NBC has a lot of amazing shows. We’re rounding up all the latest news about the shows, casting, and swooning over everything NBC!

One Chicago Ships Check — In: Season Premiere

There’s a lot we love about One Chicago shows beyond ships but we can’t live without ships! We’re going to analyze their progress.

‘Law & Order: SVU’ 23×02 Review: “Never Turn Your Back On Them”

The second half of the Law & Order: SVU premiere double-header, “Never Turn Your Back On Them,” was somehow an even more damning look at the wealthy and powerful than the season 23 premiere. Had we not seen the first…

‘La Brea’ 1×01 Pictures: “Pilot”

The pictures for the first episode of La Brea are here, and the “Pilot” looks unlike anything we’ve seen before – in a good way.

‘Law & Order: Organized Crime’ 2×01 Review: “The Man With No Identity”

If Law & Order: Organized Crime 2×01 made anything clear, it would probably be summed up with “Elliot’s in deep.” Time for review!

‘Law & Order: SVU’ 23×01 Review: “And The Empire Strikes Back”

Law & Order: SVU’s season 23 premiere was, without a doubt, a strong kickoff to what we hope will finally be the season. If you’re here, you probably know what that means. If not, well… Ask your leading lady why…

‘Chicago Med’ 7×01 Review: “You Can’t Always Trust What You See”

Chicago Med 7×01 introduces two new characters and sets up the dynamics that will carry the show going forward, to great success.

‘Chicago Fire’ 10×01 Review: “Mayday”

Chicago Fire 10×01 “Mayday” is all about family – not the one you’re born with, but the one you create for yourself. We review.

‘Chicago P.D.’ 9×01 Review: “Closure”

There was plenty to scream about on Chicago P.D. 9×01 “Closure,” but in an episode with so much to celebrate, Upstead still stole the show.

‘New Amsterdam’ 4×02 Pictures: “We’re In This Together”

The pictures for New Amsterdam 4×02 “We’re In This Together” promise us we don’t have to come down from our Sharpwin high just yet.

‘Law & Order’: Organized Crime 2×01 Advance Review

If you’re looking for details on what to expect during the Law & Order: Organized Crime season 2 premiere but don’t want to be spoiled, we’ve got the tea. Or, well…the coffee. Is that a hint? Absolutely. Does it give…

‘Chicago P.D’ 9×02 Pictures: “Rage”

The pictures for Chicago P.D 9×02 “Rage” are here, and it’s all good, we’re not super concerned about that title or anything.

Hanako Greensmith Talks Finding Her Place in ‘Chicago Fire’

The women of Chicago Fire just have this magic about them. Hanako Greensmith is no exception. Read our exclusive interview!

‘Chicago Fire’ 10×02 Pictures: “Headcount”

The pictures for Chicago Fire 10×02 are here, and we can only focus on the Brettsey of it all. What can we say, we love our ships.

‘Chicago Med’ 7×01 Advance Review: “You Can’t Always Trust What You See”

Chicago Med returns this week, and though we’re still on the fence about how good this show can be, we were impressed by the premiere.

‘Law & Order: SVU’ 23×01 Advance Review

Law & Order: SVU is back for season 23 on September 23, and for at least this viewer, the first part of the premiere did not disappoint. The central case, continued over from last season’s finale, was compelling and ended…

New Amsterdam 4×01 Advance Review: “More Joy”

New Amsterdam returns for season 4 with an episode that’s truly predictable in some ways – good and bad – and utterly impossible to predict at others.

Check Out The ‘La Brea’ Character Posters and Key Art

The La Brea character posters and key art are here, and we’re still not sure how this is gonna work, but we’ll try it out anyway.

Bensler Is Endgame & Some Of Y’all Can Stay Mad

Bensler is endgame, and some folks are telling on themselves with their arguments against what everyone, from Mariska Hargitay, to Dick Wolf Productions, to NBC Entertainment, is clearly signaling. Some of these EO antis either didn’t watch the first 12…

Mariska Hargitay & Christopher Meloni: Instagram Battle

Mariska Hargitay is queen of playing the long game. Case in point: She’s recently started filming her 23rd season of being the heart and soul of Law & Order: SVU, and after t-e-n long years, she managed to get “#beardedbestie”…

‘Zoey’s Extraordinary Playlist’ Comeback? Holiday Movie On Roku Likely

Zoey’s Extraordinary Playlist is coming back! Yes, that’s right, the critically acclaimed drama is getting a holiday movie on Roku.

The ‘La Brea’ Trailer Leaves us Thinking: How is this Sustainable?

There’s a lot of promise to La Brea, NBC’s new sci-fi property, coming this Fall. We’re just not sure it’s sustainable.