NCIS: Sydney 1×03 Preview: “Brothers in Arms”

NCIS: Sydney 1×03 “Brothers in Arms” hopes to continues establishing this show as something very different than other NCIS shows.

NCIS: Sydney 1×02 Review: “Snakes in the Grass”

NCIS: Sydney 1×02 “Snakes in the Grass” builds on a very good Pilot and delivers higher stakes, better team moments and an interesting case.

NCIS: Sydney 1×02 Preview: “Snakes in the Grass”

NCIS: Sydney 1×02 “Snakes in the Grass” makes us worry both about human bad guys and about the wildlife, which seems kind of unfair.

NCIS: Sydney 1×01 Review: “Gone Fission”

NCIS: Sydney 1×01 “Gone Fission” is a very promising start for the first international NCIS show, especially because …that chemistry!

NCIS: Sydney 1×01 Preview: “Gone Fission”

NCIS: Sydney 1×01 “Gone Fission” brings procedurals back to our lives. We preview the newest member of the NCIS franchise.

‘NCIS: Sydney’ Gets New Premiere Date

NCIS: Sydney has a new US release date — and we are really not complaining about the new timeslot CBS has given it.

’NCIS: Sydney’ Shares First Look Photos and We’re In!

CBS will take American viewers down under this fall with the CBS Original Series NCIS: Sydney and here’s the first look!