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‘Chicago Fire’ 11×01 Advance Review: “Hold on Tight”

Chicago Fire 11×01 “Hold on Tight” introduces conflict, sets characters up for new journeys and cements itself as a comfort show.

‘Chicago P.D.’ 10×01 Advance Review: “Let It Bleed”

Chicago P.D. 10×01 “Let It Bleed” tries to be a reset of sorts for the show — with mixed results. We preview the season premiere.

Read an Excerpt From “Valley of Shadows” by Rudy Ruiz

Hispanic Heritage Month begins today and just as we are celebrating, so is Rudy Ruiz. We featured Ruiz’s The Resurrection of Fulgencio Ramirez here at Fangirlish before, and now we’re happy to bring you an excerpt from his new novel,…

‘Vampire Academy’ 1×01 – 1×04 Review: Before the Beginning

The first four episodes of Vampire Academy expertly set up what’s to come — and more importantly, make you care for the characters.

Vampire Academy’s J. August Richards and Jonetta Kaiser Tackling Real-World Issues Through Metaphors

We talked to Vampire Academy’s J. August Richards and Jonetta Kaiser about using metaphors to tackle real world issues.

Vampire Academy Never Forgets Long-Time Fans, Even as it Forges a New Path

Peacock’s Vampire Academy is the adaptation fans have been waiting for — one that makes it easier to forget the movie ever happened.

The Official Trailer for The School for Good and Evil Is Here!

The first trailer for Netflix’s The School for Good and Evil is here, and we don’t want to pick a side. We want it all.

Vampire Academy’s Kieron Moore, Andre Dae Kim and Andrew Liner Talk Being “Love Interests”

Vampire Academy’s Kieron Moore, Andre Dae Kim and Andrew Liner discussed supporting the leading ladies and being the “love interests.”

Sabrina Blackburry Talks Dirty Lying Faeries’ Origin Story And Writing Compelling Characters

We talked to Sabrina Blackburry about the origin story of her book Dirty Lying Faeries and writing compelling characters.

‘Chicago P.D.’ Fans Fight to #BringBackJayHalstead

Chicago P.D. fans want the show to #BringBackJayHalstead — and they’re organizing to make some noise and celebrate their favorite character.

Please, Chicago P.D., Don’t Add Insult to Injury By Killing Off Jay Halstead

Jay Halstead is leaving Chicago P.D. and that’s already bad enough. But it could be worse if the show ends up killing him off.

Cover Reveal: Laura Thalassa’s Bargainer Series

Laura Thalassa’s Bargainer series is getting a re-release and we’re absolutely obsesed with the new covers. Need in our bookshelves ASAP.

‘Chicago Fire’ 11×01 Preview: “Hold On Tight”

Chicago Fire 11×01 “Hold on Tight” feels like a comfort episode, if only because everyone is around and will continue to be.

‘Chicago P.D.’ 10×01 Preview: “Let it Bleed” 

Chicago P.D. 10×01 “Let it Bleed” is the beginning of our goodbye to Jay Halstead, and absolutely no one is ready.

Listen to (And Read!) An Excerpt From Jennifer Lynn Barnes’ “The Final Gambit”

Jennifer Lynn Barnes’ “The Final Gambit” is out today — and we’ve got an exclusive excerpt for you to read (and listen to!)

The Rings of Power Interview: Maxim Baldry & Lloyd Owen

We talked to Maxim Baldry and Lloyd Owen about The Lord of the Rings: The Rings of Power, and what to expect from their characters.

The Witcher’s Costume Designer, Lucinda Wright, Talks Making the Show Authentic Through Clothes

The Witcher’s costume designer, Lucinda Wright, talks the way costumes make a character — and a show — in our exclusive interview.

The Rings of Power Interviews: Sophia Nomvete and Owain Arthur

Sophia Nomvete and Owain Arthur talked Disa and Durin IV, getting to play in the Rings of Power sandbox and representation.

‘Vampire Academy’s Trailer Promises Love, Heartbreak and Friendship

Vampire Academy’s trailer promises love, heartbreak and a very different lore to all other vampire properties.

The Rings of Power Interviews: Markella Kavenagh & Megan Richards

Markella Kavenagh & Megan Richards discussed Lord of the Rings: The Rings of Power and whether Poppy and Nori are the new Frodo and Sam.

SDCC 2022: Vampire Academy’s Julie Plec and Marguerite MacIntyre

The minds behind Peacock’s Vampire Academy, Julie Plec and Marguerite MacIntyre, discuss making the show special.