Holiday season has officially begun. You know what that means, it’s time for the cheesy holiday movies.  Now don’t get me wrong, I have watched a few Hallmark Christmas movies before, but they are just not my jam. (Don’t tell my HBIC, because she loves them). You can turn onRead More →


She disappeared, and everybody is looking for her. But where did she go?  Where Did You Go, Bernadette? by Richard Linklater tells the story of Bernadette Fox (Cate Blanchett). Narrated by her daughter Bee (Emma Nelson), the audience joins all the characters for a journey, one that is not only literalRead More →

If there is a movie that we can’t wait for – it would be Little Women. So many of our favorites on the big screen – Emma Watson, Eliza Scanlen, Florence Pugh, Saoirse Ronan, Timothee Chalamet, Laura Dern, and Meryl Streep to name a few. The movie hasn’t been releasedRead More →

The Batman keeps getting more and more interesting. Matt Reeves ‘The Batman’ has found its Catwoman, Commissioner Gordon, and The Riddler.  We here at Fangirlish have been closely following the casting.  Here are the latest cast members heading to Gotham City. Zoe Kravitz: Selina Kyle/Catwoman I am very excited about thisRead More →

Over the past few weeks here at Fangirlish we’ve been keeping it spooky. In preparation for Halloween, we have been giving you lists of some of our favorite scary/not so scary Halloween movies. Me, I enjoy horror flicks, but I have a specific type. I like the kind that haveRead More →

Over here at Fangirlish we loooooooove us some Ben Barnes. I mean what’s not to love? He is handsome, has great hair, an accent that makes us melt in the best way, and one of the kindest hearts we’ve ever seen. On top of all that, he can act hisRead More →

On Tuesday, Warner Bros Pictures released the first trailer for Birds of Prey: And The Fantabulous Emancipation Of One Harley Quinn. Check it out below.   “You know what a Harlequin is? A Harlequin’s role is to serve. It’s nothin without a master. No one gives two shits who weRead More →

I love Halloween. I’m a cosplayer, so I obviously love wearing costumes, and having a holiday where this is practically a requirement is a-okay with me. Candy everywhere? I see no problem here. Pumpkin spice in my coffee mug and Charlie Brown on my TV? That’s my jam. But upRead More →

Here at Fangirlish, we often have differing opinions on things, which is great because if we all liked the same things it would be boring right? That being said, A few of us are fans of Kristen Stewart films and some of us are not. I am a K. StewRead More →

I love films from the 90s. In my opinion we had some of the best films when I was growing up, and to this day, I have yet to find any films that even come close. I know, I’m a bit biased when it comes to this topic. There isRead More →

Boredom is a dangerous thing. To combat that danger, I started this podcast, The Geeky Rose Shots. It’s an opportunity, a space for my opinions on all things nerdy and what’s currently on air right now when it comes to TV, movies, and everything in between. And even though it’sRead More →

After we collided the highly anticipated sequel based on New York times best-selling author Anna Todd’s after series is currently in production. Thursday was day 4 of filming and it was also an amazing day for the entire after fandom. Why? Because we got some pretty huge casting announcements. FromRead More →

You might have already seen my favorite Jennifer Lopez songs but her movies, in particular, her romantic comedies are also amazing. By critics standards, some of these choices that rank higher in this list are not very good movies but this isn’t about critics. So, here are the seven filmsRead More →

Start saving that movie ticket money now, because you’re going to need it. We here at Fangirlish love movies. It’s a fact. What we love even more though, is a good female driven film.  We also love female driven films full of diversity.  Take a look at these amazing trailersRead More →

Voltage Pictures has just released the official synopsis for After We Collided and we couldn’t be more excited. After We Collided is based on the second book in New York times Bestselling author, Anna Todd’s After book series. This is the second film in the installment. Hardin will always be…Read More →

We all know Stephen King is a master of horror. With more than 85 books under his belt, film adaptations and some of the most iconic frightening scenes in history created in his mind, there is no question he is the epitome of the horror genre. Books such as IT,Read More →

Last week it was announced that Halle Bailey was cast to play Ariel in the live action remake of Disney’s The Little Mermaid. While there has been some positive feedback regarding the casting, I can’t seem to focus on anything but the negative. Why? You may ask. Because the racistsRead More →

I’m sure by now you all know Robert Pattinson is our next Batman. Wait. What? Robert Pattinson? You mean Edward Cullen? Sparkly vampire dude? That Robert Pattinson? Okay, hear me out. Step out of the Twilight zone (not the show) and let me tell you why Robert Pattinson is notRead More →