EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW: Derek Phillips & Stacey Oristano Remember the Magic of ‘Friday Night Lights’ with ‘Clear Eyes, Full Hearts’ Podcast

We caught up with Derek Phillips and Stacey Oristano to talk all about their new podcast “Clear Eyes, Full Hearts: A Friday Night Lights Rewatch.” Check out our interview!

Lindsay Lohan Announces New Podcast

Lindsay Lohan has a gift for making herself relevant all the time and we’ll admit, we admire that. You never know what she’s up to!

Bethany Joy Lenz Talks About The Co-Star She Had Romantic Dreams About

We’ve all been there and had THOSE dreams. But when it’s about someone you know… they are um…

Olivia Jade Announces New Podcast

Olivia Jade has a lot going on and she’s adding to that. The YouTube star announced she’s launching a podcast this fall!

Hailey Bieber Sets The Record Straight On Her Marriage

Everyone makes assumptions about celebrities and it can’t be easy for them. Hailey Bieber was on #4DWithDemiLovato and talked about assumptions about her marriage.

Minnie Driver Talks Running Into Matt Damon After 20 Years

Personally, I like to avoid all exes, but then again I don’t have any good ones. Like seriously, I have bad taste.

Sophia Bush Doesn’t Want To Talk About This…

The past is the past and we don’t need to revisit it. There are things that one doesn’t need to talk about anymore.

Daniel Sharman Has Launched A Podcast With His Friend Leggy Langdon

Daniel Sharman has started a new podcast and it’s umm… Daniel Sharman like you’ve never heard him.

We Are Gonna Need To Marry A Man Like Ryan Reynolds

We need a man like Ryan Reynolds and what we mean by that is devoted and has a sense of humor. We can’t do no sense of humor.

Wait? This Person Was Almost On ‘One Tree Hill’…

Everything has a way of working itself out and well, Hilarie Burton and Jeffrey Dean Morgan were meant to be. But what was the missed connection?

Lo Bosworth Talks About ‘The Hills’ And How She Felt On The Show

Reality TV star, all around bad ass CEO Lo Bosworth talked about her time on #TheHills and why it was traumatic.

Would Hailey Bieber Ever Want To Act?

Would Hailey Bieber ever want to get into music? acting? She was on Addison Rae’s podcast and talked about the possibilities

Sophia Bush, Bethany Joy Lenz, And Hilarie Burton Launch ‘Drama Queens’ Podcast

#OneTreeHill will always be home. It’s the show that was filled with magic and family. And now, the ladies of #OTH are giving that back to us with a podcast

‘Obsessed’ Is Benito Skinner & Mary Beth Barone’s New Podcast

If you’re wondering why you’re obsessed with something, Benito Skinner and Mary Beth Barone have got you covered in their podcast Obsessed.

Spotify Original Nia Sioux & Teala Dunn’s New Podcast ‘ADULTING’ Is Available Now

Adulting…it’s harder than it seems, right? Every week, exclusively on Spotify, co-hosts Nia Sioux and Teala Dunn meet to discuss their misadventures into adulthood and try to get to the bottom of how exactly you’re supposed to be doing it.…

Prince Harry & Meghan Markle Strike Podcast Deal With Spotify

The Duke and Duchess of Sussex have launched a podcast deal with Spotify & we can’t wait to hear the shows they come up with.