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Feast Your Eyes on the ‘Red, White & Royal Blue’ Bloopers

The long-awaited Red, White & Royal Blue bloopers are here, and they are as delightful as we imagined them to be.

‘All of Us Strangers’ Releases First Trailer

We were already interested in All of Us Strangers, but the first trailer has us counting the days until the movie releases.

What to Watch: Oxygen’s ‘Prosecuting Evil’

For fans of Cold Justice, Oxygen’s Prosecuting Evil with Kelly Siegler is coming to fill that true-crime void.

New ‘Love Is Blind’ Clip Introduces One of the Protagonists: Taylor

We might not know much about Love is Blind Season 5, but now we know we’ll be rooting for someone: Taylor.

Okay, ‘Beckham’ — We’re In

You don’t need to be a football (not soccer, never soccer) fan to be interested in this David Beckham documentary.

How Many Times Can We Rewatch These ‘Red, White and Royal Blue’ Featurettes?

We keep rewatching the same Red, White and Royal Blue featurettes over and over. We’re okay (we’re not actually okay, but don’t send help).

The World of Money Heist is Growing: Introducing Berlin

When you’ve got a show as successful as Money Heist, you’re gonna make spinoffs. Here is the first one — Berlin.

Percy Jackson & The Olympians Releases Exciting Teaser Trailer

Percy Jackson & The Olympians looks like the kind of show fans of the book and new fans alike will enjoy. Here’s the trailer and pictures.

Ava Reid Talks A Study in Drowning And What’s Next

Ava Reid’s A Study in Drowning is out today, and if you need some convincing to give the book a chance, we’ve got you.

Can We Be More Excited About ‘Loki’ Season 2?

Loki Season 2 is coming a little earlier than expected, and we cannot wait to see what havoc our favorite trickster God can cause this time.

Drew Barrymore Delays Return – And Others Follow Suit

Drew Barrymore has delayed her talk show’s return. And, okay, we’re not throwing a party, but we are giving credit where credit is due.

The Trailer For ‘Nowhere’ Is Literally Our New Nightmare

The trailer for Netflix’s Nowhere has unlocked a brand new fear we didn’t even know we had. And yet we still kinda want to watch.

If Taylor Zakhar Perez Could Just Stop, That Would Be Good

At this point we are really going to require Taylor Zakhar Perez just stop being this charming in public. We cannot deal.

If Studios Paid Writers and Actors Fairly, This Would Be Premiere Week

Network TV should be returning this week. Instead, because studios refuse to pay writers and actors fairly, we’re getting nothing.

Taylor Zakhar Perez is Too Charming For His Own Good

Red, White and Royal Blue’s Taylor Zakhar Perez is just too charming for his own good. And this isn’t us complaining, no. Give us more.

The Trailer For Brie Larson’s ‘Lessons in Chemistry’ Is Here

The trailer for Brie Larson’s Lessons in Chemistry left us excited about the show in a real, tangible way.

EXCLUSIVE CLIP: Joy Ride’s Adele Lim Reveals Her Favorite Scene

Joy Ride is now available on Blu-ray™/DVD and Video On Demand, as well as on Digital. To celebrate we’ve got a special BTS clip.

The Sex Education Season 4 Trailer Is Here and It’s Time to Say Goodbye

Sex Education Season 4 is coming soon — and the trailer makes it clear it’s best to say goodbye now, while the show is at its best.

People Making A Big Deal About Alba Baptista and Chris Evans’ Age Difference Need to Sit Down

The fact that some fans are hyper focused on the fact that Alba Baptista is 26 and Chris Evans is 42 is kinda weird, we’re not gonna lie.

‘Virgin River’ Season 5 Review: Fire and Pain

Virgin River Season 5 had everything to be the show’s best season. Instead, it delivers recycled drama and way too much angst.

Christina Ricci Is Right to Call Out Ashton Kutcher and Mila Kunis

Christina Ricci is right to call out Ashton Kutcher and Mila Kunis for their Danny Masterson defense. She’s right and she should say it.