Leigh-Anne Pinnock Visits The ASH Company Of Dancers

We stan a queen that gives back and is there for her community. Leigh-Anne Pinnock is a queen.

Taylor Swift Plays ‘Dear John’ For The First Time In Years & Gives An Introduction No One Expected

Taylor Swift is NOT releasing #SpeakNowTV for Swifties to do this & we should all honor her and not do this

Nicki Minaj and Ice Spice’s ‘Barbie World’ is Here

We’re living in a Barbie World indeed, and we’re not even a tiny bit sorry. Listen to Nicki Minaj and Ice Spice’s Barbie World, out now!

Taylor Swift Confirms Her Next Single At Latest Eras Tour Stop

Taylor Swift announces her next single and well, it’s from the #lovers album. We’re surprised too, but also excited.

Selena Gomez Is Working On New Music In Paris

We are always happy and excited for new music. Music is something that is very important to us. It makes us feel alive. It gives us hope. It gives us reasons to dream and ways to express love. So no…

This Is What Niall Horan Thinks His Girlfriend Thinks About Songs Written About Her

Love is a beautiful thing. It’s so beautiful that sometimes people write songs about it (and by some we mean a lot of ppl)

Singer Lana Del Ray Quits Social Media

Lana Del Ray announces she’s quitting social media… again. We’re just not shocked. Also like ok, so you announced it… what was the expectation?

Leigh-Anne Pinnock Is A Married Woman

Leigh-Anne Pinnock may be going solo as far as music, but as far as her relationship – the singer has announced she’s engaged!

Singer Lewis Capaldi Cancels All Commitments Thru June 24th

We all live a life that is go, go, go and sometimes slowing down is the hardest thing to do. Especially when people are counting on you to be there for them. Especially when you are your own biggest judge…

Halsey Collabs With BTS’s SUGA On ‘Lilith’ Remix

We know many people out there love video games. We do too, but I don’t go as hard for some as others. And I certainly don’t know all the games out there. What I do know is musicians. When you…

Taylor Swift Releases Track List For ‘Speak Now (Taylor’s Version)’

Taylor’s version of #SpeakNow is everything we want and we want it now

Taylor Swift Premieres New Music Video During New Jersey Tour Stop

We’re not sure which version of #Karma we like better. We love them both. See Taylor Swift’s new music video here!

Niall Horan Announces He’s Hitting The Road In 2024 With ‘The Show: Live On Tour’

Sometimes the cosmos knows that you need to see news on your own time. It knows that you don’t need to see the news of the world when everyone else does. It knows that you need it on a bad…

Taylor Swift Is The Happiest She’s Ever Been

Can we all remember just because a woman says she’s the happiest she’s ever been it doesn’t mean that it’s about a man… #justsaying

‘The Little Mermaid’ Movie: See The Clip Of ‘Poor Unfortunate Souls’

Oh those poor unfortunate souls… IYKYK. See Melissa McCarthy as Ursula performing the song that we all love.

Miley Cyrus Releases Video For ‘Jaded’

To be honest, we’re loving Miley Cyrus’s new album, Endless Summer Vacation. It’s like a roller coaster of emotions of empowerment and we’re 100% that feeling. Her latest release, Jaded, follows along with that feeling of an empowered song. Miley…

The Jonas Brothers Talk About Maintaining Relationships With Other Disney Stars

We’ve always wondered if the Disney actors of the past kept in touch. Well, The JoBros gave some insight to that.

Taylor Swift Tells Security Guard To ‘Stop!’ & Defends Fans At Eras Tour Performance

Taylor Swift Tells Security Guard To ‘Stop!’ & Defends Fans At Eras Tour Performance. God, we love her!

Sabrina Carpenter Had A NSFW Birthday Request

Well, well, didn’t have this on something we’d ever think to hear from Sabrina Carpenter, but also – go girl. Get yours.

Demi Lovato Reminds Us That Not Every Day Is A Good Day

When it comes to people that this writer admires, Demi Lovato is in the top ten. Why? Because she’s outspoken, open, true to themselves, and encourages others to be true to themself. Quite frankly, I find that to be inspiring.…

Niall Horan Addresses Harry Styles ‘One Direction’ Reunion Comment

Like so many, we’d love a One Direction reunion. We’d love one because we miss them and yes, we know we still have all of their solo music. Doesn’t mean that we can’t want more. We deserve more. Ok, fine,…