‘The Morning Show’ 3×04 Review: “The Green Light”

The Morning Show 3×04 is a damning look at the lengths people will go to in order to get funding. But, hey! At least we get BradleyLaura.

‘The Irrational’ 1×01 Review: “Pilot”

The television landscape is littered with procedural cop shows, so it takes something a little extra to stand out. The series set up in The Irrational 1×01 “Pilot” isn’t groundbreaking in terms of plot. It isn’t terribly noteworthy in the…

‘The Walking Dead’ Romance Problems Spell Trouble for Rick & Michonne’s Spinoff

Rick and Michonne’s romance deserves the spotlight, but The Walking Dead’s past issues are worrying for The Ones Who Live.

It’s Darvey’s Can Opener & Strawberries Anniversary

It’s the fourth anniversary of Darvey’s wedding and the Suits series finale. The traditional gifts are perfectly on brand.

‘The Walking Dead: Daryl Dixon’ 1×03 Review: “Paris sera toujours Paris”

Daryl Dixon 1×03 finally brings The Walking Dead star to Paris. Here’s a spoiler-filled review.

Season Two Of ‘The Santa Clauses’ Gets A Release Date

Get your calendars ready! #TheSantaClauses returns for it’s second season this November. See when!

10 Must-Watch Episodes of ‘Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.’

In honor of Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.’s 10th anniversary, we revisit the seven-season series and reminisce on some of its greatest episodes.

Fangirlish Feels of the Week: September 16 – September 22

We read, use TikTok, and watch TV a lot so we decided to to highlight all those feels of the week that our favorite shows or movies give us.

‘The Wheel of Time’ 2×06 Review: “Eyes Without Pity”

The Wheel of Time 2×06 is both a heavy and unforgettable episode. And we had a lot to say about it in our review!

‘Star Trek: Lower Decks’ 4×04 Review: “Something Borrowed, Something Green”

We’ve got a girls’ trip to Orion, Brutherford, & more in Star Trek: Lower Decks 4×04 “Something Borrowed, Something Green.” Read our review!

What to Watch: Oxygen’s ‘Prosecuting Evil’

For fans of Cold Justice, Oxygen’s Prosecuting Evil with Kelly Siegler is coming to fill that true-crime void.

‘The Morning Show’ 3×03 Review: “White Noise”

The Morning Show 3×03 “White Noise” is, admittedly, a tricky one to review. But one thing’s for certain: Nicole Beharie is brilliant.

‘The Walking Dead: Daryl Dixon’ 1×02 Review: “Alouette”

The Walking Dead: Daryl Dixon might have Daryl’s name in the title, but so far, he hasn’t really been the main focus. The series relies on fans’ past understanding of the character to explain his current actions and motivations. Everyone…

If Studios Paid Writers and Actors Fairly, This Would Be Premiere Week

Network TV should be returning this week. Instead, because studios refuse to pay writers and actors fairly, we’re getting nothing.

Fangirlish Feels of the Week: September 9 – September 15

We read, use TikTok, and watch TV a lot so we decided to to highlight all those feels of the week that our favorite shows or movies give us.

‘Foundation’ 2×10 Reaction: Everything Hurts, Actually

How do we feel about Foundation 2×10 “Creation Myths”? How about “thanks. We hate it.” It’s not bad…just 8,6990,413 levels of painful.

‘Star Trek: Lower Decks’ 4×03 Review: “In the Cradle of Vexilon”

We’re dealing with a nice supercomputer for once this week on Star Trek: Lower Decks 4×03 “In the Cradle of Vexilon.” Read our review!

‘The Morning Show’ 3×02 Review: “Ghost in the Machine”

The Morning Show 3×02 is heavy on the drama and does a great job of delivering on it. But…did we really need *that* Bradley story?

‘The Morning Show’ 3×01 Review: “The Kármán Line”

Apologies in advance: Our take on The Morning Show 3×01 is not the glowing review we were hoping to give here.

The Trailer For NBC’s ‘FOUND’ Has Been Released

TBH, the premise of #FOUND is freaky and the trailer is too. See it here!

’NCIS: Sydney’ Shares First Look Photos and We’re In!

CBS will take American viewers down under this fall with the CBS Original Series NCIS: Sydney and here’s the first look!