Gossip Girl had all sorts of problems, but I still loved it. I mean, I still do. Yes, I sometimes watch old episodes even though I refuse to acknowledge the ending, because there is no way that Dan Humphrey was Gossip Girl. That’s just some bullshit and that is aRead More →

Internet trolls. If we’re looking at the Urban Dictionary an internet troll is, “A mythological internet being that lives under an internet bridge. Loves to hunt for innocent netizens.” Only they aren’t mythological in my opinion. They are real assholes with too much fucking time on their hands that spendRead More →

Another week and another Thirsty Thursday. With all the focus around Deputy and After in my life, I’ve been trying to decide who would be this weeks Thirsty Thursday. Who keeps me drooling? Who is hot AF? The list is long. But also who seems like a good guy. AndRead More →