‘The Matzah Ball’ by Jean Meltzer Review: A Sweet Holiday Read to Kick Off the Holiday Season
BOOK REVIEW: ‘The Matzah Ball’ by Jean Meltzer is Here to Kick Off the Holiday Season

Grab your latkes and jelly donuts, and settle in for a sweet ride with Jean Meltzer’s The Matzah Ball this Hanukkah season.

Breaking Down The ‘The Witcher’ Season 2 Teaser

It seems like news in The Witcherverse has been heating up this week. WitcherCon was…

'I Know What You Did Last Summer' 1x05 Review: "Snak 'n Stuff"

‘I Know What You Did Last Summer’ 1×05 Review: “Snak ‘n Stuff”

‘I Know What You Did Last Summer’ 1×05 “Snak ‘n Stuff” sees the aftermath of “Alison’s” funeral and reveals more secrets.

‘Law & Order: SVU’ 23×06 Review: “The Five Hundredth Episode”

Law & Order: SVU‘s 500th episode was nothing if not a collection of contradictions. “The Five Hundredth Episode” was incredibly well done but not something I’d feel comfortable watching over and over again for entertainment. It brought back some familiar…

‘Stuck Together’ Review: Laughter Out of Lockdown

Netflix just dropped a French pandemic comedy called Stuck Together. Yes, a pandemic comedy, if you need a laugh instead of a scare.

‘Legends of Tomorrow’ 7×02 Review: “The Need for Speed”

Legends of Tomorrow “The Need for Speed” is a prime example of the different coping measures the Legends take to deal with their problems.

GIVEAWAY: Win Anya Taylor-Joy’s “Downtown” Performance Vinyl

Last Night in Soho won’t be in theaters till next Friday, but if you’re already obsessing about the movie, and of course, about Anya Taylor-Joy in general, and her performance of “Downtown” in particular, we’ve got quite a treat for…

‘Chicago Med’ 7×05 Review: “Change Is A Tough Pill To Swallow

Chicago Med 7×05 “Change is a Tough Pill to Swallow” is, ironically, not about change. Unless it’s about the change to a new ship?

Exclusive: Interview With ‘After We Fell’ Movie Star Josephine Langford

We know you have all been waiting for us to release our exclusive interview with After We Fell star Josephine Langford.  The day has finally come for us to give it to you.  As you all know we previously had…

‘Chicago P.D.’ 9×05 Review: “Burnside”

Chicago P.D. 9×05 “Burnside” gives Laroyce Hawkins’ Kevin Atwater a chance to shine, and we’re incredibly happy about that.

‘Stargirl’ 2×11 Review: “Summer School: Chapter Eleven”

Stargirl 2×11, “Summer School: Chapter Eleven,” trades all Blue Valley’s charm for a desolate alternative with the Shadowlands. Read our review!

‘Chicago Fire’ 10×05 Review: “Two Hundred”

Chicago Fire 10×05 “Two Hundred” says a very clear see you later, not goodbye, to Jesse Spencer’s Matt Casey. But we’ll still miss him.

Jamie Lee Curtis and Her Daughter Ruby’s Coming-Out Story Matters — Here’s Why

Jamie Lee Curtis and her daughter Ruby’s coming-out story matters and we really need to talk about the why!

The Internet Reacts to Ruby Rose’s ‘Batwoman’ Toxic Workplace & Outright Abuse Claims

The internet wasn’t exactly surprised to hear Ruby Rose’s claims of harmful and toxic behavior on the set of Batwoman.

Robert Pattinson Responds To What It Is Like To Be “Superlatively Hot”

What’s it like to be “hot” is a question we don’t have an answer too… but #RobertPattinson does!

Kathryn Gallagher To Join The Cast Of ‘Gossip Girl’

We’re hoping that this addition to the #GossipGirl cast will put Obie in his place. Cause he needs to be put there.

Exclusive: Interview With ‘After We Fell’ Movie Director Castille Landon

After We Fell the third film in the franchise based on the After series from New York Times bestselling author Anna Todd has been out for a few months now.  As we all know it’s the continuation of Tessa and…

‘New Amsterdam’ 4×05 Review: “This Be The Verse”

Memories are what shape us, but what happens when they challenge everything we knew & everything we thought we were leaving for others to know about us.

Diane Keaton Talks About Working With Justin Bieber On ‘Ghost’

Ghost was the music video that we didn’t know we wanted or needed, but here we are telling you that it’s a music video that you need to watch. It’s heartbreaking and beautiful. It makes you think and makes cry.…

See The Trailer For ‘The Lost Daughter’

Vacations are something we could all use especially now. Who wouldn’t want to have a relaxing time sitting on a beach with some nice drinks, enjoying the fresh ocean air? that is not the case with upcoming Netflix film The…

‘9-1-1’ 5×05 Review: “Peer Pressure”

The last few weeks of 9-1-1 have been super intense. This week’s episode did have some serious issues, with Buck struggling without Maddie and Chim, and Athena’s family still trying to recover. Luckily, “Peer Pressure” did include some much needed…

‘Ordinary Joe’ 1×05 Review: “Mask On, Mask Off”

Decisions are complicated and in this episode of #OrdinaryJoe there are decisions being made that affect everyone. No matter the timeline.