Let Nostalgia Take You 15 Years Back to Where It All Started: Iron Man

It’s been fifteen years since Iron Man. It’s a good time to take a look back at the movie that built the MCU.

Some Of ‘The Good Place’ Cast Reunites For A Meal

We stan a reunion of our favorites. These three are definitely some of our faves. #TheGoodPlace 4ever.

‘Citadel’ Renewed For A Second Season

We are totally down for a second season of #Citadel. As a matter of fact we can’t wait. Read more about it here

Joe Jonas Talks About The Gig He Lost To Little Brother Nick Jonas

Joe Jonas is a vibe & we love him. Hell, we love all the JoBros. We’re thankful that they can talk openly about the ups and downs of life.

Queerly Not Straight: Target Isn’t an Ally, They’re Cowards

Target isn’t an ally to the LGBTQ+ community. They’re cowards that gave into homophobic bigots. And we need to talk about it.

Taylor Swift Premieres New Music Video During New Jersey Tour Stop

We’re not sure which version of #Karma we like better. We love them both. See Taylor Swift’s new music video here!

Marvel’s ‘Secret Invasion’: Plot, Cast and Ties To MCU Phase 5

Nick Fury returns to Earth after spending considerable time in space to find a secret Skrull invasion in Marvel’s Secret Invasion.

‘Bad Boys 4’ Adds Rhea Seehorn to the Cast!

Bad Boys 4 continues forward and without brakes! The film has just signed one of the most prestigious actresses of recent times.

Marvel Studios Pauses ‘Thunderbolts’ Production

MCU has some bad news for fans! The next filming of Thunderbolts will suffer the consequences of the studio not paying fair wages.

‘No Hard Feelings’ Red Band Trailer Makes This Movie Even More Cringe

The red band trailer for No Hard Feelings that just dropped makes this movie even more cringe and we need to talk about it.

Fangirlish Feels of the Week: May 20 – May 26

We watch a lot of TV, so we decided to come together to highlight all those feels of the week that our favorite shows give us.

‘Citadel’ 1×06 Review: “Secrets In Night Need Early Rains”

Citadel 1×06 saved the biggest reveal for the season finale and now we want season 2! Read on for details in our review!

‘Star Trek: Strange New Worlds’ Dropped a New Trailer!

We’ve got a new trailer for Star Trek: Strange New Worlds season two! Join us for a proper geek-out freak-out on Fangirlish!

‘Hijack’ Sees Idris Elba Taking on Terrorists in Official Trailer for Apple TV+

Idris Elba is a hostage negotiator in the official trailer for the Apple TV+ series Hijack. Here’s everything we know.

Seven Moments from ‘XO, Kitty’ That Paid Homage to ‘To All the Boys’

Though XO, Kitty focuses on the youngest Covey sister, the Netflix series has many references to the To All the Boys movie trilogy.

‘It Ends With Us’ Adds Hasan Minhaj To The Cast

We’re not gonna sugar coat it, we’re a little worried about the #ItEndsWithUs adaptation. But we are loving the cast which now includes Hasan Minhaj.

We Don’t Really Need to Talk About ‘Chicago Med’ — But Let’s Talk About Manstead

Will Halstead is leaving Chicago Med, but all is well because we’re getting our Manstead endgame to make up for it.

‘Chicago P.D.’ 10×22 Review: “A Better Place”

Chicago P.D. 10×22 is a typical season finale — except for the part where it tries to humanize nazis. That part is even worse than normal.

‘Chicago Fire’ 11×22 Review: “Red Waterfall”

Chicago Fire leaves us with quite a few cliffhangers going into a probably long hiatus, though some are much better than others.

‘Heartstopper’ Season 2 First Images Drop & They’re Adorable

Netflix’s Heartstopper has dropped some first look images for season 2 and they’re all super adorable. Let’s break them down.

‘FBI’ Star Zeeko Zaki Is Engaged

Last night was the season finale of FBI and well, though we did love it ending on a positive note, we have to admit, we would have loved a cliffhanger. What can we say, we love what we love. And…