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NEW #DoctorWho Christmas Trailer plus Rumors of a Female Doctor

NEW #DoctorWho Christmas Trailer plus Rumors of a Female Doctor

Wellllllllll… that certainly does not keep me from feeling like Clara Oswald isn’t in a bit of danger… or that she’ll be back for Season 9. Yikes! Yeah… watch this new trailer and tell me what you get from it or am I being paranoid. Geesh… Nick Frost as Ole St. Nick and I think my


Season 9 of #DoctorWho Gets Female Scribe

For a show that was championed by a woman at its very inception — Doctor Who has not made waves in its female representation since except in for the common complaint of it doesn’t have a diverse writing team. Verity Lambert might very well wonder what kind of ground-breaking did she actually manage when bringing the


No #WhoDay But Promo Video of #Christmas Special #Spoilers

So yeah… warning for spoilers because of course season 8 Doctor Who has finished and the Christmas special doesn’t air until Christmas day. There will be giveaway plots in this promo clip. In fact even in the photo if you are avoiding casting news and who will be in the special and next season… you


How to Get Your #DoctorWho Fix Until the #Christmas Special

Oy Whovians, spoilers ahoy! If you have not completed season 8th yet, you will not want to read the first part of this article. While I am doing my best not to completely spoil anyone on the final act of the finale, there is a lot to discuss in regards to what comes next. So