How much do we love Baby Yoda, Cara Dune, and Pedro Pascal as The Mandalorian? Let us count the ways! Check out what our crew has to say about the fourth episode of The Mandalorian, “Sanctuary.” 1). We’re now 4 episodes into The Mandalorian. Share a gif with your overall reactionRead More →


We’re still having a blast with The Mandalorian here at Fangirlish. In case you missed it, check out our review of this week’s episode, “The Sin,” and then take a glimpse at what are staff thinks about the latest episode below! 1). We’re now 3 episodes into The Mandalorian. Share a gifRead More →

This. THIS! This is the episode I’ve been waiting for since The Mandalorian premiered. Chapter Three: “The Sin” has it all–beautiful cinematography, great battles, a Tolkienian Eucatatrosphe, and our hero confirming that he does indeed have a conscience.  “The Sin”, while still not revealing anything about the origins or abilitiesRead More →

The verdict on The Mandalorian is quite positive thus far among the Star Wars fans around the Fangirlish writer’s room. (ICYMI: here are our reviews for episode one and episode two). Check out what our crew has to say about the first two episodes of the show! 1). We’re now 2Read More →

The Mandalorian is sticking to its guns (or blasters, rather) with the latest installment in the saga, “The Child.” In my review of “Chapter One,” I pointed out that Star Wars has a history of blending elements from different genres. “The Child,” continues with this approach. Most notably, we haveRead More →

The Mandalorian

Star Wars has been a source of controversy for many folks in recent memory, but with Disney+’s opening and The Mandalorian’s premiere, I believe we’ve come to the bridge that will bring fans of the original and sequel trilogies together. Taking place 5 years after Return of the Jedi, TheRead More →

We’ve made it through October! I’ve shared with you my classic horror favorites, modern horror, one & done horror films, and our crew shared their picks for Halloween horror viewing. After all that scary, let’s end the month on a high note. Here are some of our crew’s favorite Halloween-themedRead More →

We’re almost there! There’s only one more day until Halloween, so it’s time to get really scary now! I’ve shared my choices for classic horror, modern classics, and the writing staff here have shared their choices for their favorite Halloween horror films. If you’re up for a big scare, theseRead More →

It’s the second week of October! That means “Spooky Month” is in full swing. I’ve got my Halloween costume ready (Brienne of Tarth), I’m midway through my local theater’s retro horror film festival, and I’ve not quite reached my quota on pumpkin spice coffee for the season. I’ve given youRead More →

I love Halloween. I’m a cosplayer, so I obviously love wearing costumes, and having a holiday where this is practically a requirement is a-okay with me. Candy everywhere? I see no problem here. Pumpkin spice in my coffee mug and Charlie Brown on my TV? That’s my jam. But upRead More →

The writing staff at Fangirlish can get into some deep discussions when it comes to film and television. Jasmine and Ashley started talking about their love and hate for Dario Argento’s 1977 Suspiria and its 2018 Luca Guadagnino reboot a few weeks ago and decided it might be an interestingRead More →

Stranger Things 3 is so close! Stock up on Eggos, pour up some New Coke, grab some Reese’s Pieces and popcorn and settle in for a midsummer night’s binge. There are loads of things to look forward to this season. We’ve all got our hopes, fears, and feels for theRead More →

I was fortunate enough to catch a late night screening of Tolkien this past Thursday, technically a day earlier than its release. I’d not done much research on the film prior to entering the theater, aside from seeing the trailers. I wouldn’t call myself a Tolkien expert by any stretchRead More →