‘Star Trek: Prodigy’ Roundtable Interview: Kate Mulgrew

We’ve got a short break between Star Trek: Lower Decks and Star Trek: Prodigy, but that doesn’t mean we’re slacking off. I was fortunate enough to join a group of journalists in a roundtable discussion with the cast and showrunners of Star Trek: Prodigy recently.

‘The Morning Show’ 2×06 Review: “A Private Person”

Let’s just dive right in to The Morning Show 2×06 “A Private Person” here. Cory Ellison did a terrible, terrible thing. Let’s talk about it.

‘Legacies’ 4×02 Review: “There’s No I In Team, or Whatever”

Legacies 4×02, “There’s No I In Team, or Whatever,” promises this show is capable of thriving without a mud monster. Check out our review!

‘Law & Order: Organized Crime’ 2×06 Review: “Unforgivable”

Law & Order: Organized Crime 2×06 “Unforgivable” made the lines very, very blurry for one Elliot Stabler. He needs out. Now.

‘Stargirl’ 2×11 Review: “Summer School: Chapter Eleven”

Stargirl 2×11, “Summer School: Chapter Eleven,” trades all Blue Valley’s charm for a desolate alternative with the Shadowlands. Read our review!

‘New Amsterdam’ 4×05 Review: “This Be The Verse”

Memories are what shape us, but what happens when they challenge everything we knew & everything we thought we were leaving for others to know about us.

‘The Rookie’ 4×04 Review: “Red Hot”

The Rookie 4×04 “Red Hot” is a bridge episode that moves the plots a bit forward although Aaron and Lucy bond and we didn’t know we needed it

‘Chapelwaite’ 1×08 Review: “Hold the Night”

Chapelwaite 1×08 “Hold the Night” begins to lay the groundwork for the season finale as Rebecca and Charles get closer than ever.

‘Leverage: Redemption’ 1×16 Review: “The Harry Wilson Job”

Leverage: Redemption 1×16 “The Harry Wilson Job” brilliantly closes season 1, marking a before and after and leaving us wanting more.

‘Star Trek: Lower Decks’ 2×10 Review: “First First Contact”

We’ve been boldly going all season with Lower Decks this year! Episode 2×10, “First First Contact” really sets the bar high for next season. Here are some of the things I enjoyed the most in “First First Contact” and a few of my expectations for season three. 

‘Legacies’ 4×01 Review: “You Have to Pick One This Time”

Legacies 4×01, “You Have to Pick One This Time,” launches one of the show’s most ambitious and darkest seasons yet! Read our review!

‘Law & Order: Organized Crime’ 2×05 Review: “The Good, The Bad and The Lovely”

Law & Order: Organized Crime continues to not miss a beat. “The Good, The Bad, and The Lovely” was yet another shining example of how you can mix compelling, high stakes drama with plenty of character development and personal stories.…

‘Leverage: Redemption’ 1×15 Review: “The Muddy Waters Job”

In Leverage: Redemption 1×15 “The Muddy Waters Job” while Maria and Eliot’s relationship stagnates, Harry must face his decisions.

‘Law & Order: SVU’ 23×05 Review: “Fast Times @TheWheelHouse”

Law & Order: SVU 23×05, “Fast Times @TheWheelHouse,” was a prime example of what happens when bad episodes happen to good seasons. Or maybe it’s better to put it like this: This storyline is what happens when people who aren’t…

‘Leverage: Redemption’ 1×14 Review: “The Great Train Job”

Leverage: Redemption 1×14 “The Great Train Job” is a transitional episode but it’s also the one where we saw Breanna’s growth.

‘Stargirl’ 2×10 Review: “Summer School: Chapter Ten”

Stargirl 2×10, “Summer School: Chapter Ten,” is about chosen families, complicated legacies, and how far people will go to protect both. Read our review!

‘Leverage: Redemption’ 1×13 Review: “The Hurricane Job”

We go back to the trench one more day! Leverage: Redemption 1×13 “The Hurricane Job” surprises us with a giant advance in the relationship between Maria and Eliot while showing us the strength of the brotherly bond that unites Parker and Eliot.…

‘Leverage: Redemption’ 1×12 Review: “The Golf Job”

Leverage: Redemption 1×12 “The Golf Job” gives us a visit from an old friend and a guys day off that puts Harry on the ropes.

‘The Rookie’ 4×03 Review: “In the Line of Fire”

In The Rookie 4×03 “In the Line of Fire“ Chenford begins to take bigger steps, while Harper must face her fears. Time for review!

‘Leverage: Redemption’ 1×11 Review: “The Jackal Job”

Leverage: Redemption 1×11 “The Jackal Job” hits right on the feels and moved us in ways we didn’t expect but are wonderful. Time for review!

‘Chapelwaite’ 1×07 Review: “De Vermis Mysteriis”

Chapelwaite 1×07 “De Vermis Mysteriis” explores what family mean and gives us some of the answers we so badly needed. Time for review!