‘The Rookie’ 5×19 Review: “A Hole in the World”

The Rookie 5×19 “A Hole in the World” puts Celina in the spotlight for the first time as the episode puts some stones in Chenford’s future.

‘The Rookie: Feds’ 1×19 Preview: “Burn Run”

In The Rookie: Feds 1×19 “Burn Run” Simone faces a tycoon, Laura and Brendon a few thieves, and Carter fights for Fortune.

‘The Rookie’ 5×19 Preview: “A Hole in the World”

In The Rookie 5×19 “A Hole in the World” Chenford will live their first serious crisis while the case of Celina’s sister comes into focus.

‘The Rookie: Feds’ 1×18 Review: “Seeing Red”

The Rookie: Feds 1×18 “Seeing Red” is a fun episode, which focuses more on the personal dynamics of the team than on the action and it works.

The Rookie 5×18 Review: “Double Trouble”

The Rookie 5×18 “Double Trouble” tries again to make the show something it isn’t while the Chenford crumbs can’t save a bland episode.

‘The Rookie’ 5×18 Preview: “Double Trouble”

In The Rookie 5×18 “Double Trouble” Lucy goes undercover and that will bring up some compromising situations — and memories — for Chenford.

The Cast Of ABC’s Pilot ‘Judgement’ Is The Casting Dreams Are Made Of

Legal Soap? Yes please. ABC? Yes please. A beautiful and talented cast? Yes please. Who has been cast in Judgement? See it here.

‘The Rookie: Feds’ 1×18 Preview: “Seeing Red”

In The Rookie: Feds 1×18 “Seeing Red” the team face a case with international repercussions, while Brendon rethinks some vital decisions.

‘Not Dead Yet’ 1×06 Review: ‘Not Ready To Share Yet’

Not Dead Yet is a roller coaster ride of do I or don’t I like this show. Episode 6 was us riding this roller coaster… again.

‘The Good Doctor’ is Ready to Introduce ‘The Good Lawyer’

The Good Doctor is getting ready to introduce The Good Lawyer, and we admit we’re intrigued by the possibility of this spinoff.

‘Not Dead Yet’ 1×04 & 1×05 Review: ‘Not Dating Yet’ & ‘Not Moving On Yet’

We admit, by the 4th episode of #NotDeadYet we were hooked. It’s a comedy, drama, and everything beautiful about life.

‘The Rookie: Feds’ 1×17 Review: “Payback”

The Rookie: Feds 1×17 “Payback” showed us the different ways to deal with our past, some healthy and others not so much. We review!

‘The Rookie’ 5×17 Review: “The Enemy Within”

The Rookie 5×17 “The Enemy Within” is a crossover that is not one while Celina faces a lie, Chenford is still the best, and Elijah disappears.

‘The Rookie: Feds’ 1×17 Preview: “Payback”

The Rookie: Feds 1×17 “Payback” is set up as a crossover with The Rookie. But it seems that the Feds team will take the baton from LAPD.

‘The Rookie’ 5×17 Preview: “The Enemy Within”

In The Rookie 5×17 “The Enemy Within” Elijah Stone takes the main focus again but, this time, April accompanies him.

‘The Rookie’ 5×16 Review: “Exposed”

Valentine and Chenford are the focus of The Rookie 5×16 “Exposed” while the rest of the men on the show get dumber on the worst day for it.

‘The Rookie: Feds’ 1×16 Review: “For Love and Money”

Valentine comes to The Rookie: Feds 1×16 “For Love and Money.” Although everything works out, the characters must learn from their mistakes.

‘The Company You Keep’ 1×02 Preview: ‘A Sparkling Reputation’

The first episode of #TheCompanyYouKeep hooked us and it looks like episode two will keep us. See the photos!

‘The Rookie’ 5×16 Preview: “Exposed”

Valentine’s Day Comes to The Rookie 5×16 “Exposed!” And Chenford is on fire! We preview the episode. Join us here!

‘Not Dead Yet’ 1×3 Review: ‘Not Out Of High School Yet’

High School. No one wants to return to high school – at least the people I know. Hell, it’s the place that I wanna avoid more than anything. I definitely want to avoid the mean girls from high school. Those…

‘The Rookie’ 5×15 Review: “The Con”

The Rookie 5×15 “The Con” is not what we expected, surprising us at every turn…with mixed results. We review the episode!