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See The Trailer For ‘Christmas With The Campbells’

Well this isn’t like any Christmas movie we’ve seen. 👀

‘Bumper In Berlin’ Interview: Showrunner Megan Amram

#BumperInBerlin is out today. We spoke with Megan Amran about the show & the David Hasslehoff of it all.

Hallmark’s Countdown To Christmas ‘My Southern Family Christmas’ Preview Photos

After speaking to Jaicy Elliot and Ryan Rottman (interview out tomorrow) we did a lot of research on Christmas traditions in the south and we have to admit, we are even more excited for this film. We had to learn…

This ‘Three Wise Men And A Baby’ Star Missed His Flight Because He Was Reading

We’re always trying to get out of airports. This #3WiseMen star ended up staying longer in one because he couldn’t stop reading the script.

Hallmark’s ‘Countdown to Christmas’ Review: “When I Think of Christmas”

You can run and you can try to hide from love, but if it’s meant to be it will always find a way.

‘The Santa Clauses’ 1×01 Review: ‘Good To Ho’

The first episode of #TheSantaClauses feels like a back handed comment at society and the disagreement of being kinder in the way we speak.

Hallmark Movies & Mysteries ‘Miracles Of Christmas’ Review: “Long Lost Christmas”

Hallmark Movies & Mysteries ‘Miracles Of Christmas’ hit a home run with their movie #LongLostChristmas. Our heart strings were definitely pulled.

‘Fire Country’ 1×06 Review: ‘Like Old Times’

This weeks #FireCountry broke our hearts and in the same moment we understood all of the choices. Read the review

Hallmark Movies ‘Countdown to Christmas’ Review: “Three Wise Men & A Baby”

#3WiseMen makes our top 3 of the #CountdownToChristmas season. Sorry Tyler, Andrew, and Paul – the real star of the show was the babies.

Hallmark ‘Countdown To Christmas’ Interview: Tyler Hynes, Paul Campbell, & Andrew Walker

Disclaimer; Interviews scare me. If we’re being honest, I get hives before I have to do an interview. But every January I sit down and I write a list of people that I want to try to interview during the…

Hallmark Movies & Mysteries Release Pictures For ‘Time For Him To Come Home For Christmas’

Hi, we’d like to report new pics for #TimeForHimToComeHomeForChristmas being released. The crime? Making us drool.

The Trailer For ‘The Recruit’ Has Been Released

Our minds say no… no finding Noah Centineo grown man attractive, but our bodies are telling us yes…

‘The Santa Clause’ Interview: Matilda Lawler and Devin Bright

When it comes to holiday movies – we have a habit of sticking with the things that we know and love. We love The Santa Clause franchise and were definitely excited when we sat down to talk to some of…

‘The Santa Clause’ Interview: Kal Penn and Rupali Redd

One of our biggest goals has always been to interview Kal Penn. Interviewing him & Rupali Redd was a dream come true

‘The Santa Clause’ Interview: Elizabeth Mitchell & Austin Kane

When I reflect on my love of Christmas movies, it doesn’t start with movies like It’s A Wonderful Life. It starts with The Santa Clause. I can remember sitting on the couch with my little brother and answering questions about…

Hallmarks ‘Countdown To Christmas’ Review: ‘Christmas At The Golden Dragon’

#ChristmasAtTheGoldenDragon is one of the most special #CountdowntoChristmas movies we’ve seen. Read the review –

See The Trailer For ‘Hotel For The Holidays’

We just might call ourselves Christmasish at this point, because all we want to do is talk about all the Christmas content. We’re not sad about that, hell, it makes us happy. If it doesn’t make us smile in our…

The Pics For ‘Three Wise Men and a Baby’ Have Us Excited For The Upcoming #CountdownToChristmas Movie

Look, we’re not saying that we’re not drooling over these pics from ‘Three Wise Men and a Baby,” but we’re not saying that we’re not.

Dangerous Liaisons Interviews: Colette Dalal Tchantcho

When Starz brings a show to life, they put everything that they have into it. They are remarkable when it comes to bringing a period piece to life. They make sure to get the best writers, the best sets, and…

Hallmark Movies & Mysteries ‘Miracles Of Christmas’ Review: “Our Italian Christmas Memories”

Sometimes it feels like Hallmark movies remind you of what you ned to feel in order to find your way. #OurItalianChristmasMemories did just that.

Hallmark ‘Countdown To Christmas’ Review: ‘The Royal Nanny’

#TheRoyalNanny was all the Christmas cheesiness, tropeyness, and Christmas joy that we needed. Hallmark blessed us with this #CountdownToChristmas movie.