Social media is a scary place. It can be used for good, but lets all be honest here – it’s not always the case that it is used for good. In todays society trolls make the internet a hard place to be. I can’t imagine what it is like forRead More →


Friendship. I think sometimes in my life, I am immensely thankful for the friends in my life, but I also know that friendship is one of the most complicated things that I have ever had to do. Sometimes friendship is more complicated than love. In this episode of Spinning Out,Read More →

Well, well – things just always seem to be getting more and more complicated – but you know that’s life. What is it if not a bunch of ups and downs? I’ve watched this show and the thing is – all I have wanted to know is more about Justin.Read More →

Ships. We live and we die by ships. Ships are a big part of who we are. That being said, we’re introducing a new column here on Fangirlish, entitled, “I Will Go Down With This Ship.” Each week we’ll be examining a ship and talking about all of the reasonsRead More →

New Year and we are still thirsty. I mean does one ever get over being thirsty? Hot guys/girls/humans are everywhere. This year, I’m continuing my road down peoples Instagrams (cause I am addicted to the platform) and you may be shocked at who we’re starting this years Thirsty Thursday offRead More →

Justin Beiber is making a comeback. Though, if we’re being honest, I feel like he’s one of those timeless voices/celebrities that never left and will never leave. And I’m good with that. The singer a new YouTube Originals docu-series called Justin Bieber: Seasons. It’s a ten part series that chroniclesRead More →

It’s a hard  balance for me – because I love Emily Blunt and John Krasinski, and would literally watch anything that they did. BUT, when it comes to movies that scare the shit out of me, I don’t care how much I love you. It’s going to have to be aRead More →

In a decade that was dominated by Marvel, Star Wars, and well… everything Twilight – one can’t be shocked that the people that we have chosen as the best movie actors of the decade mainly fall under those. We have a lot of actors that we love, but here areRead More →

We watch a lot of television. So much that this one was really hard for us. Narrowing down to a favorite is never an easy task. The past decade has given us a lot of great television actors and here’s our favorite actors from TV shows over the past decade.Read More →