We have some exciting news, Chihards! Every day brings us closer to episode 8×01 of Chicago PD and while the actors begin filming the new season in Chicago, we will try to contain our anticipation with news of what’s in store for us in Season 8. Chicago PD will beRead More →

It’s here! Enola Holmes has just been released, and hopefully everyone has been able to enjoy it.  As we discussed in our advanced review, we loved it! It has it all: mystery, action, intrigue, a badass lead, complex characters, and life lessons that make you think.  Our future is up to us. Here we go! AtRead More →

Charmed is one of my favorite TV shows, and unlike some, this show actually has a satisfactory ending! The show tells the story of three sister witches who come from a long line of Halliwell women – and witches, of course. Piper and Leo are the literal definition of belligerentRead More →

Well, where to even begin, because last nights episode of Transplant was like one thing after another hitting you straight in the feels. It didn’t ask you if you wanted to be attacked in the feels – it told you that you’re going to learn all of the things andRead More →

I know I have a huge advantage over most of you in that I speak Spanish, but there is such a thing as subtitles, and Spanish language premium streaming service, Pantaya, is set to premiere De Brutas, Nada, (which roughly translates to Not At All Dumb) this Thursday, and this isRead More →

Caity Lotz, Performative Feminism, and Ruining Sara Lance

In an effort to build a space for queer people like myself, every Tuesday I’ll be posting interviews, opinion pieces, listicals, reviews, and more focused on the LGBT community (and occasionally about the Latinx/WOC community since I am Latinx.) Welcome to Queerly Not Straight! Enjoy and leave a comment belowRead More →

Filthy Rich premiered last night on Fox. It’s full of promise and has a great storyline. This blended family is going to keep things interesting to say the least. Let’s jump into our review! WHAT IT’S ABOUT According to Deadline, Margaret Monreaux, played by Kim Cattrall, the matriarch of aRead More →

10 'Wynonna Earp' Themed Gifts You Can Buy on Etsy

With Wynonna Earp gone from our lives for the rest of the year, we thought I’d be the best time to search Etsy for the perfect gift for the Earper in your life. From Wayhaught prints to Xavier Dolls dog tags, there’s plenty to fall in love with, buy, andRead More →

5 Songs Dedicated to 'Supernatural's Castiel

Supernatural can not return soon enough. And even though we know it’s the end of this epic series, we can’t wait to get our hands on more of our honorary Winchester, particularly Castiel. To help tide you over, here are 5 songs dedicated to Supernatural‘s angel, brother, and warrior knownRead More →

Ratched just premiered on Netflix. I just…I have so many feelings about this show. Let’s just get right into it. THE GIST The gist comes straight from Netflix. From Ryan Murphy and Ian Brennan, RATCHED is a suspenseful drama series that tells the origin story of asylum nurse Mildred Ratched.Read More →

It’s a fact: we still can’t over Lucifer season 5. It’s just, how do you get over that? Impossible. It left us wanting more! And, although we still don’t have a date for the premiere of the second part, we cross our fingers that it will be soon. In the meantime,Read More →