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‘NCIS: Hawai’i’ 2×15 Review: “Good Samaritan”

NCIS: Hawai’i 2×15 “Good Samaritan” reminds us of what the NCIS franchise does better than any other — give us the good kind of growth.

FBI International’s Heida Reed Talks New Romance & Undercover Dreams

FBI: International’s Jamie Kellett might be embarking on a new romance, but Heida Reed is still rooting for Jamie and Scott.

‘Chicago P.D.’ 10×15 Preview: “Blood and Honor”

Chicago P.D. 10×015 “Blood and Honor” seems to be bringing some undercover drama for Adam — when all we want is Dad! Adam.

‘NCIS: Los Angeles’ 14×13 Review: “A Farewell to Arms”

NCIS: Los Angeles 14×13 “A Farewell to Arms” is a classic episode of the show, with some Kilbride thrown in to spice it up.

‘Chicago Fire’ 11×14 Review: “Run Like Hell”

Chicago Fire 11×14 “Run Like Hell” tries to sell us both Vallo and Carver, and we’re not here for either of those two things.

‘Chicago P.D.’ 10×14 Review: “Trapped”

Chicago P.D 10×14 “Trapped,” the 200th episode of the show, finally allows Kim Burgess to be at the center of her own trauma.

‘Outer Banks’ Season 3 Review: Uneven, But Satisfying

Outer Banks Season 3 is an uneven, if ultimately satisfying journey that establishes new dynamics and reconceptualizes old ones.

‘Chicago Fire’ 11×14 Preview: “Run Like Hell” 

We don’t really like where Chicago Fire 11×14 “Run Like Hell” is going — with either Stella and Carver, or Violet and Gallo. But, Trudy’s here!

‘NCIS: Los Angeles’ 14×12 Review: “In the Name of Honor”

NCIS: Los Angeles 14×12 “In the Name of Honor” is a really good episode that reminds us of all we’ll never get to see from these characters.

‘Chicago P.D.’ 10×14 Preview: “Trapped”

Chicago P.D. 10×14 “Trapped” is the 200th episode of the show — and also, apparently, a Kim-centric hour. Now, personally, I never complain about more Kim and this show should have dealt with her many traumas long ago, not to…

‘Outer Banks’ Renewed For Season 4 Ahead of Season 3 Premiere

Outer Banks was renewed for a Season 4 before Season 3 even premieres, and honestly …we’re hyped to get more of the Pogues!

‘Shadow and Bone’ Season 2 Official Trailer is Here

Netflix’s Shadow and Bone has just dropped its season 2 trailer and we’ve got feelings about everything. Watch it here.

‘Chicago P.D.’ 10×13 Review: “The Ghost in You”

Chicago P.D. 10×13 “The Ghost in You” tries to reframe Hank Voight’s character once again, and honestly …what is even the point?

‘Chicago Fire’ 11×13 Review: “The Man of the Moment”

Chicago Fire 11×13 “The Man of the Moment” introduces an unnecessary Carver storyline, just as it reminds us of why Stellaride works.

‘NCIS: Hawai’i’ 2×14 Review: “Silent Invasion”

NCIS: Hawai’i examines what it is to be a woman in Jane Tennant’s position, in an episode that hits all the right notes.

The Doritos Super Bowl Commercial Is …Eh, Weird?

To say the Doritos Super Bowl commercial is weird would be an understatement. We just don’t know what in the world is happening, or why.

’65’ Is Another Movie Bringing Us A Super Bowl Spot

You had us at Adam Driver and dinosaurs, 65. And though this Super Bowl spot doesn’t give us much more, we’re already convinced.

‘Dungeons & Dragons’ Releases Super Bowl Spot

Dungeons & Dragons: Honor Among Thieves is the kind of movie we expected would releasea new Super Bowl spot — and they have!

Peacock Releases Super Bowl Spot For ‘Poker Face’

Peacock has released its Super Bowl ad for Poker Face early, and we gotta admit this is a clever one. We’ll give them that.

Netflix’s ‘The Night Agent’ Has a Premiere Date – And A Teaser

Netflix’s The Night Agent has a premiere date and a teaser — and we gotta say, we’re truly intrigued by this show.

GIVEAWAY: Watch Sam Mendes’ ‘Empire of Light’

Want to win a digital code to watch the Sam Mendes’ movie “Empire of Light”? Well, we’ve got a giveaway for you.