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Check Out This Exclusive ‘Lisey’s Story’ Clip Ahead of Tomorrow’s Finale

Lisey’s Story, the Apple TV+ adaptation of Stephen King’s book, will air its final episode tomorrow, and we’ve got an exclusive sneak peek.

Virgin River 3×07 Review: “Split”

Virgin River 3×07 “Split” lives up to its name with one of the dumbest breakups in recent tv history. We’re shaking our heads at you, Jack.

Kevin Smith Is a Fan and That’s Why ‘Masters of the Universe: Revelation’ Works

Kevin’s Smith love for Masters of the Universe shines through, and that’s why Masters of the Universe: Revelation works.

‘Virgin River’ 3×06 Review “Jack and Jill”

Virgin River 3×06 “Jack and Jill” proves once again that this show’s cliffhangers are nothing to worry about, as Mel and Jack try avoidance.

Five Things We Learned From ‘Masters of the Universe: Revelation’ Star Tony Todd

Tony Todd talks Masters of the Universe: Revelation and getting the coolest action toy of them all: Scare Glow.

‘Virgin River’ 3×05 Review: “Kindling”

Virgin River 3×05 “Kindling” deals with the repercussions of Mel’s pronouncement, while also letting other relationships grow.

Sarah Michelle Gellar, Chris Wood and Tiffany Smith Talk Action Figures and Being Part of ‘Masters of the Universe: Revelation’

We talked to Masters of the Universe: Revelation stars Sarah Michelle Gellar, Chris Wood and Tiffany Smith about this new version.

‘Virgin River’ 3×04 Review: “Take My Breath Away”

Virgin River 3×04 “Take My Breath Away” examines compromise as Jack and Mel get used to living together. And Hope finally returns! Sort of.

‘Virgin River’ 3×03 Review: “Spare Parts and Broken Hearts”

Virgin River 3×03 “Spare Parts and Broken Hearts” delivers some amazing OTP content, as things get serious in the town.

‘Virgin River’ 3×02 Review: “Sticky Feet”

Virgin River 3×02 “Sticky Feet” focuses on Jack a bit more, as the mystery of Hope’s absence continues. Join us as we review.

‘Virgin River’ 3×01 Review: “Where There’s Smoke …”

Virgin River 3×01 “Where There’s Smoke…” brings us a lot of Jack and Mel (yay!!) and one glaring absence. Join us for the review.

We’ll Take This Mini Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants Reunion

Look, we’re suckers for our favorite fictional friendships turning into real friendships between the actors involved. So yay Sisterhood!

Disney’s ‘Encanto’ Releases First Trailer

The first look at Disney’s Encanto is here, and we’re already in love. The color! The setting! The music! The magical realism!

Netflix Releases Trailer For Naomi Osaka Documentary

Naomi Osaka – the documentary – is coming to Netflix on July 16th, and we’re super excited to learn more about this badass.

What To Watch: Apple TV+’s Schmigadoon!

Apple TV+ is here to save our summer, with a new musical comedy headlined by Cecily Strong and Keegan-Michael Key: Schmigadoon!

Adam Driver Can Sing AND Act Out Oral Sex At The Same Time

Adam Drive is a man of many talents, and some of those talents apparently involve singing WHILE acting out oral sex.

‘Virgin River’ Season 3 Advanced Review: High highs and Low lows

Virgin River season 3 is a rollercoaster. The things that work really work. And yet the things that don’t work left us shaking our heads.

Marion Cotillard and Adam Driver Star in ‘Annette’

The pictures for Marion Cotillard and Adam Driver’s new movie, Annette, are here, and we’re fine, we don’t need this movie ASAP or anything.

Yes, A ‘Simpsons’ + ‘Marvel’ Crossover Short is Coming

Yes, you read that right. The Simpsons are crossing over with Marvel, and Loki is coming to another show – which, no complaints here.

What to Watch: Simone vs Herself

Simone vs Herself is now available on Facebook Watch, and it should fill your quota of content from the GOAT before the actual Olympics

Kate Beckinsale Kicking Ass Is Always a YES

Kate Beckinsale kicking ass is always a yes, so count us in for Jolt. In fact, count us in for more movies like this one, please and thank you.