‘Harlem’ 2×01 “Takesie Backsies” & 2×02 “If You Can’t Say Anything Nice…” Review

Harlem Season two arrived and it didn’t waste time giving us some drama for Camille, Tye, Quinn, and Angie. Read our review for 2×01/2×02.

What to Watch: Prime Video’s ‘Somebody I Used to Know’

Is Prime Video’s Somebody I Used to Know a comedy? A drama? Does it have an OT3? We don’t know, but we’re intrigued.

‘Shotgun Wedding’ Review: Til Silliness Do Us Part

Shotgun Wedding is a rom-com audiences may want to say “I do” to once…but probably not forever. Read all about it in our review!

The Teaser Trailer For ‘Daisy Jones & The Six’ Has Been Released

We’re all in for this show & the album. This teaser is everything. #DaisyJonesAndTheSix

‘Leverage: Redemption’ 2×13 Review: “The Crowning Achievement Job”

Leverage: Redemption 2×13 “The Crowning Achievement Job” shows the team trapped and Sophie’s past more alive than ever. We review!

‘Judy Blume Forever’ To Stream on Prime Video

Judy Blume is having a moment. An Are You There God? It’s Me, Margaret adaptation, and a documentary focused on the author.

‘Leverage: Redemption’ 2×12 Review: “The Museum Job”

Leverage: Redemption 2×12 “The Museum Job” is the best! Sophie’s past comes back as the team grows closer and some secrets are revealed.

‘Leverage: Redemption’ 2×11 Review: “The Belly of the Beast Job”

Leverage: Redemption 2×11 “The Belly of the Beast Job” is different from all the episodes we’ve seen before…and that’s not a good thing.

‘Carnival Row’ Drops Official Trailer for Final Season & Of Course the Humans Did That

Carnival Row dropped an official trailer for the second and final season of the Prime Video series and honestly, humans are the worst.

The Trailer For ‘Hunters’ Season 2 is Here!

Hunters Season 2 is coming in just a few days, and we’re honestly here for Logan Lerman and taking down Nazis. Win/Win.

‘Leverage: Redemption’ 2×10 Review: “The Work-Study Job”

Leverage: Redemption 2×10 “The Work-Study Job” confronts Breanna with her future, as she tries to heal the wounds from her past.

‘Leverage: Redemption’ 2×09 Review: “The Pyramid Job”

Leverage: Redemption 2×09 “The Pyramid Job” introduces Sophie’s past and the consequences that can bring for her and the entire team.

Jenny Han Talks About ‘It’s Not Summer Without You’

Wait, what? This news about #ItsNotSummerWithoutYou is actually something we’re not gonna complain about. We’re shocked too.

‘Leverage: Redemption’ 2×08 Review: “The Turkish Prisoner Job”

Leverage: Redemption 2×08 “The Turkish Prisoner Job” focuses on Harry and his place in the team, questioning his position in it.

Henry Cavill Has Already Moved On From ‘The Witcher’ & ‘Superman’

Henry Cavill is moving on to bigger and better things after leaving ‘The Witcher’ and ‘Superman’ behind. And honestly, good for him.

Fangirlish 2022 End of Year Lists: Our Favorite Ship Moments of 2022

New End of the Year List! Today we are going to talk about our favorite ship moments of 2022 and we have a lot! Will you join us?

‘Leverage: Redemption’ 2×07 Review: “The Big Rig Job”

Leverage: Redemption 2×07 “The Big Rig Job“ is a Christmassy one focused on the case, but there are a couple of things to say about Sophie.

‘Something From Tiffany’s’ Review: Slight but Fluffy Holiday Pastry

Something From Tiffany’s is a decent choice if you’re feeling the need for a holiday rom-com to watch. Come and check out our review!

‘Leverage: Redemption’ 2×06 Review: “The Fractured Job”

Leverage: Redemption 2×06 “The Fractured Job” picks up on Eliot’s past and brings it to a rounded conclusion as he mends a past relationship.

Reasons to Watch: “Catherine, Called Birdy”

Need a feel-good, funny, warm movie this season? Look no further than the witty, patriarchal-crushing film, Catherine, Called Birdy.

‘Hotel for the Holidays’ Review: Actually Charming

Hotel for the Holidays is pretty basic, but Mena Massoud is in it, and he’s smiling, and that’s pretty much all we need to be convinced.