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‘The Little Mermaid’ Movie: See The Clip Of ‘Poor Unfortunate Souls’

Oh those poor unfortunate souls… IYKYK. See Melissa McCarthy as Ursula performing the song that we all love.

5 Reasons You Should Watch ‘Ride’ On The Hallmark Channel

We’ve got a million reasons that you should watch #Ride, but we’re just giving you our top 5 right now.

‘Zoey 102’: Tagline, Teaser Poster, & First Look Released

While we want to love the return of Zoey 101 in any way, shape or form, we have to admit that we’re on the fence. Many would think that has to do with Jamie Lynn Spears and the way we’re…

Lala Kent Talked Bluntly About Scandoval & We Appreciate That

Lala Kent is outspoken and blunt AF. Lala Kent is ride or die for her friends. But we appreciate that. We appreciate all the insight to Scandoval.

Taylor Lautner Is Going Overboard With This & It’s Not Cute

We get it, Taylor Lautner is busy doing press for his new podcast, but focusing on this isn’t cute, isn’t funny, and kinda makes him an ass.

‘Virgin River’ Renewed For Season 6 Ahead Of Season 5

Our EIC assures us all that Virgin River is the show that we all should be watching and the moment that this news dropped, it solidified that Lizzie knows best. We should be watching Virgin River. Netflix seems to want…

See The Global Press Conference For ‘Fast X’

Want to know what the cast of #FastX had to say about the movie? See the global press conference for the movie.

Miley Cyrus Releases Video For ‘Jaded’

To be honest, we’re loving Miley Cyrus’s new album, Endless Summer Vacation. It’s like a roller coaster of emotions of empowerment and we’re 100% that feeling. Her latest release, Jaded, follows along with that feeling of an empowered song. Miley…

Gigi Hadid Has A Lot Of Food Pics In Her Phone

Have you ever fallen down a TikTok hole and become obsessed with something. Lately it’s been the way that bento boxes or kids meals are made. They always have the best ideas and when you are in a food rut.…

The Trailer For ‘Extraction 2’ Is Here!

Watching the just released trailer for #Extraction2, we know one thing – we would not f*** with Chris Hemsworth. He’s badass.

‘The Mother’ Movie Review: An Emotional Rollercoaster Of A Different Kind

We admit we thought that we wouldn’t like #TheMother. We were wrong. We really did enjoy it. A lot.

‘Ride’ 1×08 Review: ‘Speak Now Or Forever Hold Your Peace’

We knew it! Gus is a coward and not to be trusted. NOT TO BE TRUSTED!

Meadow Walker Posts About Her Cameo In ‘Fast X’

When it comes to The Fast & The Furious franchise, Paul Walker will always be the heart of the franchise (to us). He may be gone, but he’s always going to be here. He’s always going to be a part…

‘Twisters’ Adds Brandon Perea To The Cast

We admit we’ll watch #Twisters, but it doesn’t mean that we won’t talk a lot of shit first.

Demi Lovato Was Relieved Receiving Her Bipolar Diagnosis

Demi Lovato was relieved when she got her bipolar diagnosis. We’re thankful that she’s open to talking about it. See what she had to say.

The Jonas Brothers Talk About Maintaining Relationships With Other Disney Stars

We’ve always wondered if the Disney actors of the past kept in touch. Well, The JoBros gave some insight to that.

Taylor Swift Tells Security Guard To ‘Stop!’ & Defends Fans At Eras Tour Performance

Taylor Swift Tells Security Guard To ‘Stop!’ & Defends Fans At Eras Tour Performance. God, we love her!

Addison Rae Books A New Movie Role

Addison Rae has booked a new role and we’re definitely looking forward to seeing her & the movie. It has a great cast so far.

Sabrina Carpenter Had A NSFW Birthday Request

Well, well, didn’t have this on something we’d ever think to hear from Sabrina Carpenter, but also – go girl. Get yours.

‘Citadel’ 1×04 Review: ‘Tell Her Everything’

This weeks episode of #Citadel left us with more questions than answers, a distrust of everyone, and the need to figure out WTF is happeninng.

Yes, We Called Tyler Hynes The “King Of A Thirst Trap” & Here’s Our Reasoning

Erin apparently has a lot of time on her hands and is examining why Tyler Hynes is posting thirst traps in the best possible way.