Exclusive: Screamfest Interviews With The Director And Cast of ‘The Loneliest Boy In The World’

Fangirlish had the pleasure of attending Screamfest as they held the red-carpet premiere for The Loneliest Boy in the World. While there we got to speak with Director Martin Owen and stars Max Harwood, Evan Ross, and Jacob Sartorius. The…

‘House of the Dragon’ 1×09 Review: “The Green Council”

And so, it begins. This week, on House of the Dragon 1×09 “The Green Council” we start to see the actions that will lead to the civil war known as The Dance of The Dragons. While this episode was pretty…

Fangirlish Speaks With Legendary Costume Designer, Salvador Perez

Costumes are a big part of any movie or televisions show. We spoke with legendary costume designer Salvador Perez about bringing the Sanderson sisters into 2022.

Hallmark Movie Review: ‘Autumn In The City’

We love fall in New York, which may have played into our love for #AutumnInTheCity, but we don’t care. We still love the movie

Netflix Releases First Look Photos From Season 5 Of ‘The Crown’

We have to admit, we thought that they would postpone season 5 of #TheCrown, but they didn’t.

The Trailer For ‘M3GAN’ Has Us Afraid To Buy Kid’s Toys

We all had our favorite toys to play with as kids. For some of us, those toys were dolls. As we grew up those toys got more and more sophisticated and were eventually able to do things like talk to…

I Will Go Down With This Ship: Sprina Edition

Here at Fangirlish, we love our ships. I mean, it’s pretty obvious since we have an entire column dedicated to some of our favorites. As we’ve told you before, we discuss various ships. They come from a lot of different…

Kristen Stewart’s Short Film For Chanel Is Everything Because She Is Everything

Kristen Stewart’s Short Film For Chanel Is Everything Because She Is Everything

Ryan Gosling For Gucci Is Making Us Smile

If we could afford Gucci, we’d buy it. We admit it. Ryan Goslings face attached to it is an added incentive.

‘Reasonable Doubt’ 1×03 Review: “99 Problems”

We review Hulu’s ‘Reasonable Doubt’ episode 3 and how it explores the world of working mothers and Black people’s relationship with law enforcement.

Ryan Reynolds And Hugh Jackman Need To Co-Host An Awards Show

You listening, Academy of Motion Arts and Sciences? Or, I don’t know, whoever it is that actually names the host(s) of The Oscars? We honestly don’t know why you haven’t thought of this sooner. Sure, clearly good friends Ryan Reynolds…

AMC’s ‘Interview With The Vampire’ Is Getting A Second Season

Anne Rice fans, prepare to rejoice. It looks like we’re going to be getting more Louis and Lestat vampy goodness. AMC’s Interview with the Vampire series has just been renewed for a second season. The adaptation which premieres on Sunday…

Thomas Doherty Is Looking For An Apprentice In New Audio App Quinn

Thomas Doherty needs an apprentice in the newly released audio story on the Quinn App. For those of you who may be unfamiliar with, and just discovered the app like we did it’s a site that specializes in audio erotica…

‘Reasonable Doubt’ Review: Hulu’s ‘Reasonable Doubt’ Is a Scandalous Addition to the Legal Drama Genre

A review of Hulu and Onyx Collective’s new legal drama ‘Reasonable Doubt’

‘Chesapeake Shores’ 6×07 Review: “It’s Not For Me to Say”

A review of Chesapeake Shores season 6 episode 7 “It’s Not For Me to Say”

‘Don’t Worry Darling’ Movie Review: A Timely Psychological Thriller

Don’t Worry Darling directed by Olivia Wilde is finally out and we can honestly say it was a really good film. Despite the non-stop news cycle of behind-the-scenes drama, it did not keep viewers from heading to the theatre. We’re…

A Book Convention That Celebrates Diversity Is Heading To California

Conventions are fun. Especially book conventions. I have been attending them since 2013 and haven’t stopped since. They’re great because you get the opportunity to see some of your favorites in person and you’re in a room full of people…

Lucas Bravo Talks About That ‘Emily In Paris’ Cliffhanger

If there is a show that we’re looking forward to the return of – it’s Emily in Paris. It’s this writers favorite show on Netflix. The series ended with a huge cliffhanger last season – will Emily stay or leave…

See The Trailer For ‘The Loneliest Boy In The World’

The Loneliest Boy In The World looks like a campy but lovable horror flick that reminds us of those that we grew up with in the 90s.   When the sheltered and unsocialized Oliver (Max Harwood) is tasked with making…

‘Reboot’ Review: A Show That Makes Fun Of Itself Is What We Needed

A review of Hulu’s sitcom parody Reboot created by Modern Family’s co-creator Steven Levitan and stars veteran comedians

‘The Idea Of You’ Movie Adaptation Has Found Its Hayes Campbell

Robinne Lee’s book The Idea of You is one of our absolute favorites. As I’ve mentioned before, when I read it in 2017 it left me with the longest book hangover of my life. I recently did a re-read for…