Not going to lie, I thought Mulan was a shoe in for a PG rating. Live action Disney films that we originally animated don’t get above a PG rating. It is the first live action Disney Film to receive at PG-13 rating since Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men TellRead More →

Criminal Minds

This year truly marks the end of an era. With Criminal Minds and Supernatural both ending, fans are saying goodbye to two shows that have been on the air since 2005. Think about it, that’s a decade and a half. Tonight we bid adieu to the first of these, CriminalRead More →

It’s been a while, but good ships never really disappear from the collective consciousness. And it’s February, the month of love, so we thought we’d go back and examine some of our favorite ships, and why we shipped them. Bring some more love into the world, so to speak. SoRead More →

There are times where I really get New Amsterdam and feel like this is a hospital that I would be okay being at. And hey, that’s hard – cause I hate hospitals. I spend way too much time there. But New Amsterdam is a place where doctors care and youRead More →

I’m not going to come in here saying this was a great book that I enjoyed, because that’s not what we do here. Instead, we’re going to stay honest in this book review, and everyone is going to deal with me griping about how terrible this was. But first, aRead More →

Lucifer Season 5

It’s coming up to a year since Lucifer marked its transition from network television to Netflix with its fourth season. Now, fans are once again eagerly awaiting the announcement for the premiere date of the first half of the fifth and “final” season that should be coming any day now.Read More →

911: Lone Star

This episode of 9-1-1: Lone Star, “Friends Like These” focused on friendships, both within the firehouse and the cases of the week.  I have to say I really loved this episode since friendships are usually my favorite parts of television shows. At the beginning of “Friends Like These” the teamRead More →

VIDA season 3 is almost upon us and the Latina in me is more than a little excited. That girl is ECSTATIC! So, here’s what we know so far. Season 4 will be airing 6 episodes week-to-week on Starz and was written by an all Latinx writers room and directedRead More →

I don’t need to go to church because Manifest throws its religious undertones at me every week. Like if we’re being honest, Lost 2.0 makes a part of my soul dies every single time I watch it. And yes, I know I could stop watching it – but I can’t.Read More →

It’s the month of love! That means romanticism is everywhere and you might be feeling in the spirit of watching a fabulous over the top romantic movie this February. Say no more! We have got your back.    Get your pop corn, your ice cream and your best friends or lover,Read More →

Who are these characters? That’s what I find myself asking myself week after week when it comes to Batwoman and I found myself asking this same question in “Take Your Choice.” Who are these characters and do they even know who they are in return? Case in point, Sophie Moore.Read More →