This week’s episode of The Good Place, titled “Mondays, Am I Right?” feels a bit like all the messages this show has tried to send for four seasons are coming to a head, and it’s both amazing and incredibly sad to be here, at the end of all things, withRead More →


Look, Crisis on Infinite Earths was a bit of a shit-show, which again, we should have been coming. And we’ve gone in depth, spent more time than what’s probably sane, analyzing every second of what happened. But, in true Fangirlish fashion, we also want to bring some sass. Because, IRead More →

Look, we weren’t expecting the CW to go ahead and, you know, cancel shows. It’s not like they ever do that. But it’s still somewhat of a shock to see them renew their entire lineup, especially as some of these shows have yet to air this season. What can weRead More →

Look, I wanted the songs too. I wanted the Mulan from my childhood. And yet, when the trailer ends with Mulan woving that she’ll “bring honor to us all,” my eyes filled with tears. Perhaps I also want this. Perhaps, I can still keep the Mulan of “I’ll Make ARead More →