Mckenna Grace is the Future of ‘Ghostbusters: Afterlife’ and the Kind of Movie I Wish I Had Growing Up

Mckenna Grace is the reason why young women will want to grab a proton pack and fight ghosts after watching Ghostbusters: Afterlife.

Taylor Swift’s “Wildest Dreams” Has TikTok Thirsting Like Crazy

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The Trailer For ‘Boxing Day’ Has Us Wondering About Our Significant Others Secrets

We’re trash for a holiday movie and #BoxingDay is right up our alley. Anyone know when it’s releasing in the US?

Hero Fiennes Tiffin Has Been Added To The Cast Of ‘The Woman King’

The casting for upcoming film The Woman King just keeps on getting better and better.  Hero Fiennes Tiffin, star of the After films has just been cast in the project which is currently in pre-production.  The Woman King is a…

‘Belfast’ Review: A Snapshot of a Family and the Struggle of a Nation

Kenneth Branagh’s Belfast is a gorgeous, melancholy snapshot of a family, a city and a nation at a crossroads. Read our review!

Netflix Releases Pictures And Release Date For ‘Love Hard’

We’ve been waiting for this movie! #LoveHard finally has a release date and some first look pics!

‘Sounds Like Love’ Review: What Makes a Rom-Com?

I have to admit up front that the romantic comedy is one of my favorite genres in film. When two people navigate an eventful and maybe sometimes rocky road to end up happy with each other, my entertainment hopes are…

‘Rosaline’ Has Wrapped Filming

We’re excited because #Rosaline has wrapped filming! That means we’re one step closer to seeing it on the silver screen!

‘The Guilty’ Review: Stretched to the Breaking Point– in a Good Way

The new Netflix film The Guilty provides actor Jake Gyllenhaal with a one-man showcase for his talent and a thrilling story to back it up.

‘No One Gets Out Alive’ Review: A White Character Appropriating Culture? Color Me Not Shocked.

No One Gets Out Alive had the caucasity to try and sell a movie that tells an immigrant story while ignoring them at the same time.

‘Confessions of an Invisible Girl’ Review: Adolescence in Every Language

A new Brazilian teen comedy just dropped on Netflix, and it portrays awkward adolescence in all it’s glory. How good is the movie, though?

See The Latest Behind The Scenes Still From ‘Spencer’

It seems that whatever #Spencer puts out – is filled with mystery and beauty. Even this behind the scenes pic.

See The Posters From ‘House Of Gucci’

The only thing that I will ever own that is Gucci is a ticket to #HouseofGucci but I am okay with that. Not really – still want a purse.

Would Josephine Langford Return For More ‘After’ Movies?

Would #josephinelangford return to the #afterverse? She commented on the possibilities…

Ansel Elgort Posts On Instagram In Support Of ‘West Side Story’

Not sure Ansel Elgort doing press or posting on social media is the wisest choice, but hey…

Netflix’s ‘Passing’ Trailer Tackles a Taboo Subject Still Relevant in 2021

Passing is difficult to talk about and often a taboo subject, which is why we’re happy that the Netflix film of the same name is coming!

From ‘Bridgerton’ to ‘The Witcher’, Here Are Our Favorite Teasers and Trailers from Netflix’s TUDUM Event

We picked our favorite teasers and trailers from Netflix’s TUDUM event and put them in a handy list just for you.

‘The Starling’ Movie Review: Depression, Anger, and Was That a Transphobic Joke?

The Starling could’ve been amazing. It had the workings of it. But ultimately it faltered for many reasons…one possibly transphobic.

The Full Trailer For ‘Spencer’ Is Here

Our jaws are on the floor. The trailer for SPENCER is so good. K-Stew is f*cking phenomenal

‘The Eyes of Tammy Faye’ Review: The Soul Behind the Makeup

The new biopic The Eyes of Tammy Faye has a standout performance from Jessica Chastain. Is the rest of the film good? Read on to find out!

Janel Parrish & Ryan Paevey Set To Star In ‘Coyote Creek Christmas’

Give us all the Christmas movies all of the time! Janel Parrish &Ryan Paevey are set to star in #CoyoteCreekChristmas for Hallmark!