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Movie Review: ‘Gabriel’s Rapture: Part Three’: An Emotional Conclusion

Gabriel’s Rapture: Part Three is the long-awaited conclusion in the Gabriel’s Rapture trilogy, and it was worth the wait.

‘Roswell, New Mexico’ 4×09 Review: “Wild, Wild West”

I think we all pretty much knew at some point in this season of Roswell, New Mexico we’d have a Liz episode. That’s exactly who Roswell, New Mexico 4×09 “Wild, Wild West” was about. It was also an episode where…

An Official Clip For ‘After Ever Happy’ Has Been Released

We are a month away from the release of After Ever Happy and now we have a new clip from the film that is already making us really emotional.

Passionflix ‘This Man’ Movie Adaptation Not Moving Forward

Passionflix’s latest project ‘This Man’, based on the book by Jodi Ellen Malpas, is no longer going forward.

‘Roswell, New Mexico’ 4×08 Review: “Missing My Baby”

Roswell, New Mexico episode 4×08 “Missing My Baby” was an emotional one to say the least. We learned a lot and some major secrets were revealed. Most importantly, everyone, including Michael now knows that Alex is missing. “No Matter Where…

‘Gabriel’s Rapture: Part Three’ Official Trailer Is Here

Gabriel’s Rapture: Part Three releases in a few more weeks and we finally have the official trailer for the film.

‘Roswell, New Mexico’ 4×07 Review: “Dig Me Out”

Roswell, New Mexico 4×07 “Dig Me Out” was an interesting hour of television. We got some relationship drama, sister time, a look back into the past, and we finally, finally had someone learn that Alex is gone.     That Damn…

‘Nope’ Review: A Cautionary Tale About Going Viral

We realize Nope is about an alien invasion, but we have a theory of our own as well. The film is a cautionary tale about going viral.

A Second Trailer For ‘Don’t Worry Darling’ Has Been Released

The second Don’t Worry Darling trailer makes us even more excited to see the film, directed by Olivia Wilde and starring Harry Styles!

The Official Poster For ‘The Woman King’ Has Been Released

We’ve told you before how much we love movie posters. They’re sort of like a book cover in the way they draw us in. If they are good ones, then we will most likely look up the film to learn…

Book Review: ‘The Falling’ By Anna Todd

Have you ever read a book, finished it, and then after closing it you felt so affected by it, you began to cry? That’s what happened when we read The Falling by Anna Todd. It’s been a while since we…

‘Gigi And Nate’ Looks Like It Will Be A Heartwarming Movie

Gigi and Nate looks like it’s going to be a film that reminds us how important it is to keep love and hope in our lives.

‘Roswell, New Mexico’ 4×06 Review: “Kiss From A Rose”

Roswell, New Mexico 4×05 gave us what we were waiting for. Unfortunately, we took a few steps back in episode 4×06 “Kiss From A Rose.”

Daniel Kaluuya Does The Challenge That Literally Makes Us Say Nope

Daniel Kaluuya hits up Hot Ones in order to promote Jordan Peele’s ‘Nope’ and honestly, we’re with him. Nope.

Harry Styles Releases Music Video For Late Night Talking

We just love Harry Styles. He’s such an amazing artist and his music always puts us into such a good mood. His third album Harry’s House has been out since May and we haven’t stopped listening to it. Every track…

See The Mini Teaser For AMC Series ‘Interview with the Vampire’

The mini teaser for Interview with the Vampire features Louis. We don’t see his full face, but we’ll take it.

The Official Trailer For ‘After Ever Happy’ Has Arrived And We Are Not Okay

We just got the most unexpected expected surprise. The After movie socials have released the official trailer for After Ever Happy, the final installment in the After film series based on the amazing books by Anna Todd. The trailer was…

‘Roswell, New Mexico’ 4×05 Review: “You Get What You Give”

Every week when Roswell, New Mexico airs I end up with several pages of notes. Because so much happens on this show and sometimes it’s hard to keep up. Particularly with all the science stuff. Some of my notes will…

Apple TV+ Has A New Series Coming And It Sounds Odd But The Cast Has Us Interested

Book to screen adaptations seem to be where the bread and butter is these days. I mean, it really shouldn’t be surprising because books have some great stories, and some of those stories do make us think they could be…

‘The Woman King’ Trailer Is Out And This Movie Looks Epic

Black history is something we continue to learn about all the time. Despite those people who attempt to prevent us from learning more about it, there are people out there who are working their hardest to make sure those untold…

See The Trailer For Passionflix Film ‘Resisting Roots’

Passionflix has released the official trailer for Resisting Roots and after watching it we’re looking forward to this light-hearted story.