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‘Kung Fu’ 1×02 Photos: “Silence”

The second episode of #KungFu airs tonight. See the pictures for the episode, #Silence.

See the first official photo for The CW’s ‘Powerpuff’

The CW released its first promo photo for Powerpuff. We take a look and share our excitement for this new series!

Robin Lively Joins The Cast Of ‘Powerpuff’

There have been two additions to the Powerpuff cast and one of them fans of The Powerpuff Girls may recognize.

‘4400’ Sets Three As Series Regulars

Did we see the original 4400? Nope. But we’re all about the reboot on The CW. See who has been set in lead roles and learn about the show.

‘Nancy Drew’ 2×11 Review: “The Scourge of the Forgotten Rune”

Welcome back Nancy Drew fans! This week Nancy and her crew deal with amnesia, mixed with groundhog day, mixed with a maybe time loop? I’m not really sure about the last one, but it did seem like they were repeating…

‘Powerpuff’ Has Started Filming In Atlanta

The first pics from #Powerpuff are here. Ah fandom, you are amazing. See the pics and let us know what you think of the costumes!

The Cast Portraits For ‘Kung Fu’ Have Been Released

#KungFu premieres on The CW tomorrow. See the cast portraits and learn about what the show is all about.

Dove Cameron Talks About Starring In ‘Powerpuff’

i keep a lot of secrets and have signed a lot NDA’s, but I would always love to tell world everything. So I get you Dove. It’s hard.

‘Powerpuff’ Stars Dove Cameron, Chloe Bennet and Yana Perrault Have An Instagram Live

We are looking forward to the live action show based off of #ThePowerpuffGirls. See the girls together on Dove’s Insta Live!

‘Powerpuff’ Casts Its Professor Drake Utonium

Professor Drake Utonium has been cast in #powerpuff and we’re all for this. it’s a good one.

‘Nancy Drew’ 2×10 Review: “The Spell Of The Burning Bride”

Hello, Nancy Drew fans! This week in Horseshoe Bay Nancy and her team investigate a possessed wedding gown, that contains the lust of like 100 women. Well, hilarity ensues, sorta because Nancy is horny and that would be okay if…

‘Nancy Drew’ 2×9 “The Bargain Of the Blood Shroud” Review

We’re going to need the writers to wrap up the Odette story line soon. We get it & we’re over it.

‘Nancy Drew’ 2×8 Review: “The Quest for the Spider Sapphire”

Welcome back Nancy Drew fans! This week’s episode gave us backstories into not one, but two characters this season! One was a much-needed Bess backstory and the other was more details into how Odette is possessing George. Bess is one…

‘Nancy Drew’ 2×07 Review: “The Legend of the Murder Hotel”

Welcome back Nancy Drew fans! I missed you all last week thanks to Nancy Drew being on a hiatus. It was a total bummer, but this week she is back and helping to solve the mystery of a college girl…

5 Reasons You Should Be Watching The CW’s ‘Walker’

Still haven’t started watching Walker? Here are 5 reasons you should be watching The CW drama!

‘Nancy Drew’ 2×05 Review: “The Drowned Woman”

Nancy Drew’s “The Drowned Woman” tries to tie up all the loose ends to the Aglaeca storyline. Read our review!

Prepare For ‘Superman & Lois’ With These Pictures From The Series Premiere

If you’re like us, you’re excited for Superman & Lois. See photos from the series premiere. Let us know what you’re most excited to see!

‘Nancy Drew’ 2×04 Review: “The Fate of the Buried Treasure”

Nancy and her crew are still alive and still trying to figure out how to stop the Aglaeca before she kills them! How do they fare? Read this weeks review.

The CW Renews Everything, As Usual

The CW once again renewed basically everything, which is on par for the course. Some things change, the CW remains the same.

Gone Too Soon: ‘Swamp Thing’

Comic book shows are a dime a dozen, especially DC shows. Seriously, there are currently nine live action DC series airing, with another set to premiere soon and more still that are in production. That doesn’t even take into account…

What’s Airing This Week on TV – 1/24 to 1/30

From Batwoman to Charmed and The Rookie, Fangirlish has you covered with everything airing on TV from 1/24 to 1/30!