I have to admit I love watching Kelly and Ryan every day of the week. The on screen chemistry between the two of them is fun, engaging, and makes me laugh every day. So I was excited to hear that the two created a television entitled “Work Wife,” which isRead More →


We have one more episode of Deputy until the season finale, and after this and I have to say I am interested to see how the season ends. Sure, I give a lot of shows shit, but when one finds its footing with some complexity and finally learns the meaningRead More →

In a world where I am terrified right now, I keep looking for the happy in anything. For me, that means watching and reading things that. make me happy. Frozen has always been something that has added light to my life. We’re celebrating the Frozen looks that were created byRead More →

Deputy has finally found its footing. Well like half a foot and a small toe. Sure, it’s getting there and I do believe that it’s a show that is worth finding both feet on the ground. The way that needs to happen is a stronger writing staff and character developmentRead More →

Make it stop. I will never – for the life of me – understand what it is that made NBC cancel Timeless, but keep the shit show that is Manifest on the air. Maybe someone missed Lost or felt like they weren’t getting enough religion in their life. Then againRead More →

Derek Hough will soon be streaming near you. We know that if you’re like us, you’ve been excited over the High School Musical series on Disney+. Sure, the movies will always remain supreme, but we can also appreciate the show. The actor/dancer/wanna be singer is joining the show in aRead More →

Anyone else ready for the Gossip Girl reboot? I am and we all know that I have issues with any reboot. Emily Alyn Lind (Code Black, Revenge), Whitney Peak (The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina), Eli Brown (Pretty Little Liars: The Perfectionists), Johnathan Fernandez (Lethal Weapon) and Broadway vet Jason Gotay haveRead More →

If you’re like us, you’re anxiously awaiting the live action Cinderella. It’s not only because Camila Cabello is in the movie, but also because Billy Porter stars as the Fairy Godmother. When the actor spoke about the role with CBS he said that the Fairy Godmother is genderless. And weRead More →

Our addiction for Katy Keene grows with each and every episode. This show is captivating, fun, and enjoyable. This show is one of our favorite. Read the description for this weeks episode below – ROYAL TREATMENT — With Katy (Lucy Hale) trying to move on from KO (Zane Holtz), sheRead More →

With the success of Dollface and Katy Keene, we’re not so apprehensive about our favorite Pretty Little Liars making their way back onto the screen. All of them are uber talented, but when you’re on the same show for so long – lets be honest – you get pigeonholed. However,Read More →

I’ve seen the Sprouse twins on television for what feels like my entire life. They are so different – even though they look the same. I think that with Cole, his blunt, don’t give a fuck, live life to the fullest attitude, is part of what is so attractive. AndRead More →

I have very big thoughts on what it takes to have a good television show. And one of those things is maintaining strength, evolving story lines, and character growth. If you don’t have these you are stuck in a stagnant circle that makes the viewer want to be done withRead More →

It’s a bittersweet announcement. I mean sure, we knew that the end was coming, but that doesn’t make it easier to know. However, our excitement for the final season of The 100 is alive and well. Because we need to know what happens. After 84 episodes, more pain and heartacheRead More →

Sure, I have an issue with Disney+ right now, because like don’t even get me started on the Lizzie McGuire issue. Let Lizzie live. Anyhow, Disney+ – in their quest for more family friendly entertainment (which I will also stand by is subjective) is rebooting Turner & Hooch. Nikita alumna Lyndsy Fonseca andRead More →