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Austin Butler Talks About His ‘Elvis’ Accent

It makes sense why the Elvis accent comes out when Austin Butler is talking from time to time. Read what he had to say about it here!

Melissa McCarthy Had The Nicest Thing To Say About The Music Of ‘The Little Mermaid’

We’ve been wondering about the music for #TheLittleMermaid and luckily Melissa McCarthy has some insight. What did she have to say?

See The Trailer For ‘Hello, Goodbye, And Everything In Between’

Well, well – the Trailer for #HelloGoodbyeNetflix has us crying, laughing, and counting down the days until July 6th!

First Look Pics From ‘See How They Run’ Have Dropped

Is there anything better than an ensemble movie? Lately, we think not. Why? Because we’ve missed all of the actors that we love so much on the big screen, so we’re always wanting more. And we’re definitely getting a great…

Sabrina Carpenter Launches Her Own Perfume, ‘Sweet Tooth’

Sabrina Carpenter has launched her own perfume and it definitely sounds sweet. Read about it here!

‘Roswell, New Mexico’ 4×02 Preview Guide: “Fly”

The 2nd episode of Roswell airs tonight, and no one better be toying with our emotions. We need more Malex and Echo.

‘The Time Traveler’s Wife’ 1×05 Review: Episode 5

Going home isn’t all that it’s cracked up to be. Hell sometimes, it’s pure hell.

‘Becoming Elizabeth’ 1×01 Review: “Keep Your Knife Bright”

We know this after the first episode of #BecomingElizabeth – it’s not like any other Tudor drama. It’s better.

Exclusive Interview: ‘Becoming Elizabeth’ Executive Producers Anya Reiss and George Ormond

When we’re talking about anything and everything having to do with The Tudors, it sometimes feels like everything has been done. There is nothing that hasn’t been covered, talked about, or explored. But the truth is that there is always…

5 Reasons You Need To Watch ‘Becoming Elizabeth’

You’re going to hear us talk a lot about #BecomingElizabeth and if you want to know why you should watch, we have 5 reasons… (we could have like 50)

Exclusive Interview: ‘Becoming Elizabeth’ Star Alicia von Rittberg On Why She Took On The Role Of The Iconic Queen

There are some actors that you know are stars and going to be around forever. #BecomingElizabeth star Alicia von Rittberg is one of those stars.

Where To Find The Cast Of ‘The Summer I Turned Pretty’ On Social Media

We’re excited for #TheSummerITurnedPretty, so yes, we looked up the cast of social so we could stalk for any BTS goodies! Follow them here –

Adria Arjona Received A Really Kind Message From One Of The Original Stars Of ‘Father Of The Bride’

Reboots and remakes are not things we normally love, if we loved the original. It feels as though we’re betraying something by watching it or taking away from the memories that were made around the original. Father of the Bride…

See The Teaser For ‘Strange World’

We’ll overlook the fact that this has Jake Gyllenhaal’s voice even though we’re Swifties til we die. See the trailer for #StrangeWorld

Netflix Geeked Week: ‘The School For Good And Evil’ Teaser

The balance of good and evil is always a finicky thing. Somehow, you have to maintain both in order to have balance. “Did you every wonder, where every great fairytale begins?” We had and a lot of questions were answered…

Netflix Geeked Week: See A New Clip From ‘The Gray Man’

Fight scenes and tranquilizers? All in a days work. See the newest released clip for #TheGrayMan

Netflix Geeked Week: Behind The Action Scenes Of ‘Interceptor’

Elsa Pataky can kick some ass. Like for real. See the bts of all the action from her movie #Interceptor

‘The Time Traveler’s Wife’ 1×04 Review: “Episode 4”

Sometimes telling the truth is the only option, but it doesn’t mean people will believe you.

The First Table Read Of ‘Emily In Paris’ Season 3 Has Happened

Season 3 of #EmilyInParis is one step closer to our screens. The cast has hit Paris and the first table read has happened.

Where To Find The Cast Of ‘Becoming Elizabeth’ On Social Media

Give a girl a new show to swoon and obsess over, she’ll need social media handles so she can find out everything she can about its stars.

See The Photos For The Paramount Plus Movie, ‘Honor Society’

The pics for #HonorSociety remind us of a movie… we can’t quite put our finger on it. Oh wait, yes we can. Election.