As if I needed another reason to subscribe to HBO Max, but hey they gave me one. I, like a lot of people, love Friends. And with so many reboots, I have to admit I have wanted the gang to get back together. And it’s happening. Series stars Jennifer Aniston,Read More →


When Reese Witherspoon is involved in anything, we pay attention. When Kerry Washington is involved in anything, we pay attention. You put the two of them in the same thing and we’re like take all of our time and money. That’s why I got a little (okay a lot) excitedRead More →

Lucifer Season 5

It’s coming up to a year since Lucifer marked its transition from network television to Netflix with its fourth season. Now, fans are once again eagerly awaiting the announcement for the premiere date of the first half of the fifth and “final” season that should be coming any day now.Read More →

When we think of HOT leading men, Sam Claflin definitely comes to mind. When we think of AMAZING books, Daisy Jones & The Six is definitely on that list. So combine the two and you’ve managed to maintain our attention. Sam Claflin is set as the male lead opposite Riley KeoughRead More →

I love Liam Hemsworth. We all have our favorite Hemsworth brother and for me it’s Liam. Liam’s new show for Quibi is an action thriller entitled, Most Dangerous Game. And it looks fucking terrifying. Here’s the show’s synopsis: “Desperate to take care of his pregnant wife before a terminal illness canRead More →

If there is one thing that I know about television now a days, it’s that you shouldn’t get invested. EVER. Granted there are shows like Law & Order, and ya, that shit is going to live on forever. But if you have a show about strong women, mental illness, controversialRead More →

Correct me if I am wrong, but wasn’t The Crown supposed to be six seasons? I am so addicted to the show that I would love for it to go on forever. I mean am I the only one that wanted to see the Harry and Meghan years? But, alas,Read More →

I know I am not the only person that is upset about the postponement of Lizzie McGuire. I’ve been looking forward to the reboot, because Hillary Duff is absolutely amazing. And Lizzie McGuire was one of the best shows ever. With the return though, we’re learning about all the peopleRead More →

Who do we write for a season 2 of Spinning Out? Because we’re going to need one. We have so many questions and need so many answers. I don’t know about all of you – but I feel like the stories with these complex characters have just begun. Spinning OutRead More →