The truth will not be silenced, and neither will Kevin Atwater. Read our thoughts in our review of Chicago PD’s “Silence of the night”Read More →


Sometimes I wonder if the majority of the people in Intelligence know that you don’t have to cross lines to get the job done. I feel like lines are a foreign concept to the most of the time. Chicago PD‘s “Lines” further proved my point that the people in intelligenceRead More →

Chicago PD‘s ‘Before The Fall” was intense. This is going to be a little different than my other reviews, since there was really only one story line this episode. So instead of paragraphs about the different story lines, this article is going to focus on the different aspects of theRead More →

These past couple episodes of Chicago PD have put the women of the intelligence unit in the spotlight, and Chicago PD 7X14, titled “Center Mass” is no exception. They’ve given us episodes that have focused on their female characters, and I’ve loved it. It’s about time the women get someRead More →

This week’s article is gonna be all about Burzek, Burgess, and the Burzek baby situation. Chicago PD‘s ‘I Was Here” was a Burgess-centric episode, and I loved it. It’s nice to see some of the One Chicago women getting the spotlight. And even though it wasn’t the ending I wouldRead More →

Our hearts are breaking at this latest piece of casting news that involves a Chicago P.D. fan-favorite departing the series. After four seasons of bringing the iconic Detective Erin Lindsay to life, Sophia Bush has officially exited Chicago P.D., reports Deadline. While Bush will no longer be a season regular,Read More →

Honestly, you’d think that I’d be better prepared for Chicago P.D. season finales. But I so am not. While I thought I was ready for the conclusion to what’s been a sensational fourth season, I most certainly was not. There’s a reason why Chicago P.D. is my favorite show onRead More →

You know that it’s May Sweeps when an episode of Chicago P.D., which consistently shocks and surprises me every week, has me screaming at my television and cursing and questioning the life decisions of these beautiful and flawed characters. Ah, sweet emotion. In Chicago P.D.’s penultimate hour of season 4,Read More →

When it comes to being a police officer on television, it’s something that can sometimes feel over glamorized. Usually it’s all about being cool. Cool job, cool gun, cool ride, cool shades, and a cool attitude. But the truth is, working in law enforcement can be very difficult. And sometimesRead More →

You don’t know chemistry and passion until you meet Chicago P.D.’s Jay Halstead and Erin Lindsay, the dynamic duo that swooped in unexpectedly and has stolen our hearts forever. Linstead have shown us that not only is it possible to have a healthy relationship on television, but that it’s alsoRead More →