A-Z Movie Reviews: ‘The Boy Next Door’

The Boy Next Door starring Jennifer Lopez and Ryan Guzman is a film about making mistakes and the consequences of those mistakes.

‘Resort To Love’ Movie Review: “Love, Music…and Destiny”

Resort To Love is on Netflix now and we love it! It’s a romantic comedy but we also feel like it’s so much more than that. Time to review!

See The Trailer For ‘House Of Gucci’

You had us at Adam Driver and Lady Gaga. We didn’t think we could be more excited. After this trailer, we recognize we’re definitely more excited!

EXCLUSIVE: Christina Milian Talks ‘Resort To Love’ And A Possible Sequel

Resort To Love is here! We interview its leading lady Christina Milian about her experience and a possible sequel. Ready?

The First Look Image From ‘Belfast’ Is All We Needed

You wanted to convince us to watch a movie? This picture will do it. Boy, will it. We don’t actually know very much about the movie, other than it’s supposed to be a semi-autobiographical film about the childhood of of…

See The Trailer For ‘King Richard’

Richard Williams was tough. He didn’t relent on his daughters Venus and Serena. See the trailer for the movie about his life, #KingRichard

#WayBackWednesday – The Black Stallion (1979)

This is my first rodeo with today’s #WayBackWednesday movie, The Black Stallion. I’m not a true horse girl, but that doesn’t mean I am completely unfamiliar with horses. My mom showed horses in her youth and the last horse she…

Special Look: Steven Spielberg’s West Side Story

Steven Spielberg’s West Side Story is finally coming this December, and we’re excited for Rachel Zegler first and foremost.

EXCLUSIVE: Makenzie Moss Talks ‘Let Us In’

A few weeks ago we told you about Let Us In and we sit down to chat with its star Makenzie Moss about her experience in this movie. Ready?

A-Z Movie Reviews: ‘Tanner Hall’

if you don’t watch Independent Films, you can miss out on gems like Tanner Hall which is the film I’m talking about for A-Z Movie Reviews.

Netflix’s ‘Blood Red Sky’ Review: Can’t Believe a Vampire Movie Made Me Cry

Netflix’s Blood Red took a vampire tale, twisted it on its head, and gave us a story about a mother’s love for her child.

This ‘Twilight’ TikTok by Julian Burzynski is Chefs Kiss & More

Julian Burzynski conquers the Twilight Saga with a TikTok where he plays Bella and Jacob when the imprinting secret is out.

EXCLUSIVE: Aaron Jakubenko Talks ‘Great White’

Great White is a movie full of unexpected twists. We talk with its star Aaron Jakubenko about his character and experience in this movie.

The ‘Dune’ Trailer Is Everything We Wanted

The main Dune trailer is here, and it’s truly everything fans of the book – and new fans alike, needed to get even more excited.

The Trailer for ‘The Last Duel’ Is A Little Too Much

The trailer for Riddley Scott’s The Last Duel is a little too much. Especially casting wise. Adam Driver and Jodie Comer? We’re in.

#WayBackWednesday – Dirty Dancing (1987)

As iconic and ubiquitous as Dirty Dancing is, particularly its soundtrack, I never watched Dirty Dancing until a couple of summers ago. I was petsitting for a friend and took advantage of her big TV and very nice soundbar while…

See Photos From Netflix’s ‘The Last Letter From Your Lover’

Judging by the photos for #TheLastLetterFromYourLover, we’re going to love this movie. We mean that and we already love the book

Jason Momoa Shares He’s Going Blonde For ‘Aquaman 2’

#Aquaman2 has started filming & Arthur must be spending more time in the sun. Why? He’s going blonde.

Sean Teale Joins The Cast Of ‘Rosaline’

#Rosaline is absolutely the movie that @mylifeaserin can’t wait for. @rebeccaserle – you did amazing with this casting. We’re drooling

We’re In Love With The New ‘Dune’ Posters

The Dune posters are here, and we’ll admit we’re more than a little in love with how they look.

Matt Damon Talks About The Person Who Keeps His “Feet On The Ground”

We all have that person that keeps us grounded and in our place. Matt Damon talks about the person that does that for him