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Is Alice Oseman already writing Season 3 of Heartstopper? And have the WGA and SAG-AFTRA strikes affected Season 3?

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‘Heartstopper’ Debuts First Minutes of Season 2 & Episode Titles During TUDUM

During Netflix’s TUDUM event in Brazil they released the first couple of minutes of season 2 of Heartstopper.

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Netflix’s Heartstopper has dropped some first look images for season 2 and they’re all super adorable. Let’s break them down.

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Netflix’s Heartstopper has added three new cast members and confirmed the return of one we weren’t sure was coming back.

The Forced Outing of ‘Heartstopper’s Kit Connor is Biphobia at Its Finest

Kit Connor, who plays Nick Nelson on Heartstopper, was forced to reveal his sexuality after a wave of harassment.