Politics is so important and being involved in politics is of the utmost importance. Cardi B has taken a stance and thrown her support behind Joe Biden.Read More →

Listen, lockdown is causing all of us some issues. We have had our world disrupted and it’s been a whirlwind of emotions. On that note, I have put together a playlist to help bring some sense of calm back into our lives. This is a playlist for when you needRead More →

Since this pandemic began, we have all been going through some rough times.  Our lives have changed drastically.  We can’t go out like we used to, we can’t see our family and friends like we used to and we can’t do things like go to concerts. Concert season is oneRead More →

One of the most powerful books that I have read this year is Katherine Schwarzenegger‘s book, The Gift of Forgiveness. The book examines forgiveness in all of its forms, and how it can change you. It examines how people have forgiven those in their lives and how it has helpedRead More →

7 Gifs To Describe How We Feel About Troye Sivan's 'Easy'

Troye Sivan has dropped another bop and were we even surprised? He’s a talented young artist who manages to transform the things he feels inside into beautiful artwork appreciated by millions. With ‘Easy’ he took a step in a different direction. With lyrics that hint at possible cheating on theRead More →

If you are a fan of Tove Lo or Animal Crossing New Horizons, I have some big news for you. According to Billboard, she is hosting a DJ set on Saturday July 18th. Tove Lo is now replacing K.K. Slider, which is a much better upgrade in my opinion. HowRead More →