This week’s chapter of Katy Keene is titled “What Becomes of the Broken Hearted,” and it fits. We had moments where the characters learned hard lessons, hearts got broken, but there was also some hope. In light of everything, some hard truths were revealed and our Katy Keene group ofRead More →

911: Lone Star

This episode of 9-1-1: Lone Star, “Friends Like These” focused on friendships, both within the firehouse and the cases of the week.  I have to say I really loved this episode since friendships are usually my favorite parts of television shows. At the beginning of “Friends Like These” the teamRead More →

Welcome back ‘Grown-ish’ fans, I’ve been waiting for this episode since the season began and we found out that Nomi was five months pregnant. I am getting just as frustrated with Nomi as Zoey is about her pregnancy, but at the same time I cannot judge Nomi for her actionsRead More →

You can’t hurry love and you can’t forget valuable lessons, especially in Katy Keene. This week’s episode was full of lessons of loyalty and fighting for things that you want. It continues on the trend of the premiere episode of Katy fighting for herself. So, let’s jump into what weRead More →

When there is an explosion within the first 5 minutes of Chicago Fire, you know it’s gonna be a good episode, and that’s exactly what happened in Chicago Fire 8×14, titled “Shut it Down.” I really felt for Gallo this episode. And Sylvie Brett. They are two sweethearts who don’tRead More →

These past couple episodes of Chicago PD have put the women of the intelligence unit in the spotlight, and Chicago PD 7X14, titled “Center Mass” is no exception. They’ve given us episodes that have focused on their female characters, and I’ve loved it. It’s about time the women get someRead More →

This week’s episode of 9-1-1: Lone Star, “Studs”, focused on romance, which is appropriate since it’s almost Valentine’s Day.  Both Paul and Owen meet someone new, and Judd and Grace work on their marriage. Dating Sucks Early in the episode the team responds to a fight at the strip club. Read More →

The infamous and wicked Kai Parker returns to the TVD Universe on Legacies Season 2 Episode 12, “Kai Parker Screwed Us.” Kai brings so many twists that this episode could have been a season finale. There’s some payoff regarding Ric’s terrible decision of sending Salvatore students to a prison worldRead More →

Chicago shows up for each other, and that’s what happened in Chicago Fire‘s “A Chicago Welcome.” It’s how they do it. This week’s episode really tugged at the heartstrings. But when Derek Haas writes the episode, you really can’t expect anything less. The man is a genius writer, but heRead More →

This week’s article is gonna be all about Burzek, Burgess, and the Burzek baby situation. Chicago PD‘s ‘I Was Here” was a Burgess-centric episode, and I loved it. It’s nice to see some of the One Chicago women getting the spotlight. And even though it wasn’t the ending I wouldRead More →

The fourth episode of 9-1-1: Lone Star, “Act of God”, picked up right where we left off last week: a severe weather alert.  This meant the first responders were pretty busy with intense rescues.  Owen also took a major step forward with TK, and Judd and Grace have a niceRead More →

In the last hour of season 1, entitled “Book 27”, we see our Ben, Kristin and David work on a… maybe demonic baby? As well as really figure out what the plan of the 60 might be- and just how they’re doing it. Read More →

Legacies Season 2 Episode 11 “What Cupid Problem?” is such a fun hour of television; it’s hard not to gush about every single moment of it. This episode feels like a nice breather before Kai Parker’s return next week, even with one of Cupid’s murderous siblings flying around Mystic Falls.Read More →

Hello Grown-ish fans! I’m considering this week a “filler” episode due to the lack of momentum until the very end. Nomi tries to convince Zoey that she and Luca can and should be friends, furthermore, it will be awkward in the friend group if they’re not. I don’t disagree withRead More →

We are back, for the last time. It seems incredible that 8 years ago we started a journey that ends here today, with “The Last Bow.” It seems like yesterday … but the journey ends here with an emotional and satisfying ending, that gives us everything we wanted… although notRead More →