FBI International’s Heida Reed Talks New Romance & Undercover Dreams

FBI: International’s Jamie Kellett might be embarking on a new romance, but Heida Reed is still rooting for Jamie and Scott.

Fangirlish Feels of the Week: February 10 – February 17

We watch a lot of TV, so we decided to come together to highlight all those feels of the week that our favorite shows give us.

‘FBI: International’ 2×01: “Unburdened”

With all of the shit that Wolf Entertainment is doing to their shows as of late, we have to admit we are scared to become invested in any of them. We just feel like they are taking everything we love.…

Eva-Jane Willis Joins The Cast Of ‘FBI: International’

With Christine Paul departing #FBIInternational, there’s room for a new Europol agent. Who is taking over the role? See here –

‘FBI: International’ 1×21 Review: “Crestfallen”

The season finale of #FBIInternational felt a little off and a little out of character, and yet perfect. How that happened, we will never understand.

‘FBI: International’ 1×19 Review: “Get That Revolution Started”

One of the hardest things about loving a Dick Wolf franchise is that you know they’re gonna start a storyline and then maybe never finish it.

‘FBI: International’ 1×19 Preview Guide: “Get That Revolution Started”

No one gives better bitchy resting face than Scott Forrester and it’s strong in the preview for tonights all new #FBIInternational

‘FBI’, ‘FBI: Most Wanted’ & ‘FBI: International’ All Renewed For Two More Seasons

The TV Gods have been shining brightly on us! How? They renewed all 3 #FBICBS shows for 2 additional seasons!

‘FBI: International’ 1×18 Preview Guide: “On These Waters”

It’s Tuesday and that means it’s time for an all new #FBIInternational. See the preview guide for tonights episode!

‘FBI: International’ 1×16 Review: “Left Of Boom”

The greatest part of #FBIInternational is that you can feel that every person on the team is willing to do whatever it takes for the other.

‘FBI: International’ 1×14 Preview Guide: “The Kill List”

It’s an all new episode of #FBIInternational tonight and we’re scared that Raines is screaming for Vo. Is she ok? Did something happen? We don’t like.

‘FBI: International’ 1×13 Review: “Snakes”

#FBIInternational took us on an emotional roller coaster this week and surprisingly, we’re more invested because of it.

‘FBI: International’ 1×13 Preview Guide: “Snakes”

It’s an all new episode of #FBIInternational tonight and we’re looking forward to it. We’re not looking to Kellett & Forrester setting boundaries.

‘FBI: International’ 1×12 Review: “One Point One Million Followers”

If you thought you had issues with your Mom, your Mama ain’t a traitor who came back after 15 years, is she? #FBIInternational, we get it – be nicer to our Moms.

‘FBI: International’ 1×12 Preview Guide: “One Point One Million Followers”

We’re going to say, that though we know that there is more to this episode than Forrester’s Mom coming back, it’s all we care about!

‘FBI: International’ 1×11 Review: “Chew Toy”

“Hi Mom” was the perfect ending to this episode of #FBIInternational. This show is a standout of the season and we’re loving every second.

‘FBI: International’ 1×11 Preview Guide: “Chew Toy”

We’ve determined that no one gives better bitchy resting face in the #FBICBS franchise than Scott Forrester. These pics for tonights episode agree with us.

Elizabeth Mitchell Cast In Key Role On ‘FBI: International’

We knew that it was a matter of time before we got to see Angela Cassidy on #FBIInternational and we’re LOVING who they cast in the role!

‘FBI: International’ 1×10 Review: “Close To The Sun”

Did you catch this weeks #FBIInternational? We’re really not happy with that ending. Get your shit together Kellett.

‘FBI: International’ 1×10 Preview: “Close To The Sun”

Prepare yourself for tonights #FBIInternational with photos from the episode!

‘FBI: International’ 1×09 Review: “One Of A Kind Madman”

This was Gaines time to shine and he definitely did in this episode of #FBIInternational. Read our review of last nights episode.