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‘The Night Agent’ Renewed For Season Two

Season 2 of #TheNightAgent? Yes please. We’re here for it.

‘Trolls Band Together’ Releases Its First Trailer

Maybe it’s because everything leads back to Twilight and maybe it’s just because we have good taste, but we have and will continue to watch anything that Anna Kendrick is in (even if it’s just her voice). Why? Because like…

Prepare Yourself For ‘A Tourists Guide To Love’

We’re going to be paying attention as we are always about love advice, since you know – some of us suck at love.

See The Trailer For Disney Pixar’s ‘Elemental’

There is nothing about this trailer for Elemental that we’re not loving. Granted, we’re huge Pixar fans and we love the way that they tell a story. “We all live by one simple rule,” the voice over says, before we…

‘Magnum P.I.’ Interview: Stephen Hill

We interviewed the actor behind our favorite character on #MagnumPI, #StephenHill. It was a treat. See the interview here!

Emily Henry’s ‘Book Lovers’ Has Been Optioned For Feature Film

One of our favorite books is being adapted for film! We can’t WAIT to see this one!

Jessica Chastain Signs On For ‘The Savant’

Jessica Chastain has signed on for a new role and even though it’ll probably give us nightmares, we’ll watch cause JESSICA!

‘Ride’ On Hallmark: Nancy Travis, Tiera Skovbye, Beau Mirchoff

#Ride premieres on #TheHallmarkChannel tonight & trust us you don’t want to miss it. See our interviews with stars Nancy Travis, Tiera Skovbye, Beau Mirchoff

‘Ride’ On Hallmark: Sara Garcia, Jake Foy, Tyler Jacob Moore Interview

Sara Garcia, Jake Foy, & Tyler Jacob Moore are a good time interview. They make you laugh and they make you love #Ride.

‘Ride’ 1×01 Review: ‘Legend of the Fall’

#Ride isn’t what you think it is. #Ride is about family. #Ride is about strong women leading the way. It’s a must watch show.

‘Ride’ On Hallmark: Nancy Travis, Tiera Skovbye, Beau Mirchoff

#Ride premieres on #TheHallmarkChannel tonight & trust us you don’t want to miss it. See our interviews with stars Nancy Travis, Tiera Skovbye, Beau Mirchoff

‘A Picture Of Her’ Review: A Modern Direction For Hallmark That Pays Off

A Picture of Her is about believing that love exists in many forms and is all around you, and when you find it, hold onto it. Read the review

Part Two Of Our Exclusive Interview With Tyler Hynes

They say never meet your heroes, but hey, meeting and talking with Tyler Hynes isn’t that bad.

‘Magnum P.I.’ Interview: Tim Kang

We’ve always love TC on #MagnimPI, but hey, Det. Gordon Katsumoto is making a run for our fave. See our interview with fave Tim Kang.

Exclusive Interview: ‘The Way Home’ Star Sadie Laflamme-Snow

Sadie Laflamme-Snow is a star. She’s humble AF, super talented, and really holds her own on The Hallmark Channel show, #TheWayHome. Read the interview

This ‘Hynie’ Interviewed Tyler Hynes & Lived To Tell The Tale

There is a reason why we titled the zoom for this interview ‘Erin Embarrasses Herself’ again. Just saying.

Apparently Tyler Hynes Is A Swiftie (But We All Should Be)

Well, well, everyone is a Swiftie (even if they don’t admit it). Taylor Swift, one of the most iconic entertainers of our time, has music that stays in your mind. Now, it doesn’t normally really shock us when we hear…

‘How I Met Your Father’ 2×09 Review: ‘The Welcome Protocol’

There is nothing that I don’t love about this show, especially how everything makes me laugh. Laughter is the best medicine in this world and there isn’t an episode of How I Met Your Father that doesn’t make me laugh…

See The Trailer For ‘Ed Sheeran: The Sum Of It All’

We’ve always respected Ed Sheeran wanting to be private. Doesn’t mean we aren’t excited for his upcoming Disney+ docuseries

‘The Company You Keep’ 1×04 Review: ‘All In’

Secrets can only stay secrets for so long. We’ve learned that in this episode of #TheCompanyYouKeep & won’t be able to forget it

‘The Way Home’ 1×09 Review: ‘The Day The Music Died’

“Maybe just a little time travel on the side,” Kat says to Elliott and I have to wonder is the time travel a good or a bad thing? After this episode, I am leaning to bad. Very bad. The truth…