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‘Stuck Together’ Review: Laughter Out of Lockdown

Netflix just dropped a French pandemic comedy called Stuck Together. Yes, a pandemic comedy, if you need a laugh instead of a scare.

A Bond Girl Never Dies

Over the years, she has been right by James Bond’s side: the Bond girl. She has certainly changed over the years, though. Let’s discuss.

‘The Last Duel’ Review: The Truth According to a Woman

The new historical epic The Last Duel puts the strength of an A-list director and actors behind a story centering a woman telling her truth.

‘Sounds Like Love’ Review: What Makes a Rom-Com?

I have to admit up front that the romantic comedy is one of my favorite genres in film. When two people navigate an eventful and maybe sometimes rocky road to end up happy with each other, my entertainment hopes are…

‘The Guilty’ Review: Stretched to the Breaking Point– in a Good Way

The new Netflix film The Guilty provides actor Jake Gyllenhaal with a one-man showcase for his talent and a thrilling story to back it up.

‘Confessions of an Invisible Girl’ Review: Adolescence in Every Language

A new Brazilian teen comedy just dropped on Netflix, and it portrays awkward adolescence in all it’s glory. How good is the movie, though?

‘The Eyes of Tammy Faye’ Review: The Soul Behind the Makeup

The new biopic The Eyes of Tammy Faye has a standout performance from Jessica Chastain. Is the rest of the film good? Read on to find out!

So Many Glass Slippers: What’s in a Cinderella?

Amazon recently released a new version of the classic fairytale Cinderella, starring Camila Cabello, newcomer Nicholas Galitzine, Billy Porter, and a lot of recognizable songs. The story of a girl forced into servitude by her stepmother until she catches the…