‘Kiss of the Spider Woman’ was a different beast of Katy Keene this week. For a musical episode, I was drawn in from the very beginning which is a hard thing to do. Let’s discuss! KISS OF THE SPIDER WOMAN I’m not going to lie, I usually HATE musical episodesRead More →


Our addiction for Katy Keene grows with each and every episode. This show is captivating, fun, and enjoyable. This show is one of our favorite. Read the description for this weeks episode below – ROYAL TREATMENT — With Katy (Lucy Hale) trying to move on from KO (Zane Holtz), sheRead More →

You can’t hurry love and you can’t forget valuable lessons, especially in Katy Keene. This week’s episode was full of lessons of loyalty and fighting for things that you want. It continues on the trend of the premiere episode of Katy fighting for herself. So, let’s jump into what weRead More →

We’re always looking for new shows to watch. It’s hard to find ones that we are willing to commit to, because we don’t want to get emotionally involved and then a show get cancelled. Katy Keene is a show that we are ready to invest in. The characters, the setting,Read More →

Always and forever. Or, at least, that’s how long I’ll ship Nathan Scott and Haley James Scott. The power couple of One Tree Hill, Nathan and Haley have solidified my belief that love exists. Throughout the nine seasons of One Tree Hill, Nathan and Haley continued to defy the oddsRead More →

Tonight is the return of Kai and our fandom hearts are happy as fuck. We broke down our theories about the return and we’ll be sitting on the edge of our seats to see what tonights episode divulges. CHRIS WOOD RETURNS AS THE VILLAINOUS KAI PARKER — When a seriesRead More →

Guys! I just want you to know I was pumped for this episode of Nancy Drew because it reminded me of the Buffy episode titled “Normal Again,” where our heroine finds herself in an alternate reality where her mother never died and her home life is seemingly perfect. Except NOT!Read More →

I remember the original cast of Walker, Texas Ranger and I admit – I hated it. It’s Chuck Norris, people. How can one not love/hate that? While it’s rare that I think that something can out do the original, the reboot of Walker, Texas Ranger is making me think thatRead More →

Are you a fan of Riverdale? Maybe the Chilling Adventures of Sabrina? If you are, then there is a new show coming out called Katy Keene that you might be interested in. Join us as we break down what we know so far about the new series, and why youRead More →

We are back, for the last time. It seems incredible that 8 years ago we started a journey that ends here today, with “The Last Bow.” It seems like yesterday … but the journey ends here with an emotional and satisfying ending, that gives us everything we wanted… although notRead More →