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Aimee Garcia Joins Hulu’s ‘Woke’

Aimee Garcia is heading from Netflix to Hulu! The Lucifer star is set to join the Hulu comedy Woke during its second season. And no, don’t you worry, Lucifer fans, that means absolutely nothing for Ella’s future in the last…

‘His Dark Materials’ Begins Production on Third and Final Season

His Dark Materials has started production on the third and final season, and we’re both happy and sad that the journey is coming to an end.

Rachel Zegler As Snow White? Yes, Please.

Rachel Zegler is set to play Snow White in the live-action remake of the movie, and we’re super excited to be getting a latina princess!

Five Reasons to Watch ‘Virgin River’

Virgin River season 3 is coming to Netflix July 9th! Here are five reasons you should catch up before the new season drops.

NCIS Without Gibbs? Looks Like It

Mark Harmon is set to have a reduced role in season 19 of NCIS, and though we’re not exactly shocked, we are a bit sad. End of an era?

See the Pictures and Poster for ‘Gunpowder Milkshake’

We’ve got more pictures and a new poster for Gunpowder Milkshake, and we’re super excited to see this movie come to Netflix.

#SaveZoeysPlaylist, Please

We’re raising our voices, and highlighting yours. Because we all want to #SaveZoeysPlaylist and this is how we make it happen.

10 Sharpwin Fanvids to Swoon Over

You want to die of Sharpwin feels? We’ve got some (okay, 10, we narrowed it down to 10) fanvids so you can drown in your feels with us.

The ‘Bridgerton’ Cast Discusses the Show’s Popularity

The Bridgerton cast discussed the shows’ popularity and how the period drama continues to defy expectations.

NCIS: Hawaii Begins Production

NCIS: Hawaii has started production with a traditional Hawaiian blessing, and we’re super excited for this spin-off.

‘Virgin River’ Releases a Sneak Peek at our OTP

Virgin River season 3 has released a sneak peek that’s all about Jack and Mel, as it should be. That’s what we’re here for.

Check Out The Trailer & Promo Pics for ‘Good on Paper’

We’re always looking for new movies that are both romantic and funny, and next week Netflix is premiering one that we really hope hit both sweet spots: Good on Paper. And if you add a dash of female friendship to…

Tom Hiddleston is Happy Marvel Recognized ‘Loki’s Gender Fluidity

Tom Hiddleston is happy Marvel has finally recognized that Loki is gender fluid, and we have to agree. It was about time.

A ‘Beauty And the Beast’ Prequel Series? Hard Pass

A Beauty and the Beast prequel series focused on Gaston and LeFou? Hard pass, seriously. Who was asking for this, again?

Netflix Releases ‘Persuasion’ Movie Stills

We’re suckers for Jane Austen around here, and as much as Pride and Prejudice has our heart, Persuasion is one of those underrated classics that we just keep hoping we’ll get to see done right. The latest attempt comes via…

Chicago Fire’s Uneven Path of Female Friendship

Chicago Fire’s uneven path of female friendship has divided the fandom, and we really hope they’ve learned their lesson.

Here Are the Best Twitter Reactions to Bo Burnham’s ‘Inside’

We put together the best – and most relatable – reactions to Bo Burnham’s Inside comedy special that made us laugh, and cry.

The Trailer for Virgin River Season 3 is Here

The trailer for Virgin River season 3 is here, and it looks like there’s a lot of smooching coming our way. That and drama.

Watch the Opening Scene of ‘Resident Evil: Infinite Darkness’

Resident Evil: Infinite Darkness is coming to Netflix on July 8th, and the opening scene is here to get you excited.

Check Out the Trailer for ‘Masters of the Universe: Revelation”

Masters of the Universe: Revelation is pure nostalgia, with a touch of something new we can all enjoy. Check out the teaser trailer!

‘Queen of the South’ 5×10 Review: “El Final”

Queen of the South 5×10 “El Final” is the kind of ending we – and the show deserved. Join us as we rejoice and discuss.