‘I’m Not Yelling: I’m Latina’ Podcast: Our Love Letter to ‘Outer Banks’

I’m Not Yelling, I’m Latina Podcast has finally dropped its first episode and we’re tackling Netflix’s Outer Banks and season 3.

Apparently Melissa Joan Hart Wants Attention

We get it, the want to remain relevant even though no one associates you with anything that isn’t nostalgic. But like also…

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‘I’m Not Yelling: I’m Latina’ Podcast Officially Launches — Listen Here

Our very own Lizzie and Lyra have gotten together for an all-new podcast! Join us as we welcome you to I’m Not Yelling, I’m Latina!

Adam Scott Talks About A Memory That Has Been Tugging At Him For Almost Three Decades

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Rachel Zegler Originally Turned Down The Role Of Lucy Gray Baird In ‘The Ballad of Songbirds and Snakes’

Would you pass on a role in The Ballad of Songbirds and Snakes? Rachel Zegler originally did.

Holland Roden Announces She’s Launching A ‘Teen Wolf’ Rewatch Podcast

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Stories On Meet Cute To Help You Find The Christmas Spirit Again

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Rita Ora Is Very Much In Love

Who doesn’t love… love? Rita Ora does. She gushed about her new husband this week on a podcast. See what she said.

Hailey Bieber Talks About That 2018 Timeline…

We knew that when the teaser for #CallHerDaddy had Hailey Bieber talking about 2018 and the Jelena relationship the internet would lose it.

Joe Jonas Shares How He Starts His Day & Puts His Mental Health First

Putting ones mental health first is important. Joe Jonas talked about how he starts his day and puts his mental health first.

Ashley Greene Talks About Her Crush On Jackson Rathbone

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Kat McNamara and Dom Sherwood Want Us To Relive Shadowhunters, For Some Reason

We will say this about Shadowhunters, the chaotic mess of a show that aired from 2016 to 2019 on Freeform and Netflix: it always gave us lots to talk about. So, so much to talk about. For that reason, maybe…

Ashley Greene Developed A Crush On The ‘Twilight’ Set

No shocker here, Ashley Greene developed a crush on the Twilight set. We wonder who it was…

‘The Hills’ Is Getting A Rewatch Podcast

There are a lot of podcasts about TV shows that we’d want to happen… #TheHills definitely wasn’t on the list

‘Black Girls Texting’ Podcast Tackles Real Issues

Podcasts are a great way for people to have fun conversations that are unfiltered and real. Not only that, but podcasts are also a new way to tackle issues in the world that we don’t often hear people talk about.…

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle Speak Out About Covid-19 Misinformation

There has been a lot surrounding Spotify lately and the misinformation that is spread about Covid-19 on Joe Rogan’s podcast. Joni Mitchell and Neil Young both pulled their music from the platform in protest. Prince Harry and Meghan Markle signed…

EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW: Derek Phillips & Stacey Oristano Remember the Magic of ‘Friday Night Lights’ with ‘Clear Eyes, Full Hearts’ Podcast

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Lindsay Lohan Announces New Podcast

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Bethany Joy Lenz Talks About The Co-Star She Had Romantic Dreams About

We’ve all been there and had THOSE dreams. But when it’s about someone you know… they are um…