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“Miss Scarlet and the Duke’ 3×04 Review: “Bloodline”

Miss Scarlet and the Duke 3×04 gives fans a good mystery…but also kicks shippers in the chest. Read all about it in our review!

‘Shotgun Wedding’ Review: Til Silliness Do Us Part

Shotgun Wedding is a rom-com audiences may want to say “I do” to once…but probably not forever. Read all about it in our review!

‘Miss Scarlet and the Duke’ 3×03 Review: “Hotel St. Marc”

Miss Scarlet and the Duke 3×03 is an out-of-place and disappointing episode of this entertaining show. Read all about it in our review!

‘Miss Scarlet and the Duke’ 3×02 Review: “Arabella’s”

Miss Scarlet and the Duke 3xo2 is an episode that can be good but also frustrating at times. Read our review for all the details!

‘Miss Scarlet and the Duke’ 3×01 Review: “The Vanishing”

Miss Scarlet and the Duke 3×01 has arrived! Yes, already. Our favorite Victorian crime-solvers return with a good case. Check out our review!

Fangirlish End of Year Lists: Top 10 Underrated Films of the Year

If you’re sitting at home asking yourself how this year passed so quickly, we’re here to help lessen the stress of reality (because it did go by fast, didn’t it?) with some fun. This is Fangirlish’s End of the Year…

Fangirlish End of Year Lists 2022: Best Movie Moments of the Year

The end of the year may be here already, but that just means we can relive the best movie moments of the year for 2022! Read on for our list!

‘The Fabelmans’ Review: One of the Year’s Best

Steven Spielberg is a director who is matched by few others in terms of commercial and critical reception. If any filmmaker has built up collateral for interest in a dramatization of his life, it’s him. That’s what The Fabelmans is…

‘Something From Tiffany’s’ Review: Slight but Fluffy Holiday Pastry

Something From Tiffany’s is a decent choice if you’re feeling the need for a holiday rom-com to watch. Come and check out our review!

‘Guillermo del Toro’s Pinocchio’ Review: A Stunning Achievement

Guillermo del Toro’s Pinocchio is a wonder of animation and an exceptional achievement of storytelling in general.

‘Indiana Jones 5’ Gets a Trailer…and a Title and Release Date!

Indiana Jones is finally coming back! Indiana Jones 5 is now Indiana Jones and the Dial of Destiny. Take a look at the trailer!

‘Strange World’ Review: Good for Family Feels

Disney’s Strange World provides good family entertainment for this time of year. Come check out all the feels and faults in our review!

‘Miss Scarlet and the Duke’ 2×06 Review: “The Proposal”

With Miss Scarlet and the Duke 2×06, season 2 has come to an end, and it was so good that we want more now! Read on for our review!

‘Disenchanted’ Review: Could Use A Bit More Magic

Disenchanted is here! Giselle and Robert are back! But the film could be more magical. Read on for our review.

‘Miss Scarlet and the Duke’ 2×05 Review: “Quarter to Midnight”

Miss Scarlet and the Duke 2×05 is a fantastic episode that sets up the season finale perfectly! Check out our review!

‘Miss Scarlet and the Duke’ 2×04 review: “Angel of Inferno”

Miss Scarlet and the Duke 2×04 introduced a new character to shake things up in its latest episode, and we have things to say! Read on!

‘Miss Scarlet and the Duke’ 2×03 Review: “A Pauper’s Grave”

The second season of Miss Scarlet and the Duke is moving right along with some fun details in 2×03. Check out our review!

‘The Good Nurse’ Review: Sterile but Strong Drama

A story like the one in The Good Nurse comes ready-made with plenty of drama. Netflix‘s new film is based on true events, events that sometimes stretch beyond the dramatic into thriller territory. This results in quite a good film.…

‘Miss Scarlet and the Duke’ 2×02 Review: “The Black Witch Moth”

Miss Scarlet and the Duke 2×02 continues the season with more character development and another captivating case. Join us to talk about it!

‘Black Adam’ Review: Not Too Bad and Not Too Good

Black Adam has hype to spare, but there’s no denying it shifts things for the DCEU. Come take a look at our review!

‘Miss Scarlet and the Duke’ 2×01 Review: “Pandora’s Box”

Miss Scarlet and the Duke 2×01 kicks off the series’ second season 2 without missing a beat. Check out our review here.