‘FBI: Most Wanted’ Loses One of its Team Members in Season 5

CBS definitely soured the summer for the FBI: Most Wanted fandom by giving them some unexpected news. Keep reading to know more!

‘FBI’ Crossover Event Interviews: ‘FBI: International’ Star Eva Jane Willis

One should never f*** with Smitty, because she will get the job done & will get the person responsible. See our interview with Eva Jane Willis.

The FBI’s Crossover Event Interview: Roxy Sternberg

“Drama drama drama,” FBI: Most Wanted star Roxy Sternberg said when we asked what makes this years FBI Global Crossover event must watch television, “There is so much happening and having the three teams collaborate is always so exciting not…

Preview Guide For ‘The FBI’s’ Crossover Event: ‘FBI: Most Wanted’

Out of all the FBI’s, FBI: Most Wanted gives us nightmares. The show is extremely intense, but we still love the show, because it is part of the FBI franchise and its actors. The show brings in the third hour…

Preview Guide For ‘The FBI’s’ Crossover Event: ‘FBI’

Hour two of #FBICrossover will bring us back to NYC with the cast of #FBI and some special guests. Prepare for it with our preview guide.

Preview Guide For ‘The FBI’s’ Crossover Event: ‘FBI: International’

The #FBICrossover is here tomorrow & we’re prepping you with preview guides. 3 teams. 1 night. 1 global event. Here’s what we know about #FBIInternational

‘FBI’ 5×01 Photos: “Hero’s Journey”

You know that we love #FBI & we can’t wait for its return. See the photos from this seasons premiere

‘FBI: International’ 2×01: “Unburdened”

With all of the shit that Wolf Entertainment is doing to their shows as of late, we have to admit we are scared to become invested in any of them. We just feel like they are taking everything we love.…

Eva-Jane Willis Joins The Cast Of ‘FBI: International’

With Christine Paul departing #FBIInternational, there’s room for a new Europol agent. Who is taking over the role? See here –

‘FBI’ CBS Star Missy Peregrym And Her Husband Tom Oakley Have Welcomed A Baby Girl

Congratulations are in order for #FBICBS star Missy Peregrym! The actress quietly welcomed her baby girl in June.

‘FBI: International’ 1×19 Review: “Get That Revolution Started”

One of the hardest things about loving a Dick Wolf franchise is that you know they’re gonna start a storyline and then maybe never finish it.

‘FBI’ 4×20 Review: “Ghosts From The Past”

If there is one thing that we learned from this weeks FBI is that things are different without Maggie and that OA is one determined man.

‘FBI’ 4×20 Preview Guide: “Ghosts From The Past”

OA looks really intense in this weeks #FBICBS. We mean, granted that’s his normal look, but you know…

‘FBI’, ‘FBI: Most Wanted’ & ‘FBI: International’ All Renewed For Two More Seasons

The TV Gods have been shining brightly on us! How? They renewed all 3 #FBICBS shows for 2 additional seasons!

‘FBI’ 4×19 Review: “Face Off”

It’s not typical for me that when it comes to FBI on CBS, that I have to take a second to think about the things I want to say. I’ve been sick and so I thought hey, I’ve lost my…

‘FBI: International’ 1×18 Preview Guide: “On These Waters”

It’s Tuesday and that means it’s time for an all new #FBIInternational. See the preview guide for tonights episode!

‘FBI’ 4×19 Preview Guide: “Face Off”

Sometimes fandoms collide and our hearts get happy. One of our first fandoms was One Tree Hill and it is a fandom that we follow everywhere. We love the cast and one of our favorite is heading to another one…

‘FBI’ 4×18 Review: “Fear Nothing”

THE FINAL SCENE! Like the final scene of this weeks FBI CBS was EMOTIONAL.

‘FBI’ 4×17 Preview Guide: “One Night Stand”

You had us at Scola and relationships, but we’re hoping that it’s like a real relationship and we’re getting to know more about him

‘FBI: International’ 1×16 Preview Guide: “Left of Boom”

Seeing the preview for tonights episode, we have one thing to say. Protect Vo at all costs (we know the fly team will)

Dylan McDermott Talks About Joining The Cast Of ‘FBI: Most Wanted’

Tonights #FBIMostWanted introduces a new character, Remy Scott, played by a familiar face – Dylan McDermott.