‘Outlander’ Season 7 Gets a Release Date and First Look!

STARZ announced that Outlander season 7 premiere on June 16! The network also releases the first look and some interesting news.

Season Seven Of ‘Outlander’ Has Wrapped

Outlander has wrapped season seven and we have to admit we’re sad about it because well, that means we’re closer to the end.

‘Outlander’ Reveals New Opening For its Season 7

As a Valentine’s Day gift to the fans STARZ has released the newest iteration of the Outlander season 7 opening title sequence.

‘Outlander’ & STARZ Have Bittersweet News For Fans

We’re *almost* celebrating! STARZ announced an eighth and final season of Outlander and has greenlit its sequel Outlander: Blood of My Blood.

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In this End of the Year list, we are going to review the shows we’re looking forward to in 2023 and what could have been… and it wasn’t.

STARZ Releases ‘Outlander’ Season 7 Premiere Date & First Look

STARZ releases the first look for the upcoming Outlander season 7 and confirms that Droughtlander will come to an end in Summer 2023!

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Dangerous Liaisons Interviews: Colette Dalal Tchantcho

When Starz brings a show to life, they put everything that they have into it. They are remarkable when it comes to bringing a period piece to life. They make sure to get the best writers, the best sets, and…

‘Dangerous Liaisons’ Interview: Kosar Ali

Kosar Ali is very laid back and kind. She doesn’t take herself too seriously, but that’s part of her charm. We adore her.

‘Dangerous Liaisons’ Interview: Harriet Warner & Colin Callender

Tonight begins the all new adaptation of Dangerous Liaisons on Starz. We recently had the chance to sit down and talk with some of the stars of the show as well as the creator, Harriet Warner, and Executive Producer, Colin…

Starz Renews ‘The Serpent Queen’ For A Second Season

#TheSerpentQueen is one of our latest obsessions and we’re so excited Starz has announced it’s renewal for a second season!

‘The Serpent Queen’ 1×07 Review: “An Attack On The King”

Queen Mary and Queen Catherine have something in common – they both put themselves before anyone else.

STARZ Renews Hit Drama ‘P-Valley’ for a Season 3

STARZ ordered a 10-episode third season of its popular, critically acclaimed series P-Valley! Along with the news, we have the first look.

‘The Serpent Queen’ 1×06: “The Last Joust”

Well, I wanted to believe that Catherine has grown and changed. I was wrong. I was so wrong. She’s always been about herself. She’s thrown others under the bus to get where she wants to be. This episode both pissed…

STARZ Announces New and Returning Actors for ‘Outlander’ Season 7

STARZ announced the return of several fan-favorite Outlander cast members! In addition to them, five new cast members will joining the show.

‘The Serpent Queen’ 1×05 Review: “The First Regency”

One thing that we’ve been reminded of (not that we forgot) is that Henri is an idiot. Like for real… an idiot. #TheSerpentQueen

Fangirlish Talks To ‘Serpent Queen’ Star Liv Hill

Actress Liv Hill became one of our favorites after seeing her in #TheSerpentQueen. We sat down with her to discuss the show.

STARZ Greenlights ‘The Venery of Samantha Bird’ With Katherine Langford

STARZ has green-lit the drama series The Venery of Samantha Bird and Katherine Langford will lead the eight-episode psychological thriller.

Starz Releases Official Trailer for ‘Dangerous Liaisons’

Starz has released the full trailer for Dangerous Liaisons, and it almost looks like too much drama. Except we can’t stop watching.

‘The Serpent Queen’ 1×03 Review: “The Price”

#TheSerpentQueen is a hot mess in the best way. We’re addicted to the craziness and the madness. Read our review.