‘Up Here’ 1×03 Review: “Signs”

Up Here 1×03 “Signs” is all about…well…signs. Signs two people are meant to be together. Signs they’re meant to be apart. Signs that maybe they should clean out their oven every once in a while. (Or at least look in…

‘Up Here’ 1×02 Review: “Miguel”

As expected, Up Here 1×02 “Miguel” was all about the other half of the couple in Hulu’s new rom-com series. In the premiere, the titular character, played by Carlos Valdes, appeared confident and smooth. Even if certain aspects of his…

‘Up Here’ 1×01 Review: “Lindsay”

Hulu’s Up Here is about finding yourself, in all your quirky oddity. It seems fitting, therefore, that Up Here 1×01 “Lindsay” feels like the series is trying to find itself. It isn’t a bad episode, but it feels like things…

‘How I Met Your Father’ 2×09 Review: ‘The Welcome Protocol’

There is nothing that I don’t love about this show, especially how everything makes me laugh. Laughter is the best medicine in this world and there isn’t an episode of How I Met Your Father that doesn’t make me laugh…

Hulu’s ‘Up Here’ May Fill The Void Left By ‘Zoey’s Extraordinary Playlist’

For those fans still mourning the loss of Zoey’s Extraordinary Playlist, Hulu is offering a new show that may take away some of the sting. Its upcoming rom-com series Up Here, releasing March 24, isn’t exactly a successor to the…

‘How I Met Your Father’ 2×07 Review: ‘A Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Valentine’s Day’

This episode of #HIMYF reignited our love for Sophie and Jesse and this is a hill that we will die on. Read the review of the latest episode.

‘How I Met Your Father’ 2×04: “Pathetic Deirdre”

One thing that I can say is that How I Met Your Father examines nuances of life in a way that makes me think about life. There is a way that we perceive things, but it doesn’t mean that it’s…

‘How I Met Your Father’ 2×03: ‘The Reset Button’

Hitting the reset button isn’t ever easy, but it’s necessary sometimes. So yes, we’re here for it at this stage of #HIMYF because well, we know how to wait out the slow burn.

‘How I Met Your Father’ 2×01 Review: ‘Cool And Chill’

The second season of #HIMYF is definitely electric. But you’d have to watch the first episode to find out what we mean. We review

‘How I Met Your Father’ Adds One To The Cast

We’re all for more people joining the cast of #HIMYF cause more drama and living. Just don’t screw with our ship

Hulu Releases Photos For The Upcoming Musical Comedy ‘Up Here’

Well, well another musical TV show. Do we become invested? Inquiring minds want to know.

Tom Ellis Joins Hulu’s New Show ‘Second Wife’

Tom Ellis’s phone hasn’t stopped ringing ever since Lucifer’s end! Second Wife is his new project. Do you want to know more details?

Hulu Releases Trailer For ‘History Of The World: Part II’

From Spaceballs to The Producers to Blazing Saddles, Mel Brooks is known for timeless classics that spoof popular genres of film. Fans have been waiting for a sequel to History of the World: Part I since its release in 1981.…

‘How I Met Your Father’ Releases Key Art & Trailer For Second Season

Great Friends. Meh Decisions. Sounds like something that we can’t wait to watch. See the trailer for the second season of #HIMYF

Fangirlish Talks To Poppy Montgomery About Her Latest Film, ‘Christmas on the Farm’

We spoke with #ChristmasOnTheFarm star Poppy Montgomery all about her movie, books she loves, and so much more.

We Speak With Katie Lowes About Everything ‘Merry Kiss Cam’

Katie Lowes is someone that we love. She’s adorable in #MerryKiss can. Read our interview with the star.

How I Met Your Father Season 2 Has a Release Date – And It’s Soon!

How I Met Your Father Season 2 has a release date — and it’s thankfully much sooner than we expected. Bring it on!

‘General Hospital’s Sprina Fans Take Flight

Being part of a fandom is a unique experience. As someone who has been in quite a few of them over the years, from Twilight to Fifty Shades, I’ve seen the good and the bad that comes with it. Despite…

‘Reasonable Doubt’ 1×08 Review: “Song Cry”

I love a flashback in this show and episode 1×08 of Hulu’s Reasonable Doubt features some vital ones because we finally get the story behind Jax and her stepfather Paul. This is the most illuminating episode for helping us to…

‘Reasonable Doubt’ 1×07 Review: “N**** What, N***** Who”

Episode 1×07 of Hulu’s Reasonable Doubt is all about Lewis and it was illuminating to say the least. I have never desired to be in a man’s brain. After this episode I don’t really want to. Some of these men’s…

‘Reasonable Doubt’ 1×06 Review: “Renagade”

Episode 1×06 of Hulu’s Reasonable Doubt is where things really start to heat up. The mystery surrounding Sarah Miller has only got hotter. While we have no idea what it is she’s getting up to or what she got up…