See The New Pictures From Jennifer Hudson’s ‘RESPECT’

We’re so looking forward to RESPECT and are loving these brand new photos that were released. See them here!

Bravo Releases Sneak Peak Of ‘Vanderpump Rules’ Season 9

During the past year we’ve gotten more and more into all things Bravo. See we were excited for a season 9 of Vanderpump Rules sneak peak.

Season 2 Of ‘Emily In Paris’ Is In Production

No lie, I may have screamed a little loud this AM, because EMILY IN PARIS IS BACK AND IN PRODUCTION! The second season of Emily is Paris is underway. Netflix posted a video of the stars announcing their return. View…

See The Latest Released Clip For ‘Cruella’

Cruella is out this month and we can’t wait. 2 Emma’s, lots of fashion and it comes from Disney. Sign us up!

We Finally Know About When ‘Gossip Girl’ Will Drop on HBO Max

When it comes to thing that we are looking forward to – Gossip Girl is at the top of the list. And now we know when it’s coming… kinda.

Reviews From A Non-Book Reader: ‘Shadow and Bone’ 1×05 “Show Me Who You Are”

Moral of this episode – don’t piss off your Mama. Also nothing is as it seems, your heart will be wrecked, and the emotional rollercoaster won’t stop.

‘After We Fell’ Movie Theatrical Release Dates Announced

Hey fellow Afternators! The day we have all been waiting for has finally arrived. The international and U.S. release dates for After We Fell, the third film in the After franchise, have been announced. As you can see the U.S.…

5 Ways To Organize Your Bookshelf

It’s spring time and we all know what that means; spring cleaning has begun! For some reason, which I honestly still haven’t figured out, we all clean during spring time. I’m actually surprised this is still a thing, seeing as…

‘Big Sky’ 1×12 Review: “No Better Than Dogs”

Every single episode of Big Sky leaves us in shock and Big Sky episode 1×12: “No Better Than Dogs,” really got us. Let’s discuss.

‘New Amsterdam’ 3×08 Review: “Catch”

Week after week, New Amsterdam sets itself apart from the rest. This weeks episode is no exception!

See The Trailer For ‘Seance’

Here at Fangirlish we occasionally love a good scary movie. What we love even more is a horror movie that has a mystery involved and takes place in an old boarding school. That adds something to the supernatural creepy spook…

Common Joins The Cast Of ‘Never Have I Ever’ As Recurring

Just when we think we couldn’t love Never Have I Ever more, Mindy Kaling is like hold my beer…

‘Outer Banks’ Adds Carlacia Grant As Recurring For Second Season

We mean, sure #Outerbanks has wrapped filming and that’s why it makes sense to announce an addition to the cast now? 👀

Britney Spears Addresses The Question If She’s Okay

Britney Spears addressed the fans who continue to ask if she’s okay. See what she had to say here.

‘The Hills: New Beginnings’ Second Season Trailer Is Here!

We love the drama and it is back! See the trailer for #TheHillsNewBeginnings. It’s dramatic and has a familiar face!

‘After We Fell’ Movie Poster Released

Yesterday marked two years since After Movie came out, and to celebrate we got a real treat. The poster for After We Fell, the third installment of the After series based on the popular books by New York Times best-selling…

Prince Charles Thanks The World For Their Support

Prince Charles speaks out on behalf of The Royal Family, thanking the world for their support. See the video.

‘Big Sky’ Casting News And Trailer Breakdown

Big Sky returns on Tuesday and we are looking forward to it! Episode 1 X 09 ‘Let it Be Him,’ left us with a few crazy cliffhangers: Merilee killing Rick in the hospital with a hammer, oh and Ronald still…

Taylor Swift Releases A Tease For Breathe (Taylor’s Version) with Colbie Caillat.

#FearlessTaylorsVersion hits tonight at midnight. She’s teasing #BreatheTaylorsVersion and it’s soooo gooooddd!

See The Photos For Tonights Episode Of ‘Kung Fu’

#KungFu premieres tonight on The CW and we’ve got the pics from the pilot episode. Tell us, will you be watching?

The Trailer And Premiere Date For ‘Girls5Eva’ Is Here

The premiere date and trailer for #Girls5Eva is here and it looks so bad that it just might be good. We’re excited!