The First Table Read Of ‘Emily In Paris’ Season 3 Has Happened

Season 3 of #EmilyInParis is one step closer to our screens. The cast has hit Paris and the first table read has happened.

‘Emily In Paris’ Sets New Series Regular And Is Back In Production For Season 3

We may not be Team Alfie, but we are Team more Lucien Laviscount! Thank you Netflix, for making him an #EmilyInParis series regular!

‘Emily In Paris’ Renewed For Two More Seasons!

Today is a good day! We’re getting two more seasons of #EmilyInParis! OUR ❤️ HEARTS ❤️ ARE ❤️ HAPPY!

‘Emily In Paris’ 2×10 Review: “French Revolution”

Talk about an ending. What a cliffhanger. So many changes happening in Paris. What choice will Emily make?

‘Emily In Paris’ 2×09 Review: “Scents and Sensibility”

Life is really fucking complicated, but that’s why you have to do your best to keep complications to a minimum and keep complications apart. There is no way in hell that I would let parts of my life meet other…

‘Emily In Paris’ 2×08 Review: “Champagne Problems”

As we get deeper and deeper into the second season of #EmilyInParis, one thing remains – Cami’s family has issues.

‘Emily In Paris’ 2×07 Review: “The Cook, the Thief, Her Ghost and His Lover”

Everything changed with one lie this episode & we’re not living for it. We’re kinda pissed. But we’re hoping it will all get fixed. Emily and Gabriel 4ever.

‘Emily In Paris’ 2×06: “Boiling Point”

Alfie, you’re making us like you and we’re not sure we like it. It’s Emily & Gabriel forever. That’s what we want. Right?

‘Emily In Paris’ 1×05 Review: “An Englishman In Paris”

Season 2 of #EmilyInParis is a lot of messing with emotions & Cami takes the cake this episode. We’re so mad at her & her Mama.

See More Released Pics From Season 2 Of ‘Emily In Paris’

Our love for Emily In Paris is strong and even though season 2 has frustrated us, we also think it is definitely better than the first season. We love a show that only gets better with time. Beware if you…

‘Emily In Paris’ 2×04 Review: “Jules And Em”

You can’t fight what is meant to be, but Emily and Gabriel are sure as hell trying to fight it. We’re here for the slow burn back to each other… we think.

‘Emily In Paris’ 2×03 Review: “Bon Anniversaire!”

Drama, drama, drama. Episode 3 of #EmilyInParis has a lot of drama and we’re just like wait, why is everyone taking blame & no responsibility?

‘Emily In Paris’ 2×02 Review: “Do You Know The Way To St. Tropez?”

Emily is playing with fire and she’s going to get burned. We’re a little worried about her and what she’s doing.

‘Emily In Paris’ 2×01 Review: “Voulez-Vous Coucher Avec Moi?”

Season 2 of Emily In Paris is here and somehow it managed to be better than the first season. We’re not complaining at all.

Lily Collins Explained Why Covid-19 Isn’t Part Of The ‘Emily In Paris’ Storyline

Why isn’t COVID part of the storyline for #EmilyInParis? Lily Collins explains why.

Lily Collins Gets Asked About Season Two Of ‘Emily In Paris’

Kinda love it so much that Lily Collins gets asked the most about season 2 of ‘Emily In Paris’ here…

See Some Pics From Behind The Scenes Of ‘Emily In Paris’

There is something magical about #EmilyInParis – it’s hard to describe. . See more pictures from BTS of the upcoming second season.

Netflix Releases Episode Titles For Season 2 Of ‘Emily In Paris’

Season 2 of #EmilyInParis drops on 12/22 & as per the usual genius of Netflix, they creatively dropped the episode titles. See how

The Trailer & Key Art For Season 2 Of ‘Emily In Paris’ Are Coming In Haute

Bring on the chaos. Bring on the drama. Season 2 of #EmilyInParis is coming in haute and it looks sooo good.

Lily Collins Talks About Her Character In ‘Emily In Paris’

Do you think that Lily Collins character in #EmilyInParis is annoying? She addresses peoples opinions about the character!

Netflix Sets Premiere Date For ‘Emily In Paris’

TUDUM is giving us lots of greatness today! But what are we excited for? A premiere date for season 2 of #EmilyInParis!