Read an Excerpt from MALCOLM & ME

Malcolm & Me is out today! Read an excerpt from the book here before you buy it.

I Will Go Down With This Ship: Coach Taylor and Tami Edition

When it comes to Friday Night Lights’ Coach Taylor and Tami Taylor, they’re the definition of relationship goals.


The Trailer For ‘Our Friend’ Reminds Just How Important A Good Friend Is

Apparently movies said “it’s sad hours over here.” First, the trailer for All My Life…

‘Stop and Fangirl’ Episode 108: ‘Love and Monsters’ Review

Here at Fangirlish we continue to support your right to fangirl over any fandom you desire – whether that is a book, a TV show, a movie, or even sports. That’s why we have Stop and Fangirl! So you can feel…

‘Big Sky’ 1×02 Review: “Nowhere To Run”

Big Sky 1×02 “Nowhere To Run” picked up right where the “Pilot” left off after that wild WTF ending. This episode was a bit milder in the shock department. It’s time to discuss everything. Here we go! Buried Secrets Well,…

Netflix Cancels The Order

The Order has been cancelled by Netflix and we slacked on it. Or maybe we were just totally pissed off about it. Or maybe both.

6 Feel-Good Comedies You Should Binge To Brighten Your Spirits

There’s nothing like a good comedy to get you laughing. It’s good for the mind, body and soul, which is something we can all use.

#WayBackWednesday – Planes, Trains & Automobiles (1987)

Planes, Trains & Automobiles is the quintessential Thanksgiving movie. To be totally fair, there just aren’t that many Thanksgiving movies, but aside from A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving, there’s probably no other Thanksgiving film more beloved than Planes, Trains & Automobiles.…

‘FBI’ 3×02 Review: “Unreasonable Doubt”

“Unreasonable Doubt” was very much the definition of the most recent episode of FBI. A series of recent murders looked very similar to a murder committed eight years earlier. The only problem, a man was already in prison for committing…

‘The Crown’ Season 4 Review: The House Of Windsor Is Cray Cray

We’re breaking down Season 4 of #TheCrown – the good, the bad, and the omg I don’t wanna hear Margaret Thatchers voice EVER AGAIN.

‘His Dark Materials’: Moira Rose Would Kill for This Mrs. Coulter Outfit

His Dark Materials Mrs. Coulter is the bad guy. Well, bad girl. No, wait. Bad woman. She’s evil, conniving, treacherous, and the worst of the worst. But for some reason, we can’t keep our eyes off of her. Part of…

Excited for ‘The Grinch’ Musical? So Are We!

A The Grinch musical is coming our way, and we couldn’t feel less Grinch-like about it! Check out all the info we have about it!

Megan Suri Joins The Cast of ‘Never Have I Ever’

There’s an addition to the cast of #NeverHaveIEver and she better stay away from Paxton. #DeviAndPaxton4ever

See The Title Sequence For ‘Saved By The Bell’

Reboots. Love them or hate them, they are always coming at us. We’re iffy, but we’ll see if we like the #SavedByTheBell one

See Some New Behind The Scenes Photos From ‘The Princess Switch: Switched Again’

We love to see behind the scenes. Netflix is feeding into that love that we all have with these behind the scenes pics from The Princess Switch: Switched Again.

Fangirlish Countdown to Christmas: “The Holiday”

On today’s Countdown to Christmas review, we’re looking at one of those modern classics everyone loves: The Holiday.

‘Saved By The Bell’ Reboot: Is it Worth Your Time?

The first thing fans always want to know when it comes to a reboot is: is it worth my time? Should I invest in these new people? Are the characters I know and love treated right? In the case of…

‘The Crown’ 4×10 Review: “War”

“War” has come to The Crown, between Margaret Thatcher and Parliament and within the Royal family. This was a jam packed season finale that covered a lot of events important to the storyline. Let’s get started. RESIGNATION I’m not a…

Taylor Swift Surprises Fans With Disney+ Concert Film

Taylor Swift is always making everything better. The singer announced a concert film & it looks like we’re not sleeping tonight to watch it when it premieres!

Queerly Not Straight: ‘Happiest Season’ Spoiler-Free Review

In an effort to build a space for queer people like myself, every Tuesday I’ll be posting interviews, opinion pieces, listicals, reviews, and more focused on the LGBT community (and occasionally about the Latinx/WOC community since I am Latinx.) Welcome…

‘Filthy Rich’ 1×09 Review: “Romans 12:21”

“Romans 12:21” continues with the drama after last week’s events in Filthy Rich. Luke is dead, Jesus is missing and Becky gave birth to her baby. I will say that it’s moved the plot of Filthy Rich along a bit more…

‘The Bachelorette’ 16×06 Roundtable: The Drama We Wanted

The Bachelorette 16×06 was a lot of drama, but this is the kind of drama we actually like! Here’s to a fun end of the season.