This year has been great for TV and Movies. As it was said at the Emmy’s earlier this year, “Television has never been bigger”- and to be honest, a lot of the scenes we want to watch over and over again, are mostly from TV shows, and not movies. Take a lookRead More →


It’s that dreaded time if the year again: fall finale time. Where the fate of our favorite characters hang in the balance and we have to wait weeks for the shows to make their return. Unfortunately, this fall finale of Chicago PD did just that. The fate of out belovedRead More →

I know I’ve said before that Chicago Fire lost my attention for a little while, but I’m definitely eating my words now after watching “Badlands.” These first three eps are everything I could hope for at the beginning of a season, which lay all the groundwork for a compelling yearRead More →

Major spoilers, obviously. I’m writing this review through my tears. Even though it’s surprising that it took Chicago Fire 4 years to kill off another core character (RIP Shay forever), there was still, just for a second, a momentary hope that everyone would be okay. Despite my fervent hope inRead More →

I’m going to upfront: Chicago Fire lost me for a little while. I was exhausted by the ongoing drama between Casey and Dawson, and I was intrigued how the news of Monica Raymund’s exit would shake up the show. With the introduction of new key cast members (and a puppy!)Read More →

One of the most beautiful things about television – and the arts in general – is the power that they command when it comes to emotions. Emotions are the foundation of the very lives we lead. Everything we do is dictated by our feelings. It’s the cause of the multitudeRead More →