a little closer every day to the third winter edition of the Wattpad Block Party, Fangirlish gets behind the scenes with some of the incredible writers taking part this round. We’ve already gotten hints on their posts, and found out their inspiration for why they wanted to beRead More →

As February approaches, so does the latest edition of the Wattpad Block Party. Hosted by Kelly Anne Blount, the WBP brings together Wattpad authors new and old in a collection of sneak peaks, alternate endings, interviews and more. A fun collection and a great way to get to know newRead More →

We all know that Wattpad is a mecca of incredible stories. No matter your reading preference, you can, and probably will, find it on the site. The writers that post their work are varied, talented and enjoy the limitless opportunities provided to them from Wattpad, and the encouragement to tryRead More →

You’ve done the unimaginable – you’ve written a strong female character, who seems to derive her self-worth, not from the world, but from herself and her choices. This character isn’t necessarily good, or even bad, but she’s strong, opinionated, capable, and isn’t reliant on a man. The terror you feelRead More →

The wait is finally over! After months of lead up, voting, nail biting and tagging Wattpad with gifs hinting towards our impatience, the 2016 Watty winners have been announced. Friday, November 4 brought the end of this years anxiety ridden waiting period, and for some, the excitement of being ableRead More →