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Top 10 Burzek Gifs For Waiting For The ‘Chicago PD’ Premiere

It’s not long before Chicago PD’s premieres, and we miss this team so much!  Especially Burgess and Ruzek for reasons … Ok, fine, WE LOVE Burzek! So here are their top 10 best gifs, to keep us company. Relax and enjoy the magic…

‘Chicago PD’ Season 8 News Roundup

We have some exciting news, Chihards! Every day brings us closer to episode 8×01 of Chicago PD and while the actors begin filming the new season in Chicago, we will try to contain our anticipation with news of what’s in…

21 Upstead gifs that have us counting the days until ‘Chicago P.D.’ season 8

So – just because – here are 21 Upstead gifs that we can’t stop staring out as we think about what’s in store for one of our favorite ships when the new season begins.

I’m Only Watching This Once: Chicago P.D.

I failed in my quest to only watch this once. #ChicagoPD I didn’t want to love you, but I do.

I Will Go Down With This Ship: Upstead Edition

If there’s a ship that has captured my heart — unexpectedly and against my own free will — it’s Chicago P.D.’s Jay Halstead and Hailey Upton.

Thirsty Thursday: Jesse Lee Soffer Edition

Every week when I have to pick someone for Thirsty Thursday, it gets harder and harder. But that’s not because there are not a lot to choose from – there are. It’s because there are so many to choose from…

This is not a drill! Upstead is taking things to the ‘next level’ in ‘Chicago PD’ Season 8

The wait is almost over! Chicago PD’s Upstead are getting ready to set sail in season 8!

‘Chicago Med’ 5×20 Review: “A Needle In The Heart”

Chicago Med’s “A Needle In The Heart” marked the season 5 finale. Which is fitting because the early ending felt like a needle to the heart. Our thoughts:

‘Chicago Fire’ 8×20 Review: “51’s Original Bell”

We’re not ready to say good-bye ot Firehouse 51 just yet. Read our thoughts on ’51’s Original Bell”, the season 8 finale of Chicago Fire

‘Chicago PD’ 7×20 Review: “Silence of the Night”

The truth will not be silenced, and neither will Kevin Atwater. Read our thoughts in our review of Chicago PD’s “Silence of the night”

‘Chicago Med’ 5×19 Review: “Just a River in Egypt”

Well guys, it looks like Chexton is Chex-done. We can’t say we didn’t see it coming. Check out our thoughts on Chicago Med’s “Just a River in Egypt”

‘Chicago PD’ 7×19 Review: “Buried Secrets”

Secrets were revealed in Chicago PD’s “Buried Secrets”. How far will a father go to keep his? Read our thoughts on the latest episode here.

‘Chicago Fire’ 8×19 Review: “Light Things Up”

The day we’ve all been waiting for finally happened. Cruz and Chloe got married! But it wouldn’t be an episode of Chicago Fire if everything went smoothly. Emotions were high in Chicago Fire‘s “Light Things Up”, and it was definitely…

‘Chicago Med’ 5×18 Review: “In the Name of Love”

It seems like we are gearing up for some romance on Chicago Med. Sparks definitely seem to be flying between some of our favorite doctors. I guess that’s pretty fitting, since the name of this week’s episode is “In the…

‘Chicago PD’ 7×18 Review: “Lines”

Sometimes I wonder if the majority of the people in Intelligence know that you don’t have to cross lines to get the job done. I feel like lines are a foreign concept to the most of the time. Chicago PD‘s…

‘Chicago Fire’ 8×18 Review: “I’ll Cover You”

Leave it to Chicago Fire to render me an emotional mess. I just want to give my girl Sylvie Brett a major hug. She did not deserve that ending. How cute is her new baby sister though? I’ve always loved…

Chicago P.D./FBI to Crossover

Hailey Upton is heading to FBI! Tracy Spiridakos will appear as her Chicago PD character during the FBI season finale, as announced by Wolf Entertainment on Twitter. The episode wasn’t originally planned to be the FBI season finale, but with…

‘Chicago Med’ 5×17 Review: “The Ghosts of the Past”

This week’s episode marked the 100th episode of Chicago Med. I can’t believe there’s already been 100 episodes. This show is by far my favorite medical drama on television, and the 100th episode did not disappoint. Happy 100th episode Chicago…

‘Chicago PD’ 7×17 Review: “Before The Fall”

Chicago PD‘s ‘Before The Fall” was intense. This is going to be a little different than my other reviews, since there was really only one story line this episode. So instead of paragraphs about the different story lines, this article…

‘Chicago Fire’ 8×17 Review: “Protect a Child”

A lot happened in Chicago Fire‘s “Protect a Child.” And let me just say, I love the whole “Girls on Fire” idea. Stella Kidd is absolutely amazing. But I will say this. I was not thrilled to see that Wendy…

‘Chicago Fire’ 8×16 Review: “The Tendency of a Drowning Victim”

Chicago Fire‘s “The Tendency of a Drowning Victim” was a roller-coaster of emotions. I’m just gonna say that I hate it when Casey and Severide fight. Please never let them do it again. But thankfully they were able to put…