The Release Date, Trailer And Key Art For ‘The Flight Attendant’ Released

The key art has been released for #TheFlightAttendant and we’re surprised with how quickly it’s coming to HBO Max.

A ‘Manifest’ Alum Joins The Cast of ‘The Flight Attendant’

I love a character that can cut you with their words and still maintain a smile.

Kaley Cuoco and Zosia Mamet Get Matching Paper Airplane Tattoos

I mean I have gotten matching tattoos with friends and I think it’s adorable. These 2 got the cutest daintiest one!

Kaley Cuoco Wraps ‘The Flight Attendant’ In New York City

When a show wraps that means we are one step closer to seeing it on the screen. #KaleyCuoco just wrapped #TheFlightAttendant and we’re excited.

10 Best Fall Shows to Watch

Fall TV is has some of the best shows of the year. Granted, some season’s extend into spring and summer, but they start in fall. Fall is a time of drama, mystery and fantasy. That is what I think of…

6 Shows and Movies I Love to Rewatch

In these Covid times, it is becoming hard to come across something new to watch. The virus has made it hard for the entertainment world to continue production on new shows and movies. For the foreseeable future, this is going…

Our Favorite Halloween Episodes of TV

So many great TV shows have amazing Halloween-themed episodes. We pick the ten best episodes to watch this fall!

There Is Already A ‘Pretty Little Liars’ Reboot Coming?

People make bad decisions all of the time, but HBO Max, well… they keep making subpar ones.

Why You Should Watch “Selena + Chef”

While in quarantine, a lot of people started cooking. Selena Gomez decided to go one step further and film herself learning to cook from celebrity chefs and put it on HBO Max for the world to see. Here are five…

‘Gossip Girl’ Showrunner Joshua Safron Provided An Update On The Reboot

We’ve learned more about the #GossipGirl reboot thanks to the showrunner on Twitter. See what he had to say.

‘Selena + Chef’ Renewed For A Second Season

Selena Gomez is a superstar. Now she’s a superstar with a second season on her HBO Max show, Selena + Chef.

HBO Max Debuts The Trailer For ‘Unpregnant’

HBO has released the trailer and key art for #Unpregnant. We can’t wait to see it!

Meet The Cast of ‘Coastal Elites’

I am not sure if I am ready for a show having to do with Covid, but it doesn’t mean that it’s not coming. I mean we’re still in the pandemic.

See New Stills From ‘Selena + Chef’

Selena + Chef premieres this week and there were new photos released. we can’t wait to see the greatness.

‘Friends’ Reunion Set To Go Into Production During Pandemic

We can’t wait for the ‘Friends’ reunion and are so excited it’s coming together.

Selena Gomez Is Learning To Cook

Selena Gomez is learning to cook in Quarantine. I am learning how to sit on my ass more. She wins.

Oscar Isaac and Michelle Williams Is Something I Didn’t Know I Needed

Michelle Williams and Oscar Isaacs could legitimately read the ABC’s for a few hours and I would be there front row, waiting and hanging on every single letter.

Do We Really Need Another Batman TV Series?

Matt Reeves’ upcoming film, The Batman, is getting TV series spin-off on HBO Max, and as much as we love Batman, we’re starting to wonder if it’s not just time for a break. There IS such a thing as too…

Ed Westwick Is Still Not Relevant And A Garbage Human Being

Ed Westwick should just change his bio to, “Hi, I am an actor and a problematic piece of shit, willing to do whatever it takes to make myself relevant again.” Only I am thinking he doesn’t get what relevance means…

‘Love Life’ Renewed For Season 2 on HBO Max

I just finished Love Life and to be honest, I fell hard. This show made me look at love from a different angle. And that says a lot when you’re pretty much the biggest cynic on love, EVER. The first…

Anna Kendrick Talks About Soulmates

HBO Max is live, and that means that Anna Kendrick‘s new show, Love Life is there also. Anna stars in a considerable amount of rom-com’s and one has to wonder, what is her stance on love? In talking to Emmy…