Picture this: a high speed car chase, a played out heist, and Zayn Malik at the helm. Well, that is what you’re going to get when Malik drops his next single, Dusk until Dawn, on Sept 7. Sneaking a little preview to fans on his Instagram and other social media,Read More →


Well, its official. Zayn Malik is an American Music Award winner. Now, this isnt the first time that Malik has been on the AMA stage, but it is the first time he has won the award as a solo artist since his departure from 1D in 2015. Leading up toRead More →

Zayn Malik has broken his silence. As anticipated for months, after it was announced that Malik would be penning an autobiography, it seems that he has set tongues wagging over details of behind the scenes of the worlds biggest band. And, it would seem, Malik didn’t feel particularly supported duringRead More →

There is undoubtedly stress when being a part of the worlds biggest band. Travelling for months at a time, endless interviews, concerts, and appearances. Every detail of your life no longer your own, but now subject to discussion and sometimes speculation for throngs of strangers, media, and fans. Everyone copesRead More →