See An Exclusive Clip From The Season Finale Of #RGIP

In this exclusive clip from tonights all new #RealGirlfriendsInParis, Adja once again proves she’s a real one & Victoria proves… she’s a gaslighter.

‘Real Girlfriends In Paris’ Exclusive Clip: Hoe Baths & Landing Strips

We’ve got so much love for ‘Real Girlfriends in Paris’ and now, we can honestly say we’ve been educated by the show. Over what? Watch the exclusive clip?

Fangirlish Talks With ‘Real Girlfriends in Paris’ Stars Adja Toure & Kacey Margo

We love a reality show, but rarely do we think that people on the show are relatable. We feel different about Adja Toure & Kacey Margo.

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#WinterHouse looks like a shit show of drama that we’re probably gonna obsess over. But hey…

Fangirlish Talks With ‘Real Girlfriends in Paris’ Star Margaux Lignel

Margaux Lignel is a larger than life person, but that’s kinda what we love about her. See our interview with the #RealGirlfriendsInParis star

‘Real Girlfriends In Paris’ Interview: Emily Gorelik and Anya Firestone

On this site we’re Bravoholics and we are so proud of that. Bravo has its ups and downs. A lot of it is pure entertainment and we get that. We are also fully aware of the fact that a lot…

‘Real Girlfriends In Paris’ Is Our New Bravo Obsession

We’re kind of obsessing over #RealGirlfriendsInParis & we think that you should watch. Why? Well…

‘Real Girlfriends In Paris’ Is The Reality TV That We Want & Need To Be Good

Well, let us all hope that Emily in Paris ran so Real Girlfriends in Paris could walk. We don’t think it’ll be as good, but we’re looking forward to #RGIP.

Melissa McCarthy Had The Nicest Thing To Say About The Music Of ‘The Little Mermaid’

We’ve been wondering about the music for #TheLittleMermaid and luckily Melissa McCarthy has some insight. What did she have to say?

Andy Cohen Welcomes A Baby Girl, Lucy Eve!

Congratulations are in order for Andy Cohen! #ILoveLucy

‘Inventing Anna’ Star Julia Garner Is Asked If She Will Play Madonna

Madonna is intriguing. The material girl has definitely lived a life of her own, one that has been trailblazing and quite complex. One that continues to be very interesting. There has long been talk of a Madonna bio pic and…

See The Trailer For Bravo’s ‘Winter House’

We’re going to need answers. Like why are all these women falling head over feet for Austen? #WinterHouse please explain!

‘The Real Housewives Of Salt Lake City’ Trailer Brings All The Drama

There is so much drama in reality TV but nothing is more dramatic than a Real Housewife. We’re admitting we’ll watch this shit, cause #drama.

BravoCon 2021 Cancelled Due To The Pandemic

We’re thankful that Bravo cancelled #Bravocon this year. The pandemic is scary & with the Delta Variant on the rise, we’d rather be safe than sorry!

Henry Golding Once Cut Kate Middleton’s Brothers Hair

It’s not that Henry Golding is a name dropper, but we do love the fact that he divulged this little piece of info.

We Should All Stop Commenting On Peoples Weight Loss Or Weight Gain

We Should All Stop Commenting On Peoples Weight Loss Or Weight Gain. End of Story.

Hannah Berner Leaving ‘Summer House’

We’re not surprised that Hannah is leaving #SummerHouse and we kinda think its for the best. Read her statement about leaving here.

Bravo Releases Sneak Peak Of ‘Vanderpump Rules’ Season 9

During the past year we’ve gotten more and more into all things Bravo. See we were excited for a season 9 of Vanderpump Rules sneak peak.

‘Summer House’ + ‘Southern Charm’ = Everything We Need This Winter

Bravo does ask what we need. It tells us what we need. And 9/10 it is right.

Andy Cohen Talks Teddi Mellencamp’s ‘Real Housewives of Beverly Hills’ Departure

Teddi Mellancamp was let go from #RealHousewivesofBeverlyHills and Andy Cohen clears the air on why.

5 Bravo Themed Instagram Accounts We Love

Quarantine has led me down the road of falling more and more in love with Bravo. Here’s some IG accounts that I love for the network.