‘Moxie!’ Movie Review: “Revolution, Baby!”

Moxie is here! It leaves no one indifferent and is incredibly brave. Now, it is time to analyze why we scream REVOLUTION, BABY!

‘FBI’ 3×07 Review: “Discord”

This week’s FBI 3×07 “Discord”, was full of tension between the team, support staff, activists – pretty much everyone. Let’s discuss. The Case and a Tight Rope “Discord” starts off as the team hunts a killer who is fatally shooting…

‘9-1-1’ 4×07 Review: “There Goes the Neighborhood”

This week’s 9-1-1 4×07 “There Goes the Neighborhood” was all about neighbors.  Pretty much everyone has had a bad experience with neighbors once or twice, but “There Goes the Neighborhood” shows that some can be much worse than others.  And…

‘Moxie!’ Advanced Review: “Welcome To The Revolution”

We can finally talk about Moxie! We were looking forward to giving you clues as to why we love this movie so much. Welcome to the revolution!

‘The Rookie’ 3×07 Review: “True Crime”

The Rookie 3×07 “True Crime” is the worst episode of the show. It’s an episode where they tell a story that doesn’t interest me.

‘Grown-ish’ 3×14 Review: “Know Yourself”

Welcome back Grown-ish fans! This week Vivek explores his sexuality, Nomi comes home and Doug and Jazz finally have “the talk.” So much happened, that I found it exhausting at times to keep up. The long awaited post one night…

‘WandaVision’ 1×08 Review: “Previously On”

WandaVision Season 1 Episode 8, “Previously On,” takes us on a journey of Wanda’s past to better understand her present. Check out our review of the penultimate episode!

‘Nancy Drew’ 2×06 Review: “The Riddle of the Broken Doll”

Welcome back Nancy Drew fans! This week’s Nancy Drew 2×06 “The Riddle of the Broken Doll” takes place two weeks after last week’s events. Everyone thinks they are in a good place right now, because they survived death and overcame…

#WayBackWednesday – Star Trek: Deep Space Nine 6×13, “Far Beyond the Stars” (1998)

I know you come to my #WayBackWednesday column for movie recommendations, but for today’s column, I’d like to do something a little different. For today’s #WayBackWednesday column, I want to zero in on an episode of Star Trek: Deep Space…

‘The Rookie’ 3×06 Review: “Revelations”

The Rookie 3×06 “Revelations” is an episode that vindicates the power of women and feminism but also engages in social critique, showing the best and worst of our society, while the characters get closer and closer.  Let’s discuss everything! Here we go!…

‘Tell Me Your Secrets’ Review

We love a good crime show. In fact, we are a huge fan of them. We get excited whenever a new one comes on TV, or there is a new true-crime documentary. Hell, Investigation Discovery is one of our favorite…

‘WandaVision’ 1×07 Review: “Breaking the Fourth Wall”

WandaVision Season 1 Episode 7 gives us some big answers and sets up an epic showdown in the final two episodes. Check out our review of “Breaking the Fourth Wall.”

‘Grown-ish’ 3×13 Review: “No Halo”

We’ll stand by this – Zoey and Aaron need each other. They are end game. They have each others backs. Make it happen, writers!

‘Legacies’ 3×05 Review: “This Is What It Takes”

Legacies Season 3 Episode 5 drops Hope in the middle of an ’80s slasher to deliver some hard truths. Check out our review of “This Is What It Takes.”

‘Chicago PD’ 8×07 Review: “Instinct”

Give me all the character-centric episodes. I love episodes that mainly focus on one character and tells us more about them through that. Last week was a Jay episode, Kim got the storyline with Makayla, Atwater got a big storyline…

‘Chicago Fire’ 9×07 Review: “Dead Of Winter”

We are all for a Brett and Grainger relationship. For now. Read our review of Chicago Fire’s “Dead of Winter”

‘Chicago Med’ 6×07 Review: “Better Is The New Enemy Of Good”

This was not a good episode for Ethan. I love him, but he hasn’t been making the best decisions lately. Hopefully his medical scare and the pep-talk from Dr. Charles made him realize that. Aside from that, Chicago Med‘s “Better…

‘Big Sky’ 1×09 Review: “Let It Be Him”

‘Big Sky’ episode 1X09 “Let it Be Him,” did not pull any punches and it was action filled from the start. Let’s discuss. Too Much To Do Ronald has got too much to do. People are out looking for the…

‘9-1-1: Lone Star’ 2×05 Review: “Difficult Conversations”

It wasn’t an easy week on 9-1-1: Lone Star. Our favorite characters faced tough choices, an unfortunate rescue, and difficult conversations.

‘The Rookie’ 3×05 Review: “Lockdown”

The Rookie returns after a little hiatus with “Lockdown,” an episode in which the characters take really big risks to try to get justice.  Will they get it?  Let’s comment everything about The Rookie 3×05 “Lockdown“. Here we go! The first thing we are going…

Fangirlish Does Valentine’s Day: “How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days”

Today is Valentine’s Day! The most romantic day of the year.  Or so they say.  I call it the day of watching romantic comedies and gorging myself on ice cream.  If you also feel the same or just want to enjoy a good…