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Lawyer. Writer. Columnist. Geek. Eternal optimist. Fangirl since the dawn of time. Hates the color yellow, olives and cigarettes. Has a recurring nightmare where she’s forced to choose between sports and books. Falls in love with fictional characters.

‘Zoey’s Extraordinary Playlist’ 2×08 Pictures: “Zoey’s Extraordinary Birthday”

Zoey’s Extraordinary Playlist is new this Sunday and we’ve got the pictures for 2×08 “Zoey’s Extraordinary Birthday” right here for you.

EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW: Get to Know Miranda Rae Mayo

We talked to Chicago Fire’s Miranda Rae Mayo about who she is, what inspires her and her love for Stella Kidd.

‘New Amsterdam’ 3×05 Review: “Blood, Sweat & Tears”

New Amsterdam 3×05 “Blood, Sweat & Tears” puts Sharpwin back in the line of sight and we can’t say we’re hating it. We review!

‘Shadecraft’ #1 Brings Us the Heroine We Want

Shadecraft #1 introduces us to Zadie Lu, not just the heroine we need, but the one we want. Check out our review of the comic!

The ‘Shadow and Bone’ Trailer Is Out

The Shadow and Bone trailer is finally out! What a shocker. This is brand new information, for all of us, I’m sure!

‘Lucifer 5B’ Finally Gets a Release Date

Lucifer 5B finally has a confirmed release date, and it’s time to start the countdown! Less than two months to go, Lucifans.

BritBox is Bringing Cottagecore Straight to Your TV

Craving some cottagecore inspo and stuck in your living room? Well, Britbox has just the thing for you with this Home & Garden programing.

‘NCIS: Los Angeles’ 12×13 Review: “Red Rover, Red Rover”

NCIS: Los Angeles returns with 12×13, an episode that raises more questions than the answers it provides. We review the frustrating hour.

Irene Escolar Talks ‘Dime Quién Soy: Mistress of War’ And Female Stories

We talked to Irene Escolar about Peacock’s new Spanish-language show Dime Quién Soy: Mistress of War and female stories.

‘Chicago Med’ 6×10 Pictures: “So Many Things We’ve Kept Buried”

The pictures for Chicago Med 6×10 “So Many Things We’ve Kept Buried” are here, and we’re getting more Mancel – outside of the hospital!

‘Chicago PD’ 8×10 Pictures: “The Radical Truth”

The pictures for Chicago PD 8×10 “The Radical Truth” are here, and this is all Adam. Hopefully with some Burzek thrown in there.

‘Chicago Fire’ 9×10 Pictures: “One Crazy Shift”

Chicago Fire 9×10 “One Crazy Shift” looks like a more case heavy episode, and we’re just a tad frustrated about that. Just a tad.

‘Zoey’s Extraordinary Playlist’ 2×07 Advance Review: “Zoey’s Extraordinary Memory”

Zoey’s Extraordinary Playlist 2×07 “Zoey’s Extraordinary Memory” is not our fave episode of the show. We discuss why in our advance review!

Check Out An Exclusive Clip From ‘News of the World’

The Tom Hanks led News of the World is now on digital and soon on blu ray, and we’re celebrating with an exclusive clip.

‘New Amsterdam’ 3×04 Pictures: “All I Need”

The pictures for New Amsterdam 3×04 “All I Need” are here, and it’s good to see Max smiling and hugging his kid. It truly is.

Is This Oscar Isaac Training For ‘Moon Knight’? Cause Yes, Please!

This looks like Oscar Isaac training for Moon Knight, so we’re just going to assume it IS Oscar Isaac training for Moon Knight, okay?

5 Can’t Miss Fangirlish Articles of the Week (13-19 March)

Not to tout our own horn, but we write good stuff. Just in case you missed some of it, here are the articles you should absolutely read this week.

Ricardo Hurtado Talks ‘Country Comfort’ And Going Back To His Roots

We talked to Country Comfort star Ricardo Hurtado about the show, going back to his roots and balancing acting and music.

5 Things You Should Know About Shadow and Bone’s Amita Suman

Amita Suman is playing Inej Ghafa in the Netflix Shadow and Bone adaptation. Here are 5 things you need to know about her before the show comes out!

‘Zoey’s Extraordinary Playlist’ 2×07 Pictures: “Zoey’s Extraordinary Memory”

Zoey’s Extraordinary Playlist returns in two weeks with “Zoey’s Extraordinary Memory,” and the pictures for the episode look AMAZING.

New Amsterdam 3×03 Review: “Safe Enough”

New Amsterdam 3×03 “Safe Enough” stays firmly in the now as it examines the question of if we will ever feel safe enough.