To be honest, I’d been waiting for an episode like Briarpatch 1×08 “Most Likely to Succeed” since, well, since Briarpatch first started. There are many things the show set up that they could have developed better, none more important than Allegra and Jake’s relationship, and in this episode, it finallyRead More →


Quibi is coming just when we need it! We’ve been social distancing for a while, and it feels like we’ve already watched everything on every streaming platform. But not to worry, Quibi is coming in April, with a lot of easy-to-digest content! The platform, which will launch on Aprill 6th,Read More →


Hailey Upton is heading to FBI! Tracy Spiridakos will appear as her Chicago PD character during the FBI season finale, as announced by Wolf Entertainment on Twitter. The episode wasn’t originally planned to be the FBI season finale, but with the show shutting down because of coronavirus, the hour willRead More →

Briarpatch - Season 1

Whatever it is I’ve been waiting for as Briarpatch gets closer to the end of the season, Briarpatch 1×07 “Butterscotch” doesn’t deliver. In fact, it doesn’t even come close. Instead, even as this show gives us some answers, it continues to deal in the same messy, chaotic way of withholdingRead More →

West Side Story

We’re really, really excited about the West Side Story remake, we’re not gonna lie. And on this Monday in the time of coronavirus, we needed something to look forward, something to make us smile. Like these first look pictures, tweeted out by 20th Century Studios: So much color! So muchRead More →

Superstore - Season 5

Amy hasn’t even left yet, and we’re already getting excited about a possible America Ferrera return to Superstore. It’s been only a couple of weeks (oh, to go back to those days) since Ferrera announced her character, Amy, was leaving Cloud Nine, and Superstore for good, even though the showRead More →

Something strange happened as I watched Zoey’s Extraordinary Playlist 1×06 “Zoey’s Extraordinary Night Out.” I found myself not just vaguely enjoying it, but actually investing. Not just in Simon’s very relatable pain, but in Mo’s brand of friendship, in Zoey’s attempts to navigate a very uncomfortable situation, in Jessica’s anger,Read More →