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‘iCarly’ 1×03 Review: “iFauxpologize”

One of the best things about #iCarly has always been the relationship that Spencer and Carly have. This bro/sis fight was definitely iCarly perfection.

‘iCarly’ 1×02 Review: “iHate Carly”

Carly has a hater and she wants to kill them with kindness. I mean, it’s an approach…

‘iCarly’ 1×01 Review: “iStart Over”

#iCarly is back. We’ve got mixed feelings, but the slapstick humor, the characters, and the nostalgia may be just what we needed.

ATX TV Festival Season 10 Top Moments: Day 8

We enter the last weekend at ATX TV Festival! While we cry, we are going to review the top moments of day 8 because it was really intense.

‘Younger’ 7×12 Series Finale Review: “Older”

Younger 7×12 Series Finale “Older” didn’t leave anyone indifferent. Series finale mark the show in many different ways. Let’s review!

See The Opening Credits For The ‘iCarly’ Reboot

The opening credits to the #iCarly reboot are nostalgic and yet new. We kinda love them a lot. See them here!

‘Younger’ 7×11 Review: “Make No Mustique”

Younger 7×11 “Make No Mustique” returns with the long awaited Charliza reconciliation as it begins to close some stories. We review!

‘iCarly’ Is Back in First Trailer for Revival on Paramount+

The first trailer for the iCarly revival is finally here! Catch up with Carly, Freddie, and Spencer in the first look at the Paramount+ show!

‘Younger’ 7×10 Review: “Inku-baited”

We return one more week with Younger! After last week, the countdown to the series finale begins and it shows. Younger 7×10 “Inku-baited” feels like an episode that puts the pieces on the board exactly where they need to be…

Paramount+ Announces ‘iCarly’ Reboot Premiere Date

We finally have a date for the iCarly reboot! Bring on the summer!