Shawn Mendes Talks Quarantine And Returning To Los Angeles

Shawn Mendes talks about quarantine, but what I really want to know about is his hair routine.

Let’s Get Physical a Fangirlish Playlist

Another day and another new playlist. Let’s Get Physical is for your workout’s. If you are like me, I like to mix up my workout playlists. I don’t always want to listen to the same music over and over again.…

Justin Bieber Has A New Documentary Coming This Friday!

Justin Bieber has become so vulnerable and open and we have mad respect.

We Can’t Stop Singing ‘Guess I’m A Liar’ By Sofia Carson

Sofia Carson is a talented actress, but you should all be listening to her music too. It’s really good!

Max Ehrich Releases A Song, You Know, If You Care

More and more Max Ehrich makes everything that he does look like a publicity stunt. Sorry, not sorry.

LOOK: Photos from Aretha Franklin musical biopic ‘Respect’

Take a look at photos from the Aretha Franklin musical biopic “Respect,” starring Jennifer Hudson.

Justin Beiber Made Me Cry This Morning With ‘Lonely’

Justin Beiber made me cry this morning with his new song, Lonely. I admit it.

Demi Lovato Talks About Taylor Swift Speaking About Political Beliefs

Demi Lovato Talks About Taylor Swift Speaking About Political Beliefs.

Demi Lovato Releases New Song, “Commander In Chief”

Demi Lovato has gotten political in her new music and we are loving it.

Shawn Mendes Has A Documentary Coming To Netflix

Give me all the things Shawn Mendes, Netflix and I will never quit you.

Little Mix Annouces ‘Little Mix: LM5 – The Tour Film’

Little Mix: LM5 – The Tour Film is coming and we can’t wait. Find out more here!

Trailer For ‘Blackpink: Light Up The Sky’ Released

Trailer For ‘Blackpink: Light Up The Sky’ Trailer Released

JoJo releases new single ‘The Change’ as anthem for Joe Biden, Kamala Harris campaign

As if I could love JoJo any more, she goes ahead and creates an anthem for Joe Biden and Kamala Harris heading into the 2020 Presidential Election.

Chill Vibes Vol. 2 Playlist

We are back with another playlist. This edition is our Chill Vibes Vol. 2. A companion to our first, to provide you with something to listen to whenever the mood strikes you. This playlist was created in mind for relaxing…

Jordan Fisher Is Set To Star In ‘Hello, Goodbye and Everything In Between’

Jordan Fisher starring in a movie is a movie that I will watch.

Carrie Underwood Christmas Special Coming to HBO Max

Carrie Underwood has a Christmas special coming and we can’t wait. Read about it here.

BTS Delivers A Powerful Speech To The 2020 UN General Assembly

Talk about a powerful speech. BTS delivered on this one.

Halsey Tweets & We Listen: Read Some Of Our Favorite Halsey Tweets

Erin may not listen to Halsey’s music, but she will correct that misstep in life. For now, she’s obsessed with Halsey’s twitter.

Give Me Harry Styles In Everything

It doesn’t matter what Harry Styles does, I will support it with all my heart, soul and credit cards.

Little Mix Announces Release Date For Their Next Album

#LittleMix is coming out with a new album and my heart is happy. I may even throw around #Confetti!