See A Preview Of The Hallmark Channel’s ‘My Grown-Up Christmas List’

Christmas in July! Yes, please. We love a good Hallmark movie – especially their Christmas ones. Doesn’t matter the time of year, we’re always excited for it. Doesn’t matter that we may not like Christmas all that much, we are…

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You know we love a Hallmark movie & we’re excited for this one. #HiddenGems starts off the #SummerNights series. See the pics!

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We’re all about a good Hallmark movie and this one looks fantastic. Plus its got Kay McNamara so we’re sold.

Hallmark Movie Review: “The Wedding Veil Legacy”

We love Hallmark Movies & one of the best to come out of the network as of late has been #TheWeddingVeilTrilogy series! Here’s our review of the last movie.

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#TheWeddingVeilTrilogy on The Hallmark Channel has our jaded hearts believing in love again.

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Hallmark Channel’s “Butlers in Love” is a cute, albeit predictable, love story . But the setting of a elevates it to a new level of weird.

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Fangirlish 2021 End of the Year Lists: The Best Christmas Movies Of 2021

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You know we’re trash for Hallmark movies & we love Lacey Chabert. The actress spoke about why she makes Hallmark movies. We love

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Prepare yourself for tonights #CountdownToChristmas movie, #ARoyalQueensChristmas. See the pics & trailer here!

Countdown To Christmas Review: ‘A Very Merry Bridesmaid’

We’re gonna need Casey Deidrick to teach a master class in angsty looks, cause LORD, he added some angst & heat to this Hallmark Movie!

‘Eight Gifts of Hanukkah’ Review

After suffering through Hallmark Channel’s Eight Gifts of Hanukkah, I would like to take back everything I’ve ever said about wanting holiday movies for my people. I’ll just stick to watching that one episode of The Nanny, thank you very…

Countdown To Christmas Review: ‘Christmas At Castle Hart’

My cold grinch heart seems to be melting this holiday season thanks to all of the holiday movies. I am not guaranteeing that it won’t freeze again by January, but for now, I am living for all of the goodness…

Countdown To Christmas Review: ‘An Unexpected Christmas’

There is a beauty in this years Countdown To Christmas movies, they are feeling more real and something you can connect to. We live for it.

‘Countdown To Christmas’ Photos: “An Unexpected Christmas”

Tyler Hynes + Bethany Joy Lenz + The Hallmark Channel = A Movie We Can’t Wait To Watch Tonight

‘Countdown To Christmas’ Review: “My Christmas Family Tree”

For #CountdownToChristmas The #HallmarkChannel stepped outside their usual formula and made something really special with #MyChristmasFamilyTree

‘Countdown To Christmas’ Photos: “My Christmas Family Tree”

This weeks #CountdownToChristmas movie seems different than what #Hallmark normally does & we’re kinda (we are) looking forward to it! See the pics

Countdown To Christmas Review: ‘Next Stop, Christmas’

The real joy of #NextStopChristmas is the on screen chemistry between Lyndsy Fonesca & Chandler Massey.

Countdown To Christmas Review: ‘Coyote Creek Christmas’

We love a holiday movie, but we admit we weren’t sure that this one would be as perfect as it is. #CoyoteCreekChristmas gives us all the 🎄, ❤️ & happy feels!

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#CountdownToChristmas returns tomorrow with #ChristmasInHarmony. See the pictures and get excited!