‘Locke & Key’ 2×07 Review: “Best Laid Plans”

Locke & Key 2×07 “Best Laid Plans” left the Locke’s and us shaking in anger and disgust at what Dodge is capable of. Read our review!

‘Cowboy Bebop’ Official Trailer Drops and It’s Glorious

Cowboy Bebop has finally dropped it’s trailer and it’s a glorious thing to witness. Check out the trailer now!

‘Locke & Key’ 2×05 Review: “Past is Prologue”

Locke & Key 2×05 “Past is Prologue” sees the Locke family finally finding out about Gabe and Duncan getting his memories back.

‘Locke & Key’ 2×04 Review: “Forget Me Not”

Locke & Key’s 2×04 “Forget Me Not” has us afraid for Duncan and anticipating what’s going to happen next with Dodge/Gabe.

‘Locke & Key’ 2×03 Review: “Small World”

Locke & Key 2×03 “Small World” saw the Lockes trying to find a way to keep their memories while Dodge schemed per usual.

‘Locke & Key’ 2×02 Review: “The Head and the Heart”

Locke and Key 2×02 “The Head and the Heart” has no business making Tyler and Jackie so adorable. Please protect them from the world!

‘Locke & Key’ 2×01 Review: “The Premiere”

Locke & Key 2×01 “The Premiere” sees our main characters fracturing as Dodge and her plan grow more diabolical.

‘Stuck Together’ Review: Laughter Out of Lockdown

Netflix just dropped a French pandemic comedy called Stuck Together. Yes, a pandemic comedy, if you need a laugh instead of a scare.

See The Trailer For ‘The Lost Daughter’

Vacations are something we could all use especially now. Who wouldn’t want to have a relaxing time sitting on a beach with some nice drinks, enjoying the fresh ocean air? that is not the case with upcoming Netflix film The…

‘Pretty Smart’ 1×08 Review: “OMG! Jayden’s Mom Is Back!”

Claire’s moving on and is happy. Jayden’s coming to terms with the past. Chelsea’s found her place. Solona is pushing the limits.

‘Pretty Smart’ 1×07 Review: “Guys! It’s A Cody Briggs Night!”

Becoming a member of the “group” isn’t always easy, but when you get there, it’s worth it. Chelsea learned that on the latest episode of #PrettySmart.

‘Pretty Smart’ 1×06 Review: “Here’s the tea! Jayden found a pottery twunk!”

Dating is always an adventure. It’s sometimes a good one, sometimes a bad one, most of the time a crazy time. You never know who you will like, who you won’t. People are all types of crazy and sometimes not…

‘Pretty Smart’ 1×05 Review: “Yikes! Grant Asked Chelsea For A Favor!”

#PrettySmart may have started off a little all over the place for us, but what it’s dialed into is characters that are really experiencing what we all do… feelings.

‘Pretty Smart’ 1×04 Review: “Check This, Mama! It’s A Laura Dern Party!”

The best thing about #PrettySmart is its cast. They have such amazing chemistry and we love it! Read our review of Episode 4!

Exclusive Interview With Gregg Sulkin, Cinthya Carmona, and Michael Hsu Rosen From Netflix’s ‘Pretty Smart’

In a world where we spent so much time alone and away from our friends and family, Pretty Smart is a show that feels like it’s welcoming us back to our pre-pandemic lives.  Family is important but its also great…

‘Pretty Smart’ 1×03 Review: “Did You Hear? Chelsea Ran Into Margot!”

We all have that person from our past that made our lives a living hell. We try to forget them, but they always seem to come back.

‘Pretty Smart’ 1×02 Review: “Get This! Chelsea Got A Package!”

Breakups are hard. Sometimes the hardest things about them are the tough love that you need to give. Claire learns that in the second episode of #PrettySmart.

Exclusive Interview With Emily Osment and Olivia Macklin From Netflix’s ‘Pretty Smart’

Sibling relationships can be complicated.  Especially when you have completely different personalities.  In the Netflix series Pretty Smart, Emily Osment and Olivia Macklin play sisters Chelsea and Claire.  Their personalities couldn’t be more different.  While this show deals with their…

‘Pretty Smart’ 1×01 Review: “Guess What? Claire’s Sister Is Coming”

Ready to see #GreggSulkin & #EmilyOsment back on TV? Well #PrettySmart starts streaming on #Netflix today!

Netflix Announces Its Holiday Slate

Prepare your Netflix holiday schedule with the list of all the specials, movies, and TV shows coming this Christmas.

‘Sounds Like Love’ Review: What Makes a Rom-Com?

I have to admit up front that the romantic comedy is one of my favorite genres in film. When two people navigate an eventful and maybe sometimes rocky road to end up happy with each other, my entertainment hopes are…