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Tom Holland Is Inspired By The Rock
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The second episode of Titans season 2 was filled with more setup for the season to come. We saw the introduction of villain Dr. Light, who seems to be coming for the…

‘Pearson’ 1×10 Review: I’m Done Being Your Errand Girl

Pearson ends season one in a supremely high SEE OMG WHAT IS JUST HAPPENING WAIT DID IT END THERE note, with an episode aptly titled “The Fixer,” and let me start this…

Suits - Thunder Away
‘Suits’ 9×09 Review: The Beginning of the End

“Thunder Away” isn’t really a stand-alone episode, so it’s hard to think of it as such, or review it as if it were just one story-line with a clear beginning, middle, and…

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It’s almost time for fall television and we’re excited for it. One show that we’re torn on here is Nancy Drew, but we totally admit that we’re giving it a spin. What…

Willa Holland To Recur On The Final Season Of ‘Arrow’

Well we don’t have Emily Bett anymore, so I guess Arrow has to give us something. And we’re pretty stoked with what they are giving us. According to TVLine, our favorite, Thea…

Liam Payne Talks About A Potential One Direction Reunion

One Direction reunion? I mean I know I am waiting for it. Doesn’t matter how long it takes and how much it puts me in debt – I will be there. But…