With the season finale of Roswell, New Mexico last week, I have been lost in a sea of Malex feels. I know, I know – they aren’t together right now. I don’t know if they will be. It doesn’t mean that they don’t love each other or that their loveRead More →


We all have our guilty pleasures. Mine – as I have said many times – is Jersey Shore: Family Vacation. And I would like to say I am ashamed, but I am not. I love trashy reality TV. I would have thought that it would have been cancelled since SnookiRead More →

Sometimes Netflix makes good choices and sometimes they make you want to ask them if they are high. It sometimes feels like they put names in a hat and pull out pieces of paper to see what they should cancel. And sometimes they see the greatness of a show andRead More →

Look, we all have questions that we want to ask. However asking about the size of someones penis, well… that’s frowned upon. But Chris Evans can do no wrong and when playing interviewer himself – the actor did ask the question of a friend of his. In Variety‘s Actors onRead More →

Thirsty Thursday – I love writing this every week, but to be honest, I have taken a break, because the world has taught me that a man can be hot, but just because they are doesn’t mean that they are someone worth drooling over. People have to have morals, standards,Read More →

Charlize Theron isn’t my favorite actress, but she’s definitely an amazing one. And she’s outspoken and honest, and tells it like it is. And that’s one of my favorite things about her. She’s not afraid to call anyone out. The actress doesn’t like Steven Seagal, and hey – we don’tRead More →

Kat, Sutton, and Jane have a friendship that can not be rivaled. The three of them are always there for each other – supporting and having each others back. They are what makes The Bold Type special. That and sometimes aggravating. But overall we love it. This week’s episode isRead More →

As everything changes on The 100, what we care about right now is that Bellamy is alive and returns. Sorry, we’re not buying that he’s dead. This weeks episode is entitled, “Nakara!” and the first lesson we need to go into this episode with is everything is not what itRead More →

Stargirl is the show to be watching and if you’re not – we suggest you evaluate your choices. This weeks episode is entitled, The Justice Society and here’s the synopsis – THE POWERS THAT BE — Courtney (Brec Bassinger) makes a difficult decision after Pat (Luke Wilson) confronts her aboutRead More →

Who doesn’t love a good movie? I do. But I am not really thrilled over war movies with supernatural shit. But then again Brenton Thwaites and Skylar Astin are in the World War II movie – so my head keeps telling me to overlook the “supernatural” angle and go andRead More →

Who doesn’t love a good Disney movie? I do. They remind me of being a kid and feeling like I could conquer the world. Also the belief that I could be a Disney star and that the Mickey Mouse Club was in my future. Never mind the fact that IRead More →