I’ve had an up and down ride with Deputy this season. I loved it, but also had such an issue with it too. I have felt like I expected so much from it and felt as though there were points where I was let down, points where I expected more,Read More →


Looking out the window gets depressing. My street in New York is right next to a hospital. They’ve cleared off my street – no cars allowed to park here, and tents being erected for the sick. So, to maintain my sanity, I have stopped looking out the window. Sure, I’veRead More →

Do I know anything about Telenovelas? No. But when one of you slides into DM’s and says can we please talk about his Instagram and drool over him? Granted, I don’t agree with all but when I looked at Aaron Diaz’s Instagram, this man made me thirsty AF. I agreedRead More →

I haven’t made it to church in years, so like, I get it, God is preaching to me in other ways. Apparently through Manifest. And well, I make it to this every Monday night, and I’ve survived. Granted, I am about to start watching this shit drunk or high, becauseRead More →

In this time, we all have a lot of worries and questions. Some of us voice those concerns and some of us don’t. But I think that I can safely say that we all want answers and to know what is going to happen in the future. Because we areRead More →

It’s a very rare thing that my opinion on television starts to improve. By the time that we reach the third or fourth episode – I pretty much think everything is set in stone and I know what my thoughts are. It is not normal that things get better. IRead More →

When I met Alberto Rosende a few years ago, he was one of the kindest, humble, and sweetest human beings. He was so thankful for his new found job – Simon Lewis in Shadowhunters. We talked about my feelings on Shadowhunters and his. We talked about his love of theRead More →

New Amsterdam has a way of changing you. You don’t know it’s happening, but it just is. They just hit you with real life and they hit you with things that could happen. But they most of all have you so invested in their characters that you are rooting forRead More →

Maybe it’s the pandemic or maybe it’s that Manifest finally showed some potential. For you know for like 21 minutes of the show. The rest of it – well all of it’s debatable. And by debatable – I mean this show is still a wanna be lost with no hopeRead More →

There are many people that we would love to see return to television and Shelley Hennig is one of them. We’ve loved her in everything that she’s ever been in – Teen Wolf, Days of Our Lives, Secret Circle. The actress has been tapped to star in the Crazy forRead More →

We have one more episode of Deputy until the season finale, and after this and I have to say I am interested to see how the season ends. Sure, I give a lot of shows shit, but when one finds its footing with some complexity and finally learns the meaningRead More →

In a world where I am terrified right now, I keep looking for the happy in anything. For me, that means watching and reading things that. make me happy. Frozen has always been something that has added light to my life. We’re celebrating the Frozen looks that were created byRead More →