‘All Together Now’ Movie Review: Learning How to Let Go

All Together Now, the Netflix movie inspired by Sorta Like a Rockstar by Matthew Quick, is a story about love, friendship, and letting others in when you need them the most. And honestly, I loved it to the moon and back. In fact, it didn’t need to tote the “fromRead More →

Netflix Logo

If you’re like us this is the time in your semi quarantine where you’re like, okay, give me new content, any new content, I’ll take it. So, you’re probably super excited to know what’s coming to Netflix next month. Netflix has released a video with their lineup for September, whichRead More →

I admit that I may care a little too much about the Royal family, but in the same breath, I will tell you that we all should. They have a huge influence on history and they are also intriguing. Which is probably why I am so obsessed with The Crown.Read More →