‘Love, Victor’ Moves From Disney+ to Hulu

Sometimes it concerns me what Disney considers “family friendly” and what it doesn’t. I think sometimes that that they don’t realize that there are a lot of things that are




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The Bold Type continues to preach powerful messages without seeming like it’s shouting in your face. It’s able to take an important issue, in this case the problem of patriarchy, and weave some humor into it while also managing to teach us an important lesson.Read More →


It’s a new week, which means we get Chapter four of Katy Keene “Here Comes the Sun.” There were a couple of bombshell’s dropped this week and some insecurities coming from our friendship group. Let’s get started! SING YOUR HEART OUT I usually don’t enjoy sing alongs, but I enjoyedRead More →

So, if like me, you absolutely loved The Witcher we are in for a bit of a wait until the second season premiers in 2021.  Which sucks. We don’t get to laugh at Jaskier or see Yennefer being a badass. There will be no more of Geralt’s hmms….or Ciri discoveringRead More →

It’s Thursday and that means that I am focusing on the fact that I am single and alone and showing my inner Instagram stalker. John Boyega. I love him in Star Wars, but I also love that he is always spilling the tea, no matter what people think. He’s aRead More →

There is not a moment of New Amsterdam that does not invoke emotion, make you think twice about the way that life is, and think about the way that life should be. New Amsterdam both broke my heart and made me want to vomit in the same episode. I meanRead More →


The first season of Party of Five has been many things: insightful, real, and emotional. It has hardly been surprising, though, not that it had to be. This family has dealt with the issues we expected them to deal with, struggled in the ways we imaged they would. Party ofRead More →

“He’s here.  The Mister!” That’s right people, The Mister is coming.  It was just announced by Variety that EL James, author of the famous Fifty Shades trilogy, has another book heading to the big screen.  The Mister, which was released last spring, has been picked up once again by UniversalRead More →

Sometimes it concerns me what Disney considers “family friendly” and what it doesn’t. I think sometimes that that they don’t realize that there are a lot of things that are family friendly and don’t need to go under the 1950’s theme of family friendly. The rumor is that Love, SimonRead More →

We all have our favorite and least favorite tropes. From love triangles to slow burns, tropes are often the best ways to showcase great characters and storylines. They can also be frustrating and make you question why it is even a trope at all. In this bi-weekly column, we’ll takeRead More →

Legends of Tomorrow’s latest episode “Mortal Khanbat” shows us that it’s much better to confront your fate head on instead of running away from it. Let’s talk about it. ALWAYS RUNNING  Well it is, unless you are a fate, as Charlie revealed to the team at the end of “MortalRead More →

Sometimes, things slip by and we don’t know that something has started filming. Especially when they do it under a different name. The A.K. Small novel Bright Burning Stars has begun filming. The name of the adaptation is Birds of Paradise. The movie is currently shooting in Budapest, with SarahRead More →