as if 2020 wasn’t bad enough, #Younger delivers some news i am not ready to come to terms with. Read More →

Outlander Season 4

When Starz first announced the Outlander End of Summer Series, we all quickly zeroed in on episode 4 as the one we really wanted to watch. The rest was interesting, there’s no arguing against that, but what we really wanted was to catch up with …well, Caitriona and Sam. TheyRead More →

The second part of DCFandome took place last weekend, and there was a lot of information released about some of our favorite shows, from Stargirl to the hotly anticipated Superman and Lois, to, of course, Lucifer, which IS a DC property. But one of the best parts of the LuciferRead More →

It’s time for an honest conversation about fan art. It is so under appreciated, full stop. Every fanbase is full of talented individuals that produce different types of art in different mediums. Whether it’s drawing, painting, writing or videos, it’s all important. Fan art often doesn’t get a light shinedRead More →

Welcome to A-Z Movie Reviews.  Every Sunday, for the next several months, I will be posting a review of a film in my home movie collection.  How it works is, I will be reviewing movies in alphabetical order until I get to the letter Z (Yes, I do have aRead More →